Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Letter From Beverly... Plus Commentary!

This is a recent eep from my Auntie Barebelly,
She is currently in Treatment for Colon Cancer--

So i'm giving her a little slack for not writing more often... ( ??? )
All the people that don't have Cancer,
And are not sending me any encouraging notes, are being considered more harshly... ( ! )
Considering that i have Asperger's,
i think that i am being Amazingly Communicative by adding to my Blog nearly every day,
Even though i have to find a computer to do this...
It's like you're getting a letter from me every day...!!!
Who else is writing to you every day?
Are they being as Personal & Intimate...???
Does this letter that she sent sound encouraging or manipulative to you... ( ??? )
i am crazy.
It is hard for me to tell.
i kind of wish though...
That 'established' people would tell me how i can solve some of my simpler problems...
Like today; i am in Moscow Idaho, and i went over to the local Community Action Something...
It starts with a P, but i've forgotten now,
And i asked if they had any -{ do-dads or what-not }-
to help me find some inexpensive housing,
and what was their idea of inexpensive...?
$910 for a Studio.
Plus: All the 'Sliding Scale' or 'Income Based' Units required 'Section Eight'...
i have no experience with Section Eight.
It's somekind of Assistance program, but i think that after you apply,
you have to wait like 20 years before you're finally approved.
i would like someone that 'Knows how to get things done...'
to figure this out for me,
And send me some simplified instructions for how to do this.
i think that this is where i screwed up in Bremerton...
i applied for Assisted Housing there,
and while they kept telling me that the waiting list was for 6 months,
i was on it for 6 years,
and my number kept bouncing up and down on the list,
Although they kept telling me that it can't do that.
There were some other things about it that i didn't quite understand...
Like that the Section Eight is somehow independent of The Housing...???
So that you're on the Section Eight List,
But you also need to be on the Housing List(s) for the Individual Complexes...???
i was never clear on that point.
i don't even think that what i'd applied for had anything to do with Section Eight.
i think i might have been on somekind of Dead-End List,
that was aware that i wasn't on the Section Eight List or the Housing List(s) --
So it just kept bumping me whenever i got to the top of it...???
Or -- Whatever.
Whenever i try to make sense of these things that happen to me,
My head goes all Loopy.
Things could always be worse.

Date: Sat, 6 Aug 2005
23:31:56 -0700
From: "Auntie Barebelly"

HELP-this crazy machine is not doing what I want it to do.
That is my excuse for not writing.
Back on the mainland and not finding a perfect location
- maybe there is no such place.
However[;] you are getting a little long in the tooth to be wandering around without a roof.
The way the system works is -
the days are getting shorter and winter is not far away,
better find something soon.
Everything is expensive but Spokane is probably as cheep as anywhere.
Right now it is hot - really hot,
but it probably wont last too long.
I have finished 28 radiology treatments
and I no longer glow in the dark,
but I am not going to get near any [Geiger] counters for a bit longer.
Now I am doing chemotherapy every other week
and it really makes me feel crummy,
however I am still functioning, but slowly.
Dear Deana came by on [Thursday] and vacuumed for me,
she is a jewel.
Your mother had [carpal] tunnel surgery a couple of weeks ago,
but she healed very nicely and is back to about 99.9% -
and her hand no longer goes to sleep at unexpected times so she is happy with it.
Everyone else is fine just getting old,
and as Derrick would say going to heaven one piece at a time.
Donnie is in Portland,
we don't see much of him,
but Sandi and Deana met him
and his lady friend in Vegas for 3 days last month.
Derrick lives just a couple of blocks away,
but we don't see him much either,
but he did come see me in the hospital.
He is training in heating and air-conditioning business,
keeps [busy],
has a girl
and shows up at his mothers when he is broke or needs to do his laundry.
Good kids.
I have many red lines indicating that I have goofed up my spelling or something

but I go back and try to correct them
and I lose all my work.
I am really technically challenged and do not care one hoot.
Keep dry and safe.
Love Bp

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