Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More Extremely Evil Things...

One of the very evil things i like to do is go to the library and find CDs and Books on CDs and rather than just listen to them;
i store them on my computer, and listen to them later. ( And repeatedly )
One of these CD - Books on CD Publishers has found me out and kicked back in a most delightfully mischievous way...!
The Book on CD is The Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan.
It is on 9 Disks...
And they are all MisLabeled...!!!
If you simply took the CDs out of the case, and loaded them into your CD player or Computer and Listened to them; There would be No Problem. All the Disks are Numbered Properly on The CD Disks Themselves...
But internally; The Names and Sequence Numbers are all Askewd...!!!
So that if you loaded all the Disks onto your computer and put them into a Folder Labeled Pilgrim's Progress, They would all be out of order...!!!

Isn't that Ingenious...!!!
The way that they are actually Labeled:
Disk One: Completely Blank, All Tracks have no identification labels...!
Disk Two: Labeled as Disk Six; a through x
Disk Three: Labeled as an Agatha Christie Novel
Disk Four: Labeled as a Stuart Kaminsky Vampire Novel
Disk Five: Labeled as Disk Six, Again!
Disk Six: Labeled as Another Disk Six...!
Disk Seven: Still Another Disk Six...!!!
Disk Eight: Deviously Correctly Labeled as Disk Eight...!!!
Disk Nine: Numbered as a through f, But Not Distinguished as Disk Nine...?

Did all this inventiveness Thwart me...!
It only challenged me...!
i simply relabeled them while they were loading,
Tedious Yes... But considering the length of Listening Time,
A very short and comparatively painless matter.

You'll have to try harder next time Blackstone Audio Books...!

- - - -

So i've been listening to this and Those 14th Century Writers certainly had a very Chronologically distinct writing style, Most notably indicated by extreme redundancy...

Those Genius ( ? ) Lunatics at BlackStone Audio Books have layered Their Encryption Schemes to Insure that No One can Load one of their Audio Books onto their Computer...!
The latest foil i've found is that The Tracks are Non-Consecutively Numbered...!!!
That is: 4a is NOT followed by 4b...!!!
The Actual Track Sequence for The Fourth Disk is:
( Which by the way is Labeled as: Never Cross a Vampire by Stuart Kaminsky )
4a 4o 4m 4g 4x* 4d 4f 4s 4l 4h 4c 4i 4n 4q 4j 4w 4r 4b 4u 4t 4v 4k 4e 4p

4x is apparently MEANT TO BE at the end; Since it's only 4 Seconds Long and only reveals that the Story = The Pilgrim's Progress = is continued on Disk 5.


Does this seem to suggest that they know what they're doing, or.... Not...?

- - - - -
Supplement Two:

i have further discovered that Blackstone has so encoded them that i can not ( ? ) figure out how to listen to The Tracks in their correct order without watching the track display and correcting it's 'Natureal' flow at the end & beginning of each track...!!!
It would appear that despite my great hubris...! They have Won...!!!

Dang them to Heck!

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