Monday, January 24, 2011

Small Rant for KXLY's : Talk Back

RE: Bomb threat at the MLK parade in Spokane Washington:

The instigators of this are hiding in plain sight. Just look around for people displaying their american flags in an inverted ( left to right mirror orientation ) manner. They are seen on many commercial trucks and predominantly featured on the uniforms of many city workers. ( ? ) This could easily become a Pulitzer Prize winning story of someone brave enough to dig into it. Don't let the initial 'explanation(s' distract you, keep digging. ( ! )
It's a huge international movement.
All The actions taken to prevent terrorism, are exactly what they wanted all along. They have succeeded is disrupting international air travel, made many people fearful, and created an atmosphere of opposite day where everything that is good for America is thought to be bad for it.
Don't you find it a little suspicious that if there really was an international terrorist organization, with funding in the billions of dollars provided by oil sheiks & nations interested in over throwing western civilization, there have been no successful attacks against the united states since the very suspicious 911 ? Maybe their attacks have been successful ( ! ? ) Maybe our steady loss of civil rights & support for the lowest tiers of the working class have been their true agenda all along. Blowing things up doesn't change or fix anything, except making people fearful enough to allow another layer of their freedoms to be taken from them without a fuss.
It's been suggested in the past, to follow the money.
When it comes to The War on Terror, Follow the causality that is leading western civilization into a fascist state with every citizen bound with electronic shackles.

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