Thursday, July 01, 2010

UnCode Number Twenty Four

UnCode Number Twenty Four
This Encrypted Text Below is actually somewhat easily read,
if you know the simple secret.

As a Clue:
It is a poem about Being Up In The Air
Second Clue:
It is Opposite of UnCode Number Six
- - - - -

Ghs Ewint

God wy ool uikt eg ou oi pa s nwinh,
Ei pt nha eis rb oluu?
Gi, D ht ohini kt thp eleasantest thino
Ovea c rhilc dad ne!
Li pt nha eia rno dvet rhw ealu,
Eili C las nes ew oidt,
Livea rnt dreea snc dattla ena dlr
Evet rhc eountrysido--
Nili L lood kowo nt nhg eardeg nreet,
Nowo nt nhr eoos fb orowd--
Ni pt nha eii G rf olyina ggaiu,
Ni pt nha eia rnd dowu!

Noberl Touis Stevensor

A Program ( Written in Scratch )
To Encrypt Documents Using this Approach
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