Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Ultimate Sacrifice ( ? )

Memorial Day

i heard the phrase ‘Ultimate Sacrifice’ several dozen times today and naturally, As a Contrarian, i was thinking that it wasn’t really =The Ultimate= Sacrifice.

What would be The Ultimate Sacrifice?

One of my heretical ( deeply heretical ) ideas is that only Atheists will be going to heaven. This is based on the crazy idea that gawd wants thinking beings of genuinely courageous convictions, rather than filling an infinity of paradise with mindless sheep. Consequently; The Atheists, particularly those that actually believed that The Catholic Church was The One True, Veritable Liaison between gawd & men, Nevertheless; Chose to believe that many of The Church’s teachings & dogma were severely mistaken or misinterpreted from An Accurate Rendition of The Genuine Reality. In other words; They got it wrong, and they spoke up about it, and were burned at the stake. These are the entities that would be welcomed into heaven.
What would become of the faithful that obediently stuck their head in a bucket of water and mutilated their genitals?
They would be recycled.
( Reincarnated - As this interpretation doesn’t allow for a hades, You have to believe that you have a good chance of ending up in hell, to be considered for a nice room in the mansions of heaven, but no one really goes there. )


i find it very annoying that ‘Religious’ people think that a mortal death is a big deal. A mortal death marks a transition from leaving this ‘faux’ world to the real world.
This is another thing; Most ‘Religious’ people think that this is the real world, and heaven is a subset of that. That is exactly backwards.
Heaven is the real world, This world is a contrived testing ground within The Real World. When you die in this world, you are processed in The Real World and then something mysterious happens.
My personal model says that there is no ‘heaven’ actually. That is; A paradise which is the reward of whatever. That’s crazy.
You spend a few scant years here and are then judged to spend an eternity in paradise, or not ( ? )
That seems implausible to me.
Especially if you factor in eternal damnation.
i think that the true reality is ‘The Same Old Shit for Ever & Ever.’
You will be reincarnated again & again,
And the very sad part is; There is no real Evolution of your soul.
You just wax & wain with various qualities, but if you were steadily moving towards some grandiose perfection, then it doesn’t seem to be working.


The Ultimate Sacrifice would be something like;
Knowing ( or Believing that you Knew ) that there is a hell,
And by doing ( x ) you will be sent to hell,
But, You also very strongly believe that by doing ( x ),
You will somehow be benefiting the people still living in this world,
And possibly provide them with a greater chance of reaching heaven.
That person would be sacrificing their eternal existence in eternal damnation for others.
And if the other’s were strangers, that might even impress gawd more.

Of course; That person would go straight to heaven instead.

But - - The exact opposite is true.
All these soldiers that are fighting for Truth & Justice believe that they are going straight to heaven for being so brave, and killing muslims for our freedom, which they hate.

But whenever you do anything for the reward, you don’t get the reward.
Most ‘Religious’ People invariably think that gawd is a sucker and can easily be tricked in a wide variety of ways.

i would like to believe that gawd can see right through you,
And s/he will know why you’re really doing ( x ).


Wm Jas said...

Even more annoying is hearing that JC made the "ultimate sacrifice" -- you know, the guy who was supposedly dead for a whole weekend!

A Translucent Amoebae said...

That is one of my biggest pet peeves;
"That Jebus H. Christ Jr." DIED on the cross, or D- for our sins, which doesn't make a lick of sense anyways.
Christians are so stupid!
They've gotten EVERYTHING exactly Wrong.