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Supplement of : The Internet is A Hoax

Evidence That The Internet
Or Computers in General
Are A Hoax
Or Something Very Different from what They Are Being Sold As.

- - -
It has been my assertion for many years now, and This opinion is not at all changing with each new generation of computers, Operating Systems & Internet Advances.
If anything; i find rather curious that in the last 10 years ! ? there have been not ‘Noticeable’ Advances in Computer Technology, Operating System’s Ease of Use or Internet Cleverness. i base this primarily on my previous observation that in the early days of computing & internet usage, there were Very, Very Noticeable Changes every few months.
Particularly with Computer Interface Design & The Speed at which Internet Content could be Downloaded. 15 years ago, The Internet was so astonishingly slow, and nowadays, i wonder, i wonder very hard, how could it have been that slow, compared to now? It’s truly incomprehensible.
For example; 15 years ago, in 1995, at that onset of AOL, which was a precursor to Common Internet Usage; it took an hour to download One Megabyte of Content.
Now it takes, Less than a second.
i’m sure that if you weren’t there, That sounds completely ridiculous, but i assure you, this is one of the few times i am Not exaggerating.
One Hour for One Megabyte to be Transferred over Ordinary Phone Lines.
How could it have been that slow?
- -
- -
It has been my assertion for many year now, That Computers & The Internet are for Geeks & Nerds - - Only.
That is; The Ordinary Damp Masses, Can not use These Products & Services.
i base this primarily on my simple observation that everyone i know, does not use computers or the internet - - Or; If they do; They use them only in their most simplistic forms, Rarely, If ever, for Genuine Computational Services or Internet Commerce.
And Rightly So. These Services are Unavailable to them,
Because their usage is Incomprehensible to them.
- -
One of the things that i find very, very annoying is that entering the Internet is like stepping out of your home, into the most crime ridden neighborhood in your city.
It may look reasonably pleasant, There isn’t a problem with pervasive litter, broken windows, crumbling brickwork or slovenly dressed ner’er-do-wells lingering on every street corner; As is common in downtown Seattle - -
But you have to -Constantly- Be On Guard ( !!! )
i genuinely -Can Not Imagine- how A Person with an IQ of merely 100, could survive in this environment.
It is constantly trying to take advantage of you, and once you fall pry to it, It will empty your Checking Account or Deluge you in Unwanted Phone Calls or Emails.
Most of my Emails are Pure Junk, As just a few years ago, Most of my Snail Mail was Pure Junk. But This New Generation of Pure Junk is Constantly trying to Trick you into betraying you into Surrendering Confidential Information that -It Will; Everytime- Use to make your life Miserable.
One this has happened; you are never going to touch that hot stove again.
- -
Another thing;
About computers; i have routinely running into problems with my own MacBook that cause me considerable grief.
And overcoming these problems requires every bit of my stupendous, slightly above average, intellect.
i really can not imagine how a person with an IQ of merely 100 could cope with these problems.
In Such a Situation that one of The Damp Masses buys a computer and after a week or so, assuming by some -Genuine- Miracle, they get it up & running,
They will encounter one of These, before mentioned, very annoying problems;
And just stop using it.
Or They will return it again & again to the store where they bought it,
And eventually The Store will just stop helping them.
And once this has happened; How long will it be before they purchase another computer?
The answer is: Never.
It is my contention that of The Millions of Computers sold every year, 80% by weight of them, are collecting dust in a corner of some room which has developed a reputation of a Taboo Hollow. Untouchable products & appliances are put there, and It is simply avoided. This corner is never dusted or vacuumed. Raccoons may take up residence in this corner of the living room, and they are left unmolested.
- -
If The Computer isn’t completely abandoned & put in a closet, basement or attic;
Then it is used in the most benign way, Only for email, Chat rooms or Possibly to download MP3’s from.
- -
We occasionally hear of a 12 year old writing an App for The iPhone,
but we also occasionally hear of a two headed baby being born in the Philippines.
- -
i don’t believe that the Internet is what, It is being sold to us as.
Several years ago; It was commonly described as being a gigantic ocean, that was only a few inches deep at its most fathomless trenches.
i don’t think, as of 2011, this has changed at all.
What most surprises me is how much is -Missing- from The Internet.
There are these things called; Newsgroups, which are ostensibly places where like minded people can assemble and share ideas, and to be fair, i believe that these Newsgroups, that i grew up with, have been replaced with ‘something else’.
i occasionally stumble across these ‘something elses’ but i have not been able to figure them out, or use them to my advantage.
But the point being; To my way of thinking, There should be a Newsgroup for Every Imaginable Hobby & Distraction. And yet there isn’t.
This undoubtedly is the result of my previous claim that very few people actually use computers or the internet,
But still - - Even if only 2% of 8 Billion people used the Internet - -
That would allow 160 million people to represent everyone interested in the gematria. Which would be some tiny fraction of that,
This should still be Several Thousand People world wide.
And yet; There seems to be less than a dozen, separated by individual blogs, that rarely share ideas.
- -
i believe that a second Dot.Com Bust is right around the corner.
Companies like Google & Flickr & Yahoo survive by ‘invisibly’ selling advertising to people that visit the internet, and i very much believe that these companies that buy this advertising are going to wake up some morning and realize that it’s a hoax.
