Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Words that Aren't Quite Words...

i went online again today to find a word that my Franklin & Macintosh Dictionaries refused to consider a real word...
i've done this before; and have gotten several hits on Google, suggesting that there are countless other people that consider these words real words, and given that words come from usage and not authority, i take any confirmation of them as validation.

Todays Word: Befret. Apparently it is likely that this is a distortion of Bereft. Since they are used in the same sense.

Another Example: Insundry or Asundry. Sundry is a real word and All & Sundry is a common aphorism, Such that the Contraction of All & Sundry should easily be A'sundry or Asundry.
Insundry is close enough. After all; You know what i mean... Don't you?

Irregardless is in such wide usage that i don't see how anyone can argue about it anymore.

Indescript is essentially the same as NonDescript, which means Not Noteworthy.

i would very much like a Dictionary that keeps up with the usage of words on the internet, which is pretty close to the actual usage of words in The Spoken Form.
Dictionaries have always lagged behind Actual Usage, and all i want to see is that this is recognized.

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Anonymous said...

Irregardless isn't a word, regardless of how many times it is improperly used. =)