Sunday, March 13, 2005

Weird Animal Day ( Thursday (?) )

i can't quite remember what day it was...
But a few days ago i had A Weird Animal Day that was supplemented a day or two later when i was sitting outside over at The Ala Moana Shopping center, and a young girl came by and mischievously took on a 'Frankenstein' pose right beside me and began stalking a group of birds; Pigeons, Doves, Sparrows...( et al. )
At first i thought she was just 'Fooling Around' but a moment later, when i wasn't looking right at her, she reached down and Snatched a Zebra Dove right off the ground...!!!
i wouldn't have imagined that this was possible...!!!
Then she turned and went to show her two friends what she'd captured.

The day or so before this; i was sitting over across the street from The Mall, at the Park with the same name, and felt something crawling up my leg. Naturally; i thought it was a beetle of some kind, perhaps even a CockRoach...!!! But when i went to examine it, and pulled up my pants leg, i discovered a tiny Lizard...!
Then that same day, i was sitting with my legs crossed, and one of those tiny little birds with the huge red beaks... ( they look like 'WoodStock' ) ...who are usually VERY shy, and don't even come to eat bread crumbs with the other birds... flies over and lands RIGHT ON MY FOOT, then looks at me like; 'Where is it?' and naturally i have no idea what it's doing or thinking... so it ignores me and starts pecking at my TOE...!!! Not that it could ever ( ??? ) do any serious damage but i thought it so humorful that my leg started to jiggle, and it became alarmed and flew off.
Then later that same day, i was looking out over the water and saw a Sea Turtle surface, take a gulp of air, and disappear. Ordinarily, even if you're looking for Sea Turtles, you would only see one in your peripheral vision, and by the time you looked directly at it, it would be gone! But this time, purely by accident, i was looking right at it as it came up.

What does it all mean?

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