Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Constitutional Amendment

Now that we have the momentum of the Michael Jackson Trial behind us,
We should all write to our Congressmen &/or Senators
And demand that Masturbation Be Legalized in all 50 States,
Perhaps with a Constitutional Amendment...!!!

It wasn't so very long ago that U.S. Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders was dragged out of her Capitol Hill office, by her feet, & publicly flogged by White House Staff member Bernard Nussbaum as Janice Reno & Paula Jones 'Made-Out' and Jeered as The Surgeon General espoused her radical left wing convictions regarding The Legalization of Medically Prescribed Marijuana & The Education of American Children concerning The Proper use of Artificial Vagina Lubricants & The 'Then' Heretical Identification of The 'G' Spot-- Between TWACKS of the horse hide strips that cut deeply into her raw backside!

Let us not forget why our Forefathers came to this untamed & only slightly pre-founded Continent-- It was because ( amoung other reasons ) that King George believed that Masturbation was the cause of his Syphylis, and had outlawed, not only this act, but mutually consentual tickling & sugar added to Coffee...!

We are told --Constantly-- that we are FREE, but what does Freedom really mean...?

Are we Free to Be Human Beings...!

NO! We are not...!

Our Government & Western Civilization in General, has made it a CRIME to be The Biological Organisms that Gawd designed us as...! This is most clearly expressed with it's enforcement of Fashion Laws that make us cover our living flesh with layer upon layer of religiously prescribed garments, So that we will never mistakenly believe that we are 'Natural' Beings...!!!

Why is it that Ugly People can openly display their faces,

But attractive people can't unveil their genitals...

Beautiful & Innocent Genitals...!!!

What is WRONG with us...???

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