Monday, May 23, 2011

Newest Flash Celebrity & More Evidence of ...

i have suspected for quite a while that the internet is a hoax.

And by that i mean; The Internet is purported to be ( x ) and yet it is clearly not ( x ).
The Evidence for this is the countless times i have tried searching for some common thing,
and not found any evidence for it anywhere on the web.
The most egregious example of this is when i'm searching for an old classmate from high school and they have apparently no internet presence at all.
This may be, and probably is, the fault of the search engines, but they often turn up other obscure items that would be, should be, just as insignificant & undiscoverable.

What is more disturbing, is that while i am unable to find any references to 'Donald Robert Geng', That i went to school with—
There are No References to Any Other Donald Geng's*.

This phenomena is more acute with more common names, in which i would have expected dozens or thousands of hits.

Another explanation for this, May be that people of my generation haven't learned how to create an internet identity, but i find this hard to believe.
It is far more likely that they exist in some pseudonym form.

But returning to my latest bit of Evidence that there is something seriously wrong with the Internet;
Is that i was today, several days after the recent Arnold Schwarzenegger fiasco,
looking up some details of this to add to my list of Flash Celebrities, and discovered that while his housekeeper and their son has been revealed in pictures, the name of the son is still a secret.

i can't imagine how this could be?
There must be hundreds, if not thousands of people that know these people,
and one of them must be unscrupulous enough to come forward with this information.
i can easily see how a major new organization, may, for whatever reasons; be reluctant to reveal the name of this 14 year old child,
But in the many other venues that exist on the internet, it should have appeared by now.


- -
* !!! i have been looking for Don for Years now, and as i just Googled him again to verify that this name is sorely underrepresented;
and i think i may have found him !!!
That was certainly very weird !

There are apparently 4 Donald Geng's in the Whole US White Pages, and one of them is living in Spokane Washington.
The only Donald Geng that usually ( ? ) turns up, is some obscure baseball player !

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