Monday, April 10, 2006

New Wiggly Cycle Beginning...???

Maybe it's not just beginning now...
Maybe it's been cooking up for awhile...

  1. i have A New Owie...!!!
    It is on my right forearm and it started at about 2:00am on April 2nd!
    i woke up to discover a White Blister on that spot, and it looked like a White Eraser in size and shape...??? So i popped it, because it was annoying me, and i didn't really think too much as to what it was, or where it came from... But then, almost immediately afterwards, i got to thinking... 'i should put some 3 in 1 Antibiotic salve on it', so i did.
    But the next day, or so, it 'Blew Up' and then a day after that, i decided to put a bandage on it, and i was also thinking that i really should 'Dig it out'...! But i didn't because it was really hurting alot... and The Bolus was really snuggled in there...!!!
    Then i was going to just 'Leave it alone' for awhile, and see how long it took to heal, without getting any perscription antibiotics for it...!!!???
    But then; Sunday ( April 9 ) i noticed that i was leaking pus quite a bit, so i took the bandage off; and the brown, sickly pus fountained out of it, and with just a little squeezing, LOTS MORE pus flowed out this HUGE hole in my arm.
    So; after i squeezed most of the pus out, i noticed that the Bolus looked 'Loose', so i decided to dig it out with Tweezers...!!!
    Owie, Owie, Owie...!!!
    The Bolus had the colour and consistency of Butterscotch Pudding, so it was pretty hard to get a grip on it...!!! i was also using some Q-tips, With which i was able to fit the whole head of them into the Hole...!!!
    How can it do that...!!! There is supposed to be Muscles and Nerves and Arteries in there...!!!
    How can my hand still work...???
    and Ugh.
    Owie, Owie, Owie...!!!
    i think i got most of The Bolus out, which i think is The POISON from Whatever it was that Bit me, surrounded by Dead White-Corpusceles...???
    Then i filled it with Iodine, and poured that out, and filled it with 3 in 1 Antibiotic Salve and put a new bandange on it.'
    It doesn't hurt quite as much as it did the other day, and/or/but -- it is still leaking, but i think it is leaking blood now, and not pus. i think i would rather have it leaking blood than pus...???
  2. i went over to check my mail today...
    i'm expecting a letter from Marc Calvary that is supposed to have sent me $40 from The 'Show' in Portland... and i have going AROUND AND AROUND over this...!!! It is making me COMPLETELY CRAZY...!!! Because i am NOT supposed to have any 'Extra' Income from my SSI...!!! They will not allow me to keep 5¢ more than what they send me...!!!
    i think that is CRAZY...!!! What incentive am i supposed to have to get a job and work my way out of this, if they just take everything that i earn away from me...!!!
    Or if my aunt sends me $10 for Chrstmsa or my Birthday... They take that away from me too...!!!
    [ Does that sound EVIL to you...!!! ??? ]
    And it's not like i'm getting extremely wealthy...!!!
    i get $600 from them, and the cheapest studio apartments around here are like $1500...!!!
    But if i don't report it, and hand it over ( or they deduct it ) then i'm afraid someone will yell at me...!!!
    i hate getting yelled at...!!!
    They won't just settle for me telling them that i've 'Earned' $40 from this Show in Portland, they won't take my word for it that it's $40...!!! They'll demand Complete Documentation for it...!!!
    i don't have any documentation for it...!!!
    When i reported that i'd gotten some money one chrstmsa, they made me write to my mom and aunt, and they had to send Certified Receipts for the money that they'd sent me...!!!
    [ It sounds too CRAZY to Believe doesn't it...!!! You can call and ask them about this yourself...!!! The Number is: 1-800-772-1213 ]
    And another thing...!!!
    i was over at the office awhile ago about something or another...??? and the worker there just spontaniously mentioned that if i did find someplace to live, and it was below 'The Market Value' -- Such as if i moved in with a relative or something, and didn't pay a full rental amount... They would slash the amount that they do send me, because it would no longer 'Be in Need'... !!! ( ??? )
    They just tell me these things to torment me.
    So anyways-
    it hasn't come yet...!!!
  3. But while i was over at the mailbox place, ( Postal Connection of Kapolei ) i discovered an OVERDUE Notice in my box...!!! It was over-due way back in February...!!! But she didn't remind me about it until NOW... and so i think i had to pay a bunch of penalities...???
    It was hard to be sure, because she was even harder to understand today than she usually is...??? ( i think she's natively Korean...??? )
    But the fee to cover it until July 18th was $76... and it seems to me that it was ALOT cheaper last time,
    when i originally got it...???
    i was just checking my Checking Balance this morning, and i was thinking, well; $112 should be enough to get me through this month... and now that's been
    Wiped Out...!!!
  4. It looks like the rain is finally overwith...???
    There was a 'Letter to the Editor' from some Geezer that was around in '58 when Hawaii had it's last 'Big' Rainy Season, and he was saying that; "You think this was rainy...! HA! Back in '58, we had 17_inches in 24 hours... This time; it took a whole month to accumulate 17_inches...!"
    But it's still pretty cloudy... it's not exactly back to weather as usual... And plus; All the rain brought a whole bunch of Mosquitoes & Gnats... And FLESH EATING BACTERIA...!!! Several of the beaches are closed due to this Man Eating Bacteria...!!!
    The kind that i have on my arm looks pretty OOGY... But it's Localized...???
    i don't understand how it could be Localized though...??? Why doesn't it just stream through my blood...??? ( ??? )
  5. Around the beginning of the month ( April ) or a few days before that...??? My Left foot started ( Suddenly ) Hurting like CRAZY...!!! Like it was full of broken Glass or somesuch...??? And that lasted for about a week, and now it's back to it's 'Usual' amount of pain... just around the toes...??? The weird thing was, it didn't look at all injured... They never do...!!! The Owies on my legs and arms always LOOK like Serious Owies... But my Feet always look FINE... But hurt all the time...!!! ( ??? ) ( Maybe they're a little puffy...??? )
  6. Good News! My poops have been looking really healthy the last two times...!!!
  7. Partial Book Report:
    i didn't actually read the whole book:
    The Stupidest Angel by Christopher Moore...
    And Another Book that is kind of like it--
    Magic for Beginners by Kelly Link...
    That i did read all the way through...
    Both of these books were started on the premise that they were 'Quirky' writers...!
    Moore has the dullest style... He apparently just wrote a fairly dull and ordinary story, and then went back and took all the adjectives and 'spiced them up' which is the sole attribute of his quirkiness...!
    The story itself is as plain as paste.
    Kelly Link
    has a fun and easy to read writing style and her stories contain lots of quirky and fun detailing... But they go on and on, without going in any particular direction...! Then as most of her critics have mentioned; they end with a twist. i think that that 'twisted' endings are a direct consequence of her not knowing where the story was ever going, but that she needed to end it after so many pages; perhaps because she'd exhausted all the ideas she had for that narative... and so; she simply turned the story line off in a perpendicular direction and stopped typing.
    The book i'm reading now is; Terry Bisson's
    The Upper Room, and other likely stories.
    This is also a quirky collection of short stories, and he does some things that i would normally think of as very annoying, but he seems to pull them off; such as repeating lines or catch phrases, over and over and over again...???!!! The stories are very imaginative and easy to read... But although i'm only 2/3's of the way through this first book of his, they are beginning to seem just a tad formulistic...???
    But still; i'm planning on following this up with
    Numbers Don't Lie... and Bears Discover Fire... if i can find it...???
    Then i'd also like to find Link's
    Stranger Things Happen... which the library doesn't have either...!
  8. ...???

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