Friday, March 11, 2005

Ad Sense Sucks...!!!

So i tried signing up for Ad Sense Ad's the other day,
and for whatever reasons... ( why do 'They' do what they do...??? )
...they are absolutely LOATH to provide me with
The Step by Step Instructions that i need to get their ads to appear on my Blog...!!!
i don't know what the deal is, But they won't work.
The major reason that i wanted to put them on my Blog was not to make any money, since it's apparent that no one is reading this blog

( if you are, then for gawds sake, leave a comment! )
But so that these pages would start appearing on Search Engine Results Pages...
As it is; None of the Search Engines i've tried, Include Google, who is apparently the sponcer of this Blog Resource, will include me in their searches...!

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