Monday, June 19, 2006

Lack of Bloggic Attention...

It seems unlikely that anyone has even noticed that i haven't been very attentive towards my blog here, but-- with my fractured hip and staying at my sisters, where i have to sit in these terribly hard chairs that they have in front of their computers... it's very trying to get anything done...
Plus-- this stupid leg hurts in all the wrong places...!!!
It doesn't hurt in the vicinity of the hip joint, that was actually fractured...!!!
It never did-- !!! --it always hurt along the inside, around the groin, and now it's migrating to the knee and shin...!!! And a little of the foot.
But mostly- it hurts all down the inside, especially when even the tiniest amount of torque is applied to it... ???
But on top of that; there is this comparatively low volume of annoying discomfort all the time, which makes it difficult to concentrate on anything for even the shortest length of time, and i always had a pretty short attention span to begin with...

Sandi- my sister -took me out to look at rooms and studios the other day, and it was productive in that we discovered that everything is very expensive, and those few that aren't very expensive are disturbingly slovenly... or have kooky elements to them, which i suspect will be the measuring stick for the room that i eventually settle on...
e.g.; Just how unacceptably kooky is it?
i'm not getting along with my niece; Deana, at all.
Everyone else in the family thinks she's the darling; and i suspect that the reason for the disconjunct is that she knows that i know that she is really a scheming vampiric witch.
Is it my fault that i have supernatural powers?

My Medicaid has finally been approved...!!!
And i have a doctor's appointment tomorrow to get a referral to a Orthopedicologist... and get started on some genuine Physical Therapy.
more when i can...

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