These sorts of ‘Scams’ are sometimes very long lived.
That is; They may be able to perpetuate themselves for many, many years by simply trading money back & forth with other ‘insiders’ that continue to believe that they are Not standing in a castle made of Ritz Crackers.
The Art Market continues to this day, Buying & Selling scraps of Paper whose images are available to everyone for free, for thousands or millions of dollars.
The boom that started in the late 1980’s, persisted for nearly 20 years.
The Housing Market exists on a roller coaster with 20 year cycles.
The Fashion Market is Self Renewing. As long as people remain convinced that The Naked Human body is disgusting to look at, Fashion will persist.
The Automobile Market will collapse soon. What might save it is a new generation of genuinely unique designs that deviate sharply from the current trend towards blander & blander boxes with wheels.
- -
i was thinking some time ago that devices like that iPad or ‘Smart Phones’ would save the computer industry by making ‘computers’ easy to use by changing how & what they do.
Computers have always been pretty useless for everything,
Then; around 2000, they became Internet Portals,
And Now iPads & Their Ilk, are Ostensibly a Paperless Media Viewer.
The New Magazine.
Just as i had once Hoped that Linux would be The New Operating System,
But no longer do,
i am becoming a little skeptical of iPads.
‘Smart Phones’ are phones.
i don’t believe that they’re being used for anything else.
Except maybe as MP3 Players.
The Music Industry is here to stay, and The Medium for Music Storage is constantly changing, So in so much as Phones & iPads ( and such ) can act as MP3 Players, they will continue in that venue.
- -
i just think that there is something deeply remarkable about ones ability to ‘flip through’ the pages of a book.
You may be able to do very productive searches through a digital book,
But until they really emulate ‘Flipping’, The Popularity of Digital Books & Magazines will remain a novelty.
- -
Another thing about computers that i find very irritating is Speech Recognition & Simulation.
One of my Grand Fantasies is being able to call up any Company or Information Kiosk, or Use this with your home computer or iPad, And ask a detailed, Plain English Question, Or hold a Conversation with an Avatar that can answer any question &/or Follow the train of thought within several disjointed sentences.
One Kooky Application for this would something like a Sex-Line, But Lonely People could call up one of these Avatars and simply, intelligently converse for hours on end for a few dollars per hour.
This technology would mean that everyone’s home computer, smart phone or iPad would become their ‘Best Friend’.
This could possibly be; Very Bad.
Or Very Good.
The Experiment would have to be performed to really see which it is.
You would also be able to ask such an Avatar to analyze a vast amount of data within very specific parameters to ask questions like; Have Humans actually landed on the moon? Who really killed Princess Diana? What is The Most Healthy Diet?
And Connected to a Simple Digital Camera or Video Camera; What is this rash on my leg?
The Problem with this Fantasy is That Speech Recognition has been promised to us for The past 50 years ( or Substantially longer ) and It has remained amazingly elusive.
Or Suppressed.
i Think; Suppressed.
i believe that many, many technologies are being suppressed.
But how?
How could any agency or government or group suppress technologies that could easily be introduced over the internet?
If this were so; It would mean that this Agency had control over the entire Internet.
It has long been ‘Wildly’ Rumored that The NSA was listening in on EVERY phone call made within the US or The World, depending upon which account you were reading.
According to this ‘Myth’; The NSA has had the ability to use it’s computers to listen in and intelligently decypher what is being said by anyone using a telephone since the 1970s.
This seems crazy; But it does explain a lot.
- -
It was disclosed a few years ago that The FBI had a Facial Recognition Technology that they successfully used during a Rose Bowl Football Game to catch Dead-Beat Dads.
i was very skeptical of this; for the simple reason that if this were really available, private industry would get a hold of it, and we would see it being used everywhere. And this did not happen.
It is now widely understood that The FBI never did have anything like this.
- -
This same phenomena is frequently seen in ‘News Reels’ of Japanese Robots.
They are shown doing the most amazing things, which one would think would become ubiquitous in our daily lives, and it doesn’t.
Neither are we privy to actually ever seeing these robots in person.
Japan is supposedly pioneering the most robots in the world, yet during it’s recent catastrophe with it’s destroyed nuclear reactor, no robots were available to go in and perform simple repairs - - Humans had to be sacrificed to turn a valve or pull a hose into the burnt out building.
And the Robot Toys that are available to us, are the same very lame robots that were being sold to us 30 years ago.
- -
Concerning Speech Recognition;
Every 2 o 3 years a new product or series of products will come out claiming to understand ordinary human speech. And a few months later, it will fade away, and we’ll wait another 2 or 3 years for the next cycle to begin.
What is so remarkable; It that at the beginning of each cycle, for the past 20 years, the capability of this technology at the beginning of each new cycle is the same.
That is; Speech Recognition at the beginning this cycle in 1980, was the same capability as the cycle that began in 2010.
It’s not advancing. At all.
And the same applies to Speech Simulation. The best Avatars in 2010 sound only very marginally better than the ones in 1970.
- -
Is it that Technology along these venues not advancing, or is it more reasonable to presume that they’re being suppressed by some omnipotent agency that operates far outside any conventional government?

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