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Al Qaeda ( Rough Version )

Al Qaeda

i really don’t know where to begin with this.
i should have been keeping notes since 2001 or earlier.
Mostly i just have a few dozen questions that no one else seems interested in asking or answering.

What is Al Qaeda?
How many Members does it have?
What is their Annual Operating Budget?
Is it really a world wide terrorist organization, or, if it exists at all, just a small number of vaguely motivated criminals?
What is the agenda of Al Qaeda?
Why is it the The West ( US ) doesn’t seem to ‘Get It’ that the people that are blowing themselves up as Suicide Bombers, are really upset about something?
What is This Something?
Why does our ( West / US ) Media keep telling us that they are just crazy, or That they Hate Freedom?
i find it very hard to believe that anyone, certainly anyone low enough within a political party to blow themselves up, really Hates the idea of Personal Freedom. i can perhaps sympathize with a government wanting to suppress the rights of it’s people, but even so; This imaginary government wants freedom for themselves. It has always seemed to me that These people that want the US to keep out of Northern Africa, have a much more astute understanding of Freedom than Americans do; they worship freedom in a much greater pragmatic way than american do, In that they want Freedom from The Enslavement of The UEO and The USA. What Annoys The USA Government is that They don’t know their Place in the grand scheme of things.
Was there ever a real person corresponding to the Name Osama Bin Ladin?
Was this figure always just an imaginary Boogey Man?
After the Recent “Murder of Osama Bin Ladin”, A Search of his compound revealed many “Plans” for more Terrorism against the United States, The question that has always plagued me; Why was there so few, ( if any ) attacks on the US after 911?
Doesn’t it strike you as odd that the supposed attacks were comically ridiculous?
As for The Christmas Tree Attack; The news stories of this seemed to contain two stories; One That The FBI caught A Terrorists, And Two; The stories seemed to contain enough details that made it clear that it was the FBI that recruited this man, trained him & then sent him on this mission, only to arrest him before any harm was done. ( ? )
Why are all the attacks in Afghanistan & Iraq against their own people, and not, so much against high level US Military targets?
It has always seemed to me that these attacks were perpetrated by someone or some agency that was far more interested in keeping US Troops in Iraq & Afghanistan, then kicking them out, or even allowing them to leave. ( ? )
There were certainly many, many very odd things that happened on 911, What annoys me more than simple denial of these things, is that The Gullible Skeptics are in denial that -Anything- Odd happened on 911.
i recently read that there are other like minded people in the world that assert that there really isn’t anything like ‘Al Qaeda’, in pretty much the same way that these is on ‘Mafia’. There are certainly a lot of crime families, but there’s No Overseeing Criminal Organization that unites them in a grander scheme of things. They may occasionally form temporary alliances or truces, but The very fact that there is so much violence amongst the criminal gangs, Especially in Inner Cities & Along the Mexican Boarder, that this Mafia or Whatever, does not exist.
In this same sense; There is no World Wide or even local Oversight Committees that organize all the tiny groups that may have a beef with This or That Foreign Government or even an invading army. They each have their own agenda and are completely unwilling to serve someone else’s. They have no sense of The Greater Good. There’s no Media Superstructure to Brain Wash them into uniting into a large force for (x).
Essentially; It’s completely crazy to go to war with entire nations in order to arrest, capture or assassinate a tiny number of common criminals.
The same logic applies to all Wars really.
If we’d simply sent a SEAL Team, Airborn Rangers or Army Green Berets into Germany in 1937, WWII could have been avoided.
Why did The USA Administration keep changing it’s account of what happened during the murder of Osama BL? If it was all faked, they should have had a pat story line all written before hand? And if it was real, the early reports should have been accurate. The only explanation seems to be that it was faked, but the person making up the story was never properly designated. The Various people that thought that it was their responsibility to make up the story, kept releasing their versions without checking with whoever was supposed to be supervising the operation. ( ? )
- -
Why did Barrack H. Obama take so long to release his birth certificate?
This story that The State of Hawai`i doesn’t allow anyone to view or obtain a copy of their original birth certificate seems somewhat disingenuous?
Here in Washington State, you go down to the records office or send in a request by mail, along with $3, and they’ll send you a copy of the original in a few days.
And there is also the problem of the announcement found in the newspaper, 2 weeks after he was born, ( In Hawai`i ) that wasn’t discovered until 3 years after the first suspicions of his birth place were brought up.
As a suspicious person; i would very much like to obtain a court order to see the original birth certificate in the file cabinet, and compare it, forensically, to other birth certificates of that same period.
The very fact that that’s never going to happen either, is just another layer of suspicion.
Pretty much since the beginning of this fiasco; The far left has said that it wasn’t being concealed at all, but this latest version of ‘The Complete’ Birth Certificate is very different than anything previously released. Just how many States issue a ‘Short Version’ of A Requested Birth Certificate?
- -
What is the Airport Security Screening really accomplishing?
What is that really all about?
If i was a terrorist and i wanted to blow up airplanes or get into any other of the many venues of mischief that A World Wide Terrorist Organization ‘Should be’ engaging in, i could easily accomplish these feats with a very small budget and despite the best efforts of Homeland Security.
