Monday, May 23, 2011

MicroSoggy Prediction

re: MicroSoft's Recent Purchase of Skype for $8.56 billion in cash.

This is the best news imaginable for everyone that hates M$.
In 6 months; The technology of this company that they’ve just bought will be obsolete,
and M$ will own a 8_G$ Doorstop.

This was apparently noticed by The European Commission; As it has relaxed the requirements of the 2004 anti-trust order against Microsoft - The software megamonopoly no longer needs its behaviour watched by a full-time “monitoring trustee”
— In expectation that their efforts would soon be moot.

- -
Any other company that has something like this, would develop it to keep pace with the industrial standards, but anyone that knows how M$ works, knows that M$ is incapable of Developing anything.
They Buy Technologies and then back engineer them to their lowest conceivable form.
- -
M$ will be bankrupt in less than a year.

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