Wednesday, March 30, 2005

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The Necessity of Failure in The Golden Rule
If you're not already familiar with 'The Golden Rule'-- It is particularly popular because it's generally thought to be so simple, elegant & fool-proof as to be an axiomatic foundation for all human moral standards...
Unfortunately; it is also fatally flawed.
The Central Premise is that Each Individual must treat all other humanimals with the same tautological preferences towards self-preservation & social prosperity...
But first; Let us allow that there are essentially two types of people in the world:
Sociopaths ( & All others even more ethically indifferent )
& 'Normals' ( Those that are desirous of Fitting into a Social Environment )
The Sociopaths ( et. al. ) are obviously not going to adhere to the principles of The Golden Rule, so that it's guiding principle is not applicable to them.
The Normals on the other hand are afflicted with Guilt; Such that for every indiscretion, petty offence, inconsequential misdeed, perceived iniquity, measured transgression or outrage of civilized disobedience...
The Normal is >Desirous< of Penance, Discipline or Punishment.
Making all Normals into Effectively Receptive Masochists.
Thus: If this were carried over to The Golden Rule; All Normal Masochists should, by necessity, Mistreat & Abuse Everyone Else.
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Two Wrongs May Occasionally Make a Right
While it may be true that for any given, randomly selected Wrong, Plus any other, randomly selected Wrong would not necessarily make a Right. It is equally obvious; to any Reasonable Humanimal, that for nearly all applicable Wrongs, There is, Along with a great many Rights, A fair number of Wrongs that when applied Arithmetically to that given Wrong, will produce a Desirous Right.
Is this Observation applicable to this Adage...?
It may be that the original Proverb isn't addressing itself to the End Effect at all... But is instead concerned with the MetaConsideration of Moral Actions...That is: Should it be Considered Reasonable to Make a Wrong into a Right, By Additional Wrongs? There would be no denying that the Final Conclusive Effect would be a Right, But was the Path Taken to that Right-- Morally Right?
The Translucent Amoebae Consortium would like to consider this in the light of an Even more Tangential Meta-Consideration-- And that is; That you can never really Know if any action you take will result in a Desirous Right or Wrong...!!! While many actions may seem Right at any given Moment, or the actions of your Enemies might Seem Wrong while you observe or study them... There is really No Way of Knowing how those actions are going to Effect Future Events...!!! Many Right Actions have turned out Disastrously for those that most believed they were doing Good, and likewise, Many Vile & Loathsome Deeds have, after a given interval of time, been discovered to Benefit the originally Offended Masses immeasurably...!!!
So-- It may well be that Any Given Wrong + Another Wrong will, or will not, to some UnKnowable Degree, Equal Either A Right or Wrong, or Alternate between these states as time proceeds along its sinuous path.
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This is perhaps the most egregious example, ( along with all the others ), of our current decline, or as an example of our decaying society, that our current political leadership should believe that by simply removing randomly selected persons from American Soil, that all previously agreed upon Human Rights & Constitutional Guarantees need no longer Apply...!!! Did our Founding Fathers really believe that the essential principles of Human Dignity & Fundamental Birthrights would apply only to 'Us' and then; Only while we were standing on the damp mulch of Registered Voting Districts...??? -- Or were where they trying to establish a Greater Ideal that would, Some day, ( Meaning "Now" ) apply to everyone, everywhere.
It is certainly mind boggling that our current President, and so many that adhere to its incoherent haranguing are missing this point.
Some may think that these 'Times' should allow for 'Special' considerations...
But it may actually be the case that if one is going to appeal to a higher moral &/or ethical standard that will provide us with a foundation for a lasting civilization... Then it is exactly under these Special Circumstances that we must adhere most tenaciously to those standards that we believe to define a Truly Enlightened Society.
It may simply be that we are not yet at that point of being a truly enlightened society, and that is why the flying saucers have not yet overtly set down upon our baseball fields and invited us to join into their community of galactic Moose Lodges..
This also goes Double for 'Transporting Indigenous 'Alleged' Insurgent Prisoners around the world, so that they can be 'Interrogated' in countries that allow for recreational torture...!!!
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Terry Shiavo
Am i the only one, ( as it is so often the case ) that suspects that there was 'more' to the Fiasco of Her Last Few Minutes before she died...???

