Thursday, July 06, 2006

Most Recent Row with Deana Crabtree

So last night; i was doing the dishes and discovered that the bottom of one of their Stainless Steel Traveling Coffee Mugs had popped off rather easily-- taking the hint, i then pulled off the top portion and washed the inside inner liner and let all the parts dry off in the dish rack.
This morning; i discovered that Deana had thrown all the parts away, thinking that it was 'Broken' ...! ...that i had 'taken out the inside' ...
Dang! i forgot her actual expression, but it was pure jibberish...!!!
So i asked her what she meant as she ran down stairs.
- no response.
This is very archetypal of her behaviour, and i got to thinking that it is exactly like my mother's behaviour...!!! That is; She will either respond with a completely inattentive & archived apposite remark -or- She will become completely hysterical.
Not that she apparently behaves this way around everyone...
As i mentioned before; everyone else loves her, in their eyes;
She is the most perfect little canary in the whole dang kitchen...
So what is it about me that brings this out in these two...???
i think it may be related to the aphorism:
"If you make someone think that they are thinking, then they will love you,
But if you make them actually think, then they will hate you."
i am absolutely terrible at making people think that they are thinking...!!!
Instead; i frequently ask questions or make comments which necessarily require the listener to engage both hemispheres of their grey quishy lumps.
Some people can't handle this.
So as long as she's participating in pointless bantering with Sandi or her boyfriend, then she is able to put on a happy face and appear to all the world that she is a little princess from faerieland.
When she came back upstairs, i asked her again what it was that was broken about the coffee mug...
( Looks very much like the first mug shown / Scroll down a little )
...and after a little more incoherient ranting, i came to believe, that she believed, that the inner lining of this mug, contained an Insulating 'Vacuum'...???
You may recall that such a design is called a:
Dewar flask n.
An insulated container used especially to store liquefied gases, having a double wall with a vacuum between the walls and silvered surfaces facing the vacuum.

It is typically used to store fluids such as Liquid Nitrogen, Oxygen or Hydrogen.
Not usually used for Hot Coffee or Ice Tea.
Of course no amount of reasoning would dissuade her from this belief...
...Because she's an idiot.
The curious thing about this is that while i was a street person, i would get the most glowing reports about her, That she was going to an exclusive Military Academe, or learning to Fly Airplanes or Spending the summer Fishing in Alaska, or raising Pigs.
But now that i've had some first hand experience with her...
i don't even believe that she's average.
( The dead giveaway for this may be seen in her extensive and tepid collection of videos and dvd's, The Complete Absence of Books in her Room; ( except for piles of Romance Novels ), The Games that she has for her X-Box, or The lack of interesting programs or games on her computer... Neither does she seem to create -Anything- Poetry, Journals, Documenting Ideas... again: except for numerous photographs of Flowers, that she's taken, that are routinely photographed, dead on, without the slightest suggestion of insightful perceptions...??? )
Clearly-- She seems to be an overachiver ( See: Rushmore, or Broadcast News for other notable overachievers ) but like all good overachievers, she's just a bit dumb.
And in the worst way--
That is:
She doesn't know it.
One of the great hallmarks of a genius- like me -is that i know i'm dumb and will freely admit ignorance when confronted with things that i don't understand, or when someone says something confusing or unintelligible... Unless of course; i have very good reasons for believing that the source of these unintelligible remarks is an imbecile.
oh well.
It's all very sad.
July 7th '06
i was talking to my sister Sandi this morning, ( Deana's Mother ) and i asked her what Deana's Academic Record consisted of throughout her years in The Public School system, and she said that Deana was A Straight A Student.
My opinion has been; Not just recently, but for years and years-- Perhaps having formed as early as the 7th or 8th Grade, was that The Straight A Students are Not the Smartest Ones.
The B- Students, and possibly lower, Often have the greatest intellectual potential, and are often much better 'Read' than The SAS's.
It's not simply that TSAS's take the easiest; No risk classes, or that they possess a higher than normal 'IQ' ; Specifically tailored to Manipulate or 'Suck up' to Authority Figures and other mildly willed Kingfishes...
...It is more than that--
They have experienced from their earliest days, A Pavlovian Behavioural Feedback Loop that has 'Taught' them to seek The Safest and Blandest Aquiescent Validation that is available.
And within The Public School System, This translates into Straight A's.
Everyone else that is struggling to form An Autonomous Personality and Self Actualize, is Turbulently & Brutally pushed away from those Inane, Capricious & Vain markings on their Report Cards.
It basically comes down to "How do they get those Straight A's?"
A: By accepting The Indoctrination Methods of The Public School System.
If you resist, and actually try to learn something...
You Will be Punished.

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