Saturday, July 05, 2008

NASA is driving my Crazy...!!!

Another Probe Doesn't Look for Life...!!!

It just seems completely crazy to me that NASA keeps sending probes to Mars that are very specifically designed NOT TO LOOK FOR LIFE...!!!

On those occasions when they are supposed to be looking for Life,
The Experiments are Carefully Contrived to Almost Look for Life...!!!
So that; After the test it done, they can say;
“Well; Maybe, Maybe Not.”


Why not put a Microscopic Lens Attachment onto one of The Cameras,
Scoop up a soil sample,
Add several recipes of various enriched nutrients into several little cups,
Warm them up a bit,
Then put some drops from these cups onto some Slides...


If something is wiggling around.
Wouldn't that be interesting.

i am really coming to believe, as Richard Hoagland apparently does,
That there is something very fishy going on at NASA.

Why would they want to keep it so ambiguous...
And why does NASA play down all The Amazing Images that the orbital probes send back to us...???

Giant Glass Worms
Trees & Forests
Shattered Structures
Cities Ancient Cities Cities
Really Quirky Bits Strange Cookies

The Face
The really quirky thing about The Face on Mars,
Is that the new pictures make it fairly clear that it doesn't really look much like a face...
But— That sure is an awfully artificial looking mesa that it's sitting on...???

What is their real agenda...???

And another thing...
Why is The International Space Station being kept such a secret...
OK... It's not really a Secret-Secret,
But it sure as heck doesn't get much press.

And have you ever seen any pictures from INSIDE it...???

Man oh MAN, What a Shat Hole...!!!
( more on You Tube )
Space Station: IMAX
There is crap piled up all over,
And all the equipment is just tied to the walls with bungy cords.

It is sure a long way from the space stations in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

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