Monday, October 18, 2010

Hubble Telescope Rant

One of my many annoyances that i can’t quite resolve on my own,
Or perhaps i’m just too lazy to work this out.
But i have read in several different sources that it is infeasible to use The Hubble Telescope to Verify Whether or Not The Lunar LEMs are actually on the moon.
Supposedly the pixel resolution would render any given pixel on the moon as substantially larger than the LEMs.
The Hubble Telescope can resolve individual stars in distant galaxies.
The Stars are much bigger than a LEM or The Moon,
But the Galaxies are much, much further away.
It might also be suggested that these individual stars are actually a tiny subset of any given pixel, and are illuminating the entire box, so that it looks like an individual star,
But the actual pictures seem to suggest that each star has a circular disposition to it,
And details concerning the star can be derived from these pictures.
These Telescopes are now supposedly taking pictures of largish planets in different Star Systems.
These are also, Very far away.
As a small Digression.
In Star Trek, which i dearly love, The Bridge View Screen routinely showed a Star Field Whizzing by as they went about their way, Usually as Warp 6 or below, which was considered Normal Space Speed, Like 30_mph in the city.
This Warp 6 is Not 6 x The Speed of Light.
It is a Warp Factor, and substantially faster than that.
It might further be noted that The Scale for Warp Speeds was Changed from how it was used in some of the early episodes to the latter ones.
In one early episode; Mr. Scott bemoans that they are going ( in Circles at Warp 13 ) nowhere mighty fast.
Later on; The Limit of Warp Speed was adjusted to Warp 10, which was instantaneous Travel.
This brings up the problem of TransWarp Velocities, and Various Other Approaches which were thought to be Faster.
The Enterprise could manage Warp 9.x for Short periods, and for my point:
At Warp 9.x This would still be so slow that The Stars would appear Stationary.
The point being. Stars are Very Far Apart.
What am i to make of this?
More evidence that The Moon Landings were a Hoax.
The Images from Hubble are.

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