So why isn’t this World Wide Terrorist Organization more active?
Why are they always blowing up such feeble & inconsequential targets?
- - -
Given a Population of (x); How many of them are genuine Criminals?
If we simply identified certain people, early on, of being ‘AntiSocial’ and provided them with greater supervision instead of serially incarcerating & releasing them, Would this have a greater success rate of making Society more secure.
- - -
i would like to believe that the people that are behind ‘Homeland Security’ mean well,
But their true agenda is far from what they are selling it as.
They are afraid of something; But what?
- - -
Regarding The Taliban &/or Other ‘Islamic’ Societies which have the same Sexual Dichotomy of Labor as The United States had in the 1950s and before.
Also: This idea of The Burqa covering an entire woman.
This is really any different than a suit & hat coving an entire man?
i personally find it fascinating that western civilization has made it one of its highest crimes to express your identity as a homosapien. You have to hide yourself under animal skins to demonstrate that you are not an animal. ( Or something like that ) Even diehard Secularists go along with this.
i heard a very curious story from a westerner visiting Iraq or ( ? ) sometime ago. He happened to be wandering through a residential area and came across some women working in the courtyard. The women had on something like dresses, but were not wearing their hoodies. Upon seeing the man, they immediately threw their dresses up over their faces, which exposed their genitalia & breasts. In their culture; It was more important to cover their faces than their ‘Swimsuit Areas’.
Back in the Wild and Sexually Promiscuous 60’s, Barbara Eden ( in; I Dream of Jennie ) couldn’t show her belly button on TV, and Lucille Ball couldn’t say that she was Pregnant.
These are just Crazy Cultural Taboos.
Every Culture has them. They’re intended to simply indicate that we are us, and you are them.
They have nothing to do with reason, justice or economic prosperity.
The question i have is; These people that live under the Taliban and obey these rules, What are they getting out of it?
If it was really a dysfunctional society, The People would eventually overthrow it, or evolve it into something else. But these societies have been around for centuries.
They particularly don’t want to be westernized.
The west is an amazingly decadent culture that is falling apart. They can see what we can’t. We are on our way out, they will persevere in their simple ways.
And it probably has a lot to do with Europe and The US reestablishing Israel, just to keep the Jews out of Europe and The Americas. This plan was naive at best, as not all Jews fled to Israel, and Not all Arabs were Sand Farmers, Some of them actually had aspirations of their own.
- -
Shortly after 911, when The USA began rounding up persons of Middle Eaastern ( Northern African ) Decent and shipping them off to Guantanamo on the theory that once they leave USA soil, they are no longer protected under the pretext of Our Constitutional Laws, or even any World Standards of Human Rights or The Rights Guaranteed under the Geneva Convention. This was so obviously wrong, and everyone seemed to think that it was perfectly alright.
- -
Bill Maier ( ? ) had a Late Night TV Show on sometime after 911 and this was supposed to be a deeply heretical comedy talk show format, and he made the observation/Joke (?) that the ‘Terrorists’ that flew into the world trade towers were Not ‘Cowards’ as the media was widely reporting them as, but while he didn’t go so far as to say they were Heros, It was certainly not a cowardly act to commit suicide in a manner such as this; What was, or may be considered cowardly, is our US Soldiers sitting thousands of miles from a war zone and pushing a button to annihilate a few city blocks in Iraq.
Needless to say; His show was immediately canceled.
So much for our FREEDOM of Speech. ( Especially when it’s true )
- -
i’m very much in favor of Iran, North Korea & Libya having nuclear weapons.
Maybe they will keep the US from invading them, as they are sure to do sometime soon anyways.
- -
It seems to me that ships at sea & aircraft carriers are amazingly vulnerable.
All you’d have to do is silently swim up under one of them in a whale costume, blow off their propellers and attach a series of bombs along the bottom at your convenience.
- -
Given that most days are very slow news days, i find it distressing that the local media whores are working so hard to ‘make news’.
i think that it would be much more productive to have a series of fall back stories of community service or public education programs to fill in on these days.
The other thing is that i find it very annoying that the news whores seldom, if ever, ask obvious questions. They are simply news readers in the very worst sense. The government hands them a script and they are forbidden from questioning it or doing their own investigations.
Honestly; i don’t believe a word on the news, local or national anymore.
This Country & the World really needs an independent news organization that is really interested in understanding the world.
- -
Was there ever really a ‘Cold War’?
It certainly seems to make sense that the USSR would have been very wary of Europe & The United States, that was based on a very selfish & socially destructive economic model that was essentially enslaving its working class, while communism & socialism were ostensibly based on sharing wealth & seeking the optimum economic plan through central planning. They may have been wrong about a few things, but the united states had just developed an insanely powerful weapon and Europe had just kicked it’s ass and invaded several countries that buffered it from Western Europe. At the very least, All of the European Nations did absolutely nothing while Germany invaded Eastern European Nations one after another. They were very righteously paranoid. They had very serious enemies on both coasts and over the north pole.
Was The Cold War entirely a product of The USA’s desire to export Capitalism throughout the world?
- -

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