Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Weird Or True... Or Both...!!!

  1. i thought i might include some Weird &/Or True Stories... Things that have ACTUALLY happened to me...!!!
  2. One day i was on the bus in Bremerton, Washington-- And as it was very crowded, i ended up in the middle of the bus, right beside the rear door, and in the seat beside it, in front of the rear door, this seat was taken up by this girl that was probably either mentally challenged or severely bent... She was sitting next to the aisle, but the seat beside the window was not taken, so i suggested in a kindly, quiet, assertive manner-- that she slide over, and let me sit down. Instead; She =leaned over= and a small amount of seat was then made available, so i sat down. Because of the odd way she was sitting, my right leg was in substantial contact with her left leg. So out of frustration that she was being so ( inadvertantly ( ??? ) ) annoying, i started bouncing my leg up and down...! And after about 5 minutes of this-- She let out a: Sigh like 'Yelp' -- that would seem to suggest that she'd just had an Orgasm...!!! When we came to a stop at the transfer center, she quickly got off and i haven't seen her since. [ as a side note to this; Several months before this incident, i saw her mulling around The Main Bus Terminal Station, and i thought that i might go over and say 'Hi...!' -- because she struck me as the deeply disturbed &/or brain damaged type gal that i'm most attracted to... So i start walking over towards her, and -Just then- (!) a Seagull swoops by and drops a huge load onto her head...!!! -- Well; That pretty much killed the mood for me... so i didn't say 'Hi...!' to her that day or any other...!!! ] -- [ Another Weird thing happened one day at that same Bus Terminal... A few days previous to this last incident... i was talking with Cheryl... or Sherry... or...??? Anyways... She had just recently been married and i seemed to 'understand' that this was her Second marrage, and his first... But months later; She insisted that this had been; since by then-- She had Divorced him ( Within a Year )-- Her First Marriage, and His Second...??? So Anyways... i was curious about who this guy was... and then a few days later, i noticed her in The Bus Terminal... and she's with this TOTAL FREAKING LOSER...!!! and he is running around the Terminal Screaming ( Literally Screaming ) to various passing parties, some of which he apparently 'knew'... ( ? ) that 'This is my new wife...!' So then i knew who she was talking about.
  3. When i was sleeping in Rio Del ( Which is a Sad Town / See Sad Stories ) at about 2 or 3 in the morning, i became aware of a girl, probably with a boy, although i couldn't hear him, Only her... and one of the things she said; While Weeping like a Willow pulled from it's muddy roots...: "Oh-- George--!" And something to the effect that she couldn't live without him... At the time, i was thinking that maybe he was just about to murder her or somesuch... ( These things are ALWAYS SO DANG AMBIGUOUS...!!! ) What is meta-curious about this; Is that i often have 'Weird' Experiences at night, That seem to exclusively occur about 2 to 3 in the morning...??? Also: That same night-- i had a weird Continuation Dream... that is, i would periodically wake up, then fall back to sleep where the dream would pick up where in left off... And the dream was that my new sleeping bad could take pictures, and i was required to sort and file them by their names alone...! But i didn't know how... it was a very annoying dream...! The closest i ever get to a 'NightMare' is very annoying dreams where i'm required to 'Do Something...' and i just don't know how...!!! Another couple of elements that reoccur frequently in my dreams are Urinating, and losing my Bookbag/Backpack.
  4. While i was in Hilo, on the Big Island ( Hawai'i ) in Hawai'i*, i decided to visit Kona, Which was allegedly a more 'sophisticated' town than Hilo... So i took a bus over there, and it took nearly all day to ride over, and half of the trip was with a bunch of 11 year old's that talked mostly about their sexual exploits... When i got there; i started walking around and discovered that the town was not a 'real' town at all... Which may explain way these children were being bused 30 miles to the nearest school... It was instead; just an accumulation of tourist shoppes and hotels stacked neatly along an artificial beach. After discovering this; i also realized that the town was going to be 'open' all night, which was going to make it difficult for me to find a place to sleep...! So i started walking down along the beach front road, and after about 2 hours, i was still passing hotels, tourist shoppes & Very Fancy Condominium's...! Then it started to rain...! So i walked back towards Kona, and found a 'Farmers Market' and ducked into one of the empty booths... After it stopped raining, i thought i might just stay there the whole night, although there were lights coming on & turning off throughout the market... which i decided were 'automatic' and did not present a problem or threat...! After about an hour, i noticed that someone was walking around the market, and although i made a feeble attempt to avoid him, he came upon me and was VERY angry... ( ??? ) ... It was an elderly Hawaiian man with white hair, long scraggily beard & dressed in an apparently authentic Hawai'ian robe, of the sort that grandmothers wear in the evenings on The Mainland... ( ? ) He didn't seem too bright, but because i'm so easy going, and non-confrontational, he still had an advantage over me...!!! So the nut of it was that he was going to call the police and have me arrested, so he yelled for his daughter to come out and have her call the police... So she came out and they both mulled around for a minute or two, and it may have been that he was annoyed that i had not yet brought up the possibility of bribing him to let me go-- So reluctantly; He suggested that for $20, he would Not call the police. i told him that i didn't have $20, but i did have $10, and he settled for that! So i left. [ One of the last things that he mentioned, after i told him that i'd been to jail before, was that he'd just gotten OUT...! and when i asked what he'd been in for; He said: 'Relocation'...??? Which i didn't understand at the time, and still don't...??? But i just wanted to get the heck out of there, so i didn't inquire further...??? ] One other thing about Kona, and the Big Island in general, is that there are several Telescopes on The Dead Vocanoes there, and to make their functionality more effective, All the street lights are these weird yellow ones that give off a surprisingly small amount of light... So that if you're a block away from one of them, you can not see it...!!! The net effect of this is that while i was walking along the freeway ( i was hopelessly lost! ) trying to find my way back to the shopping mall were the bus would take me back to Hilo ( Simple, Graft Free Hilo...!!! ) i could not see anything...!!! i had my flash light out, and i could see the cars headlights, but although i KNEW that within a quarter of a mile there was a big shopping center, and housing within a block on either side of the freeway, IT WAS ENTIRELY BLACK...!!! Like hiding under a cardboard box on the far side of the Moon Black...!!! After what seemed like Hours & Hours... i finally located the shopping mall, which was well illuminated by these weird lights that gave off no light...! So the Very Next Day... This is finally the WEIRD PART...!!! While i was walking towards the downtown area back in Hilo... i found $15 ( The $10 i'd lost the very day before, Plus $5 for who knows what... ) on the sidewalk...!!! i never find money, and the few times that i have, with one exception, i'd SEEN the person that dropped it, DROP IT...!!! That's happened TWICE...!!! But this time, i didn't see who dropped it, so i kept it... Was this MERELY Synchronous... Or Something Else...!!! [ The same day that i wrote this ( Yesterday... Today i'm Editing it...! ) i found a dollar, and i Might Have Seen who dropped it, but it was kind of ambiguous, Since i just saw a 'Movement' of The Dollar as someone walked Over it...??? and it may have been that he just walked On It, Rather than 'The Movement' representing him having Dropped It...!!! ( ? ) The net effect of this was that i Kept it... If it had been $50 or $20; as it had been in the other two cases...!!!...Maybe i would have contacted the person that 'May Have' dropped it...??? ]
  5. One time; many years ago, when i was here in Hawai'i Before...! i'd gotten some food poisoning, and had barfed up this PILE of barf... about 6 inches high, in generally a pyramidical shape... So after that, when i was Empty...! i went over to the library, about a block away, and cleaned up a little bit, And then about an hour or so later, i passed that spot where the pile of barf was... -- AND IT WAS GONE...!!! What could have happened to it... Did someone come by and clean it up...??? Which seems kind of implausible to me... or DID BIRDS EAT IT...!!! Which also seems implausible, But only a tiny bit less so...!!!
  6. While i was in Hilo... i noticed a curious phenomena... in which i would OFTEN hear people talking about me... ??? ...But not only in simply general, antagonistic terms, But would be providing 'Someone' with a moment to moment commentary of what i was doing at that time...???
  7. While i was in Hilo there was a movie theatre that was showing one of the Harry Potter Films... i think it was the most recent one... for ONLY ONE STINKING DOLLAR...!!! and i wanted to go see it, but they wouldn't allow Backpacks into the Theatre...!!! -- So then, after i left The Big Island and came to Oahu, the University of Hawai'i was having a film night and was showing That Same Film...!!! FOR FREE...!!! But it was too late at night, and i wouldn't have been able to take a bus out to Wahiwa, where i'd found a VERY SWEET place to sleep...! So i didn't see it again...!!!
  8. After i got to Honolulu, i've been 'Looking Around' at some of the old spots that i used to hang around alot... and i've noticed that some of these places have CHANGED in ways that Defy Explanation...!!! Alot of building seem to have MOVED AROUND...!!! and The Music Building on Campus used to have 4 Stories, and now it is EXACTLY THE SAME, except that it's ONLY ONE STORY...!!! Why would anyone take a perfectly good tall building and make it into a short building...??? i was thinking that maybe all the memories i have of 'My Previous Trip' were all IMPLANTED... and during the time from July 1985 to Late 1987-- i was actually SOMEPLACE ELSE...!!! Doing Gawd only knows what...!!!


i made some Zynes ( Three ) of Weird and True things that have happened to me, but only put them together after i've been evicted from my Bremerton Room... i didn't have the time or money at that time to zeerox off those 3 zynes, plus another one of dada poetry... plus all the other bits that i made print outs of during those last few weeks... So that i sent the originals to 'Zen Baby' in Santa Cruz, California... If you know him, tell him to get off his bisexual ass and copy off a bunch...!!!


* i just learned the other day that the little ( not an apostrophe ) that occurs in many Hawai'ian words is called an Oknia, which is shaped a little like an apostrophe; in that it has the tiny monkey tail, but no head.


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