Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Interweb is Freaking Me Out...!

So; You go to www.dogpile.com and type in my old name & town;
Rocky Glenn Spokane

and i come up as The FIRST Entry.

But; i can not find any information on ANYONE ( hardly anyone* )
That i've been searching for from my various yearbooks.

What i find—
Very Curious
; Is that i'll type in what i think MUST BE a very common name,
And i would expect there to be THOUSANDS or MILLIONS of hits...
And there are NONE..!!!

i just can not get my Head around the idea that many of my classmates
Are leaving NO TRAIL at all on the Interweb...???

The old axiom;
The Interweb is a million miles wide, and an inch deep.
This is still true.

[ ??? ]

- - -
* i had a dream during my afternoon nap today that featured Bill Simer,
So i thought i would look him up.
Back in High School, he was a no direction, drug snorting wanna be...
And now, he's apparently a local millionaire.
Bill Simer ( Success Story )

The Old Bill Simer ( Circ. 1973 )
He looks very different in this picture,
But all the biographical information in the story above
Seems to match The Old Bill Simer...???


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Hylobates Lar said...

Rocky Glenn? Just how many names do you have, Chrstophre/Rodney? Which is the original?

A Translucent Amoebae said...

My Original, Original Name is:
Rodney Alan Glenn
Which was supposed to be a Junior
But my Father's name is:
Rodney Allen Glenn
So what is what there...???
Then i asked him about this years later and it turns out that His Parents, my grandparents, according to my father, wanted the middle name to be spelled Alan, but after the nurse filling out the form with Allen, it was TOO LATE to change it...???
Then i saidl; Well, why didn't you change it...?
Women are changing their names all the time in our patriarchally based society, But again; He insisted that it would have been TOO MUCH TROUBLE...
So anyways, i've always hated the name Rodney ( my childhood was spent without the benefit of The Rodney on Star Gate Atlantis ) and i didn't really have to use it, as i'd used my nick name 'Rocky' for everything...! It was my defacto legal name throughout my entire schooling life.
( my sister's name is Sandi - Sandi & Rocky - HA! Get it? )
So anyways...
After i'd been a street person for about 6 years, i decided to change my name to see if that would change my life ( No, it didn't ).
And i decided to use my mother's mother's maiden name 'Campbell' and Chrstphre Nckls ( from Santa Claus = Saint Nicholas & Christopher from ... i forget... ) But it had to add up to my magick number 238, so that's why it's spelled funny.
Now-- i tell people that i like having a common name that's uncommon.

the end.

A Translucent Amoebae said...

As a consequence of discovering the internet and principally AOL, i used to change my screen name every month.
Typically; i would get into so much trouble with one name, i'd HAVE to change it...!
So i went through a whole bunch of identities then...
Also; it was a cryptographic challenge to come up with a name that wouldn't require a numerical affix...!!!
From that period, came Babynous, which later became the Babynous Cult, And TinyWanda ( Her Twin Sister ) and some others...
Then; After Babynous Died ( When i left Bremerton ) i was without a pseudonym for about a year, and then i discovered Google Blogs, and came up with the name The Translucent Amoebae in about 15 seconds.

chris said...

You will always be Babynous to me.

A Translucent Amoebae said...

It just makes me crazy when people don't leave an return eepmail address ( eepdress )...
Do Not Abuse The Antonymony Selection...!!!