Thursday, April 20, 2006


  1. Those Lunatics that work where i sleep at night, left a whole bunch of lights on last night...!!!
    So naturally; i thought that somebody was working late, and wandered around for awhile, but when i came back around 9:00p, the lights were still on, and there weren't any cars in the vicinity...??? So crept up onto my usual porch, and waited very quietly for another hour before deciding; after not hearing any sounds or seeing any shadows moving around inside, that they were all gone...!!!
    This is the third night, in the last week that they've left lights on...
    They are just toooo irresponsible...!!!
  2. i found a book at the library the other day on The Standard Theory; The Theory of Almost Everything -- and i would Really like to Catchup on what physics is doing these days, and find a good explanation of 'Quantum Theory', But all the books that i find; just drive me CRAZY...!!!
    So after flipping through this one at the library, i PROMISED myself that i would read this one all the way through, and if i came across things that ticked me off, i would TRY VERY HARD to just ignore them,
    and press on...!!!
    So i made it all the way through the Introduction; and almost half way through the First Chapter, when the number of annoyances started to pile up on me...!!!
    [ i didn't finish it...!!! ]
    Why i hate Science Books...!!!
    1. Failure to Include Elemental Axioms...
      They typically start in the middle of an argument/explanation and just assume that the reader knows all sorts of fundimentals about physics...
    2. Failure to Explain Mathematical Equations...
      It doesn't seem to me that it would be To Difficult to define all the variables of an Equation, ( if you're going to include them ) and then ReExpress the gist of it in Plain English... Typically; They will insist that this Can't be done... But i would take this as evidence that they are just parroting the equations, without having an understanding themselves, of what they represent!
    3. Failure to ( A Loathing For ) Include Illustrations, or including really lame illustrations...!!!
      i think that many writers & publishers think that Illustrations are for 'Babies' and that serious books, even serious books for 'Lay' readers shouldn't include Illustrations...!!!
    4. Using Common words in Novel ways, and failing to explain their usage.
      An Excellent example of this is the use of the word 'Spin' when describing a property of Electrons... i would like to know, what this is...!!! And short of that; how are they measuring it...??? Is it a magnetic property... or what...???
    5. In this last book, they mentioned that 'The Double Slit' Experiment has been done with; not only photons or electrons, or even whole atoms, but with 'BuckyBalls' ( Buckministerfullerenes C60 Molecules...!!! ) ...!!! But they failed to describe the whole experiment fully... The Buckyballs apparently reproduced the Stripes that suggest Wave Interference, but they didn't say how they were measuring their impact on the screen...??? Were there actually stripes of carbon molecules in certain places and a dearth of them between these... What does this mean... Were the molecules, whole molecules, canceling each other out...???
      Wasn't important enough to mention; apparently.
    6. In another spot, the author brings up that Einstein, by means of interpreting Maxwells equations, discovered that faster than light travel was impossible.
      Does he mention these equations, or how their interpretation would lead to this conclusion...???
      Another thing about Einstein & E=mc^2... Doesn't it strike you as just a tiny bit Odd, that the multiplying factor for converting Mass to Energy would be THE SPEED of Light...??? Where does that come from... Why would it be The Speed of Light...??? Does anyone ever ( In these books ) touch on this...???
      Or is it that everyone else thinks that this is the most natural place to get this factor...???
    7. And Relativistic Time...!!!
      When you put an Apple in the Refrigerator; Is it Time Slowing down that Retards it's spoilage, or just the slowing of the apples molecules...??? It also seems to me that when things are happening on this planet; things are happening on a planet in the vicinity of Alpha Centuri at the same moment, and by calculating when those events took place, from radio transmissions, you could KNOW that they happened simultaneously... This is the same thing as Sound Traveling through Air... No one makes the mistake of thinking that Sound Transmissions are fooling with Time Frames... Why do they make this mistake with Light...??? It seems to me that when it comes to Light; Physicists turn all Religousy...!!! Einstein said this, Darwin Said that... Don't contradict our Gawds...!!!
    8. And The Example of Gravity and Acceleration... There is a Parable that describes an Elevator that is either Accelerating through space at such and such a rate that the effect is Equal to The Gravity of Earth at Sealevel, Or The Elevator is at Sealevel, motionless, on Earth.
      There is; According to this Parable; NO WAY to tell which it is, if you're in the Elevator... But by their own rules, You Can...!!!
      Time is ( alledgedly ) effected by Gravity, and if you had two very sensitive Atomic Clocks ( or some such ) and put one at the top of the Elevator, and one at the bottom-- then; if you were in a Gravitational field, like the Earth, the clocks would differ after a time,
      But the clocks in the accelerating Elevator would remain in sync.
      Why do they create these idiotic storys that are just plain wrong...!!!
      Like the one with falling Balls...! The Heavier Ball would hit first...!
      ( Not by much; but it would fall slightly, ever so slightly-- faster...! )
    9. Why are Science books so awful...???
      i think it may be that; Some time ago; The Illuminatii discovered that it was Really Easy to Destroy The Whole Universe, and in order to protect it--
      They have to keep everyone really stupid...!!!
      The Universe would really be better off with nothing smarter than Dinosaurs,
      but The Illuminatii are trying to make the best of things, the way they are.
  3. i lost my hat the other day, Again...!!!
    i was on my way to bed the other day, and instead of taking the 62, i thought it might be fun to take the 55, all the way around the island, the other way...
    which would take an additional hour and a half...
    But after awhile-- While reading Johnny Tremain, i noticed out the window that we were at an 'impossible' intersection...???
    The way the 55 goes; there is almost always the ocean on one side, so that busy intersections are pretty much impossible...!!!
    So i tried looking out the windows, which were like mirrors, and i couldn't make heads, nor tails of where we were...!!! Then i saw a familiar McDonalds, and knew that we were near The Valley of The Temples, and this must be a 65...!!! But the Sign on the Bus clearly Said 55... Circle Island...!!! Ugh!
    And at this time, some of the other passengers realized that this was not the 55...!!!
    So i had to ride the bus for another half an hour, until we came to The Hygenic Store ( Which is anything but...!!! ) and i had to wait another half an hour for The 55...!!!
    ( The Electronic Sign on the first Bus was Broken...!!! )
    And when changing to the real 55, i was so frazzled that i forgot my hat on the 65...!!!
    So; The next morning, i bought a new one, Same Style, only Blue ( last one was Green ).
    There have been too many unexpected expenditures this month...!!!
  4. The Rain has Stopped, mostly... ( Still plenty of Drizzle ) ...but now there is lot of Blustery Wind, and it is very Cold, both at night, and During the Day...!!!
  5. ugh.

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