Monday, January 12, 2009

Level 7 Weirdness Event

So for the last 6 weeks or so, i've been getting a free internet connection in my room, that identifies itself as Belkin_G_Plus_MIMO_O1CFFC; Which i'm pretty sure is the product name of the Modem that is being used...

i've been on the interweb newsgroups asking about the legality or ethicacy of using this signal, and it's... ambiguous...???

Anyways... Today, for about 5 hours, instead of the browser opening to it's homepage, which is currently Yahoo, although most everything i use on the interweb is hosted by Google...
( i'm very loyal to both, they are not at all opposites for me! )

...instead of opening to my homepage, it opened to a Comcast Sign Up Page...???
So i thought: Well; These Six Weeks of Free Signal/Service were provided by Comcast to entice me into their web of horror...!

But then it flipped back to normal, illegal signal theft.


When it happened; i was both annoyed, and thankful...
Thankful that i would no longer have the means to check my eepmail & Flickr Account every 2 hours.

But now; i have that ability again.

Another curious side note is that, some time ago, i tried to hook up my own interweb,
Dial Up Connection, and although i tried & tried to get it to work, i couldn't...
So i'm nervous about trying again.
That last try was traumatic in that i allowed the service
( Seanet; My Eepmail Service )
to charge me for 6 months for nothing.
And it'll probably happen that way again, if i sign up again, and can't get it to work.


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