Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Fun Toy...!!!

i discovered a New Fun Toy...!
It is Called; Scratch...!
It's a very simple to use programming language intended for very small children & mischievous adults...!
This is what a Script for it looks like:

It's kind of like Lego Programming...
And it's derived - Probably - from The Logo Programming Languages
That were created about 30 years ago,
And then mysteriously disappeared...!

Since it was created for young children;
It does things very differently from the way adult programming environments work...!
It takes about as much getting used to as Reverse Polish Language
for The HP Programmable Calculators...!

Here is one of My First Programs... Is This Number Prime?

This version that i'm using is Scratch 1.3.1 and from the forums,
It sounds like this is the 4th or so actual version of it.
What is very annoying is that the programmers are apparently Not Macintosh Users,
As there are Almost No User Friendly Conventions that Are Endemic in Apple Programs!
It is also Missing many Commands & Functions;
Such as Input Structures or String Processing Functions...!!!

This really has some potential for Becoming something really Fabulous though
By The Time Version 6.8 comes out...!

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