Why was it so important to the Staff that the Immediate Blood Relatives of Terry be removed from her bed side so that one of The Candy Stripers could do an 'Evaluation' of Terry...???
What is an 'Evaluation'?
It seems much more likely that in those minutes, the only people allowed in the room were special interest individuals that were finding it increasing Intolerable that Terry Continued to Live & Live & Live.
Obviously She was Murdered.
A Reasonably Healthy Person can be expected to live 3 Minutes without Air, 3 Days without Water, and 3 Weeks without Food.
Terry Shiavo, A sickly and Comatose Woman as Thin as a Carnival Pretzel had managed to stay alive for nearly 2 weeks without Water-- While The Pope-- Gawds Chosen Messenger as an Intermediate Spokesperson to Act as a Liaison between The Damp Masses and The Virgin Mary --Was suffering setback after setback and would himself die at any moment...!
Where is The Miracle Here?
The Catholic Church, Michael Shiavo, The Bush Family and countless others wanted Terry Shiavo Dead more than Michael Jackson wants to lay on the wet spot of his pre-adolescent roommates.
She had to Die before the 2 Week Threshold was passed.
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The Pope

How can The Pope be sick...? Why does he ride around in a Bullet Proof Sedan...???

Why doesn't he just fly his sickly ass over to Lourdes or Invite over a Pentecostal Team of Healers...???
If prayer can't be expected to work for The Pope-- Then what effectiveness can it have for anyone else...???
( actually; i've always felt that prayer is the most brazen form of Heresy...! since you are essentially telling gawd that s/he's made a mistake about 'x' and that you expect it to be rectified...!!! )
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My Uncle Jack
My Uncle Jack was recently taken ill with a peevish Gall Badder...!
While the gall-bladder doesn't receive as much column space in most tabloid newspapers as Goldie Hawn or Our Space Alien Brothers, it is, usually believed to be, A relatively important internal organ. It has something to do with making or storing digestive acids...( ??? ) But that's relatively inconsequential for now...
When my Aunt Joan wrote to me about this the other day...
( And by the way; My Aunt Joan is probably the sweetest, most accomplished relative i have, She is like Martha Stewart, Only with a Natural Artistic Talent, and without all that Snooty Haughtiness )
...i replied by suggesting that while Jack was in the Hospital, that it fortunate that his Doctors didn't decide that he was in a Persistently Vegetative State... Because then She would be in the awkward position of having to explain to them that Jack had always been like that.
Now-- Why would i say that...!!! Am i mean & disrespectful to all my Relatives...???
Curiously--- No.
Only Jack.
And Why...???
Hmmmmmmm... ( ? )
Jack is my Father's much younger brother. He has one other older brother; Phil, who by all accounts is most deserving of everyone's disrespect, and an older sister Jean; Who had been a hard working housewife that raised 3 very bright children.
My Father, while under most circumstance may have been considered a 'lowbrow', was occasionally surprising by demonstrating a detailed knowledge of some historical, political or natural topic.
But Jack-- is dull witted.
Even Jack seems to be aware of this-- to a point... But he is also in a functional denial of it...
Chiefly whenever he forms or adopts a particular 'Opinion' about something... And then he will become AMAZINGLY argumentative about this topic, and he will INVARIABLY choose exactly the wrong position concerning it.
Plus; It's fun to push his buttons. He's so predictable.
Am i mean?
Will i burn in Hell?
Only time will tell.
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Is Life Meaningful? ( Is The Universe on My Side? )
Many common humanimals will periodically find themselves wondering:

Is The Universe working with me, or against me?
The Answer, i think; Is that The Universe is Always Working for The Universe.
So in the sense that each individual mind is a facet of the One Solipsistic Autonomous Mind of The Universe;
Then The Universe is Working with You.
( Although it may often seem that it's not. )
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The Shadow Government
Alot of Humanimals are now blaming our current President; GWB, for nearly all the Problems in The World,
But isn't it really the case that The Shadow Government is really running The Country, and for that matter; The World...???
That's what politicians do, take heat off the Shadow Government.
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The Shadow behind The Shadow Government
It may be that The Shadow Government itself is a Front for The Real Power behind all International, Domestic & a Great Many Personal Events.
How many Layers are there...???
If you take into consideration The Infinite Continuum of Realities...
...a Nearly Infinite Amount...
( It wouldn't be infinite... because there would be a infinite number of realities that exist without a cogitative layer to control their subdivisions of living activities...??? so that just above that first cogitative layer, there would be a measurable breadth of realities that are capable, in a theoretical sense, of meddling in our affairs. )
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Social Security / Medicare
One of the most egregious oversights (?) of our current generation of politicians is their apparent ignorance of the inevitability of A.I. & the Ubiquity of Robotics in the coming years...!
When these two technologies become widely available, they will overthrow all aspects of Western Civilization & require a complete RePlacement of Where Humanimals sit in the food chain of Earthly Commercialism...???
Obviously; AI will completely eliminate all layers of what is now called 'Middle Management' and it may well eliminate many of the Arts Positions as well. Robotics will eliminate nearly all kinds of employment that depend upon a steady hand or arching back... which may well include Medical Surgery & Basket Weaving.
What This means is nearly 100% unemployment.
When will this all take place?
i think that these technologies are already 'Ripe' and are being suppressed... have been suppressed for possibly as long as 20 years...! Doesn't it seem odd to you that when computers first became available for the home market, there were several models of turtle like robots that you could easily interface with your computer, and that most computer games at that time, lacking finely detailed graphics, depended upon language based stories, which in turn, required the simple computers of those days to effectively interpret plain English sentences...!
And Now-- 30 years later, Neither of these skills is available to computers anywhere at any price.
Toys like Lego purport to offer Robotics to the Home Computer, But if you examine their own web sites, you will discover that they have gone to great lengths to make sure that you can only develop simple toys with them, by limiting the number of motors and sensors you can connect together.
Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to search the Web or even a given Industrial or Commercial web-site with Plain English ( any given language ) Sentences...???!!! This ability was once possible, and now it's not.
It seems certain to me that at some point in the Very Near Future, someone is going to 'Let the Cat Out of The Bag' ( as illiterates say ) and the day of Universal UnEmployment will suddenly Pounce on us, And there'll be no turning back...?
It may well be that 'The Shadow Government' expects this to happen soon, and that was why they staged 911, fabricated Al Qaeda, Urged the United States to Invade Afghanistan & Iraq... and most importantly; To institute a preamble for a Nation controlled by The Iron Hand of a Bureau of State Police... Not because they are trying to Take Over The World-- But because the Alternatives are So Inevitable, Inescapable & What else is there to do...??? [ ? ]
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Michael Jackson
What is wrong with showing adolescent boys how to Masturbate?
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The Freedom of The Press / Freedom of 'x'
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Physics / The Standard Model / Quantum Mechanics
i read somewhere awhile ago that the only reason that 'The Standard Model' of Physics works so well is because most of 'The Constants' that fill in the Equations, Are Made up out of Discarded pajamas to force fit everything together. Everyone knows that this is True for 'Hubble's Constant' that changes freely every time a new Star is spotted or one of the Astronomers dog's pees on the carpeting...

But there are lots of others too...
But most recently, i keep hearing about various Interpretations for Quantum Mechanics...
And it's making me Increasing Loopy...!!!
If there's anyone out there that can provide me with a Good & Thorough explanation of 'Bell's Inequality' Experiment and It's Resulting Data... i would be very Grateful...!!!
As it is now, i don't even think that it Is a Real Experiment... But only a Thought Experiment with completely Bogus Data...!!!
And speaking of 'Intertwined' ( ? ) Particles... It seems to me that if particles can intertwine, then it must be going on ALL THE TIME... such that Every Particle in The Universe Must Be Intertwined with Every Other Particle in The Universe...!!!
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