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Missing Luggage / NightLine Program

Monday, June 13, 2011 11:42:37 PM
Nightline Program Title : Unclaimed Luggage : Bought & Sold

On Nightline tonight they had a piece on ‘Lost Luggage’
and while Nightline and other ‘news’ programs like this often get astonishingly worked up over celebrities or politicians that are caught in the most benign examples of ’Shenanigans’,
When they are faced with Grand Theft Larceny against The World’s Travelers, they treat it like a giant Joke !!!
What they should have explained is How Exactly The Airlines make a reasonable attempt to find the owners of The Luggage that they’ve misplaced...?
Just What is: ‘UnClaimed’ ?
How can people get off a plane and simply forget about their baggage filled with expensive clothes, jewelry or electronics?
Just what does the Airline expect the traveler to do to ‘Claim’ their misplaced Luggage?
This is so amazing evil !
This is simply more evidence that everyone about western civilization is completely wrong.
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i will try to be charitable here towards the airlines;
Considering that according to this report, a full 1% ( A Stupendously Gigantic Number, given the millions of people traveling by air every hour ) of the luggage that everyone now has to pay an extra $100 per bag for, is misplaced.
This is assuming that the tag that was ostensibly attached to the bag at the time of check in was somehow, by some means, innocent or malicious, was removed.
If the tag is still in place, the owner should be painfully easy to locate and return at the expense & all difficulties of the airline.
The Third possibility is that the tag on the bag is Not the Tag that was put there at Check In, or During Check In, The Tags were somehow mixed up with Other Tags of Other Passengers. Once this is discovered, the Bag would be considered as a Bag without a Tag.
There may be some ‘Encrypted’ ( ? ) information that may be deduced from The Incorrect Tag, But it may also only lead to greater confusion by making fallacious assumptions as to when & how The incorrect tag was attached.
This also assumes that The Traveler has failed to include their name & address inside their bag, as every cautious & prudent traveler should.
If Not :
The traveler recognizes that their bag has not met them at their destination and they go to the airline’s counter and report that their bag is missing.
Let us now imagine that the traveler is unable to provide an accurate description of their bags, because they possess an IQ of only 100, and have never given more than a thought or two to ever having to provide an accurate description of their own luggage.
They may also be unable to remember in any detail what is in the bag. Clothes, This & That...
Expensive Jewelry or Electronics they may recall, but these are undoubtedly generic items and could match the contents of dozens of bags.
In the piece; There were dozens of Big Item Electronics, in particular i recall an iPad; As they mentioned the unusuality of this; ‘Who would have so easily abandoned an iPad?’ But certainly; This iPad and many of the other electronic items were Registered ! By some means; It should should be a simple matter to contact the manufacturer and discover the name & address or email of the owner, so as to return the entirety of the items found with it.
If a computer was found in the bag, It would be difficult to imagine that it would not contain numerous references to its owner.
What should the Airline be doing to find the owners of the bags that end up someplace, and are ‘UnClaimed’?
Upon Discovering that there is an UnClaimed Bag somewhere, they should immediately attach a difficult to remove sticker with the time and place that it was discovered, And enter that information into their UnClaimed Computer DataBase. The Computer compares the reports by Irate Travelers to the unclaimed bags, and determines if a given bag (A) could possibly be The Lost Bag (B). If there is still a question of compatibility, The lost bag would be opened in a constricted space ( that is; An enclosed space such that nothing could possibly be mislaid ) and an inventory made of the most ‘memorable’ or ‘unