Sunday, January 23, 2005

Recent Events... ( ! )

  1. i feel guilty whenever something bad or unexpected happens to me... because; invaribly, it's such a trite & pointless misadventure compared to all the exciting things happening to everyone else, that i shouldn't even been vomiting in the park over it...
  2. Last night, when i got to the place that i usually sleep, i found the door to that area closed...!!! it wasn't locked, in fact, it wasn't even shut all the way, and couldn't be shut all the way, because the door &/or frame are warped, so that it can only be closed... most of the way... ( ? ) but it was VERY unusual that it was even closed this much... so after i went in, and reclosed it... because i like to keep things that way i find them... ( usually when the door is open, i leave it open, and sleep behind it, so that anyone passing by can't see me... ( in theory.... ) there is this crack where the door meets the frame by the hinges, but / while there is alot of light from a nearby streetlamp, i believe it is still too dark to see anything meaningful... especially from the sidewalk... ( although, the other day, at around 11:00, someone came into that area, thinking that someone ( their friend ) was there, and left politely after i said "hi" and it became clear that i wasn't the friend he was looking for... ))) So anyways... then later... at around 11:30 that night / last night -- that outside ALARM went off...!!! It's done this 2 other times, and both times it was apparently a false alarm set off by someone inside the building... But this time, on a Saturday night at 11:30... this did not seem to be a reasonable cause... so i bundled up my sleeping bag and left... and after i'd walked about 2 blocks in my bare feet... ( i didn't even want to take the time to put my sandles on...!!! ) ... the Alarm shut off... and ( apparently ) the police didn't even respond to it...!!! But i went up a few more blocks anyway and slept the rest of the night at "Our Lady of Sorrows" ( That is the Really Really name of this Church... ) which i didn't want to go to, but where else could i go... ( it being a Sunday today...!!! ) and they started opening up the Church at around 4:30AM...!!! but i managed to get away without being seen... ( i think...! )
  3. i don't think i have enough money left to keep buying coffee and cinnamon rolls for the rest of the month...!!!
  4. So if this place that i've sleeping goes sour... where am i going to go... i havn't thought up any good backup places yet...!!!
  5. and also: a few days ago, i was attacked by another Centipede...!!! it bit me twice in the flabby part of my right arm, and it really hurt for about an hour+... But i never saw this one... i think i may have even brushed it off my leg after i jumped up, and was searching for it with my flashlight... but i got away unseen...!!!
  6. All that jumping around... at around 4:00am, and then escaping the Alarm... may have SERIOUSLY compromised my Security / Secrecy there...!
  7. Ugh.
  8. i am eager to find a new place to live on the mainland... But that is still a month+ away... unless a miracle ( minor / nonsupernatural ) occurs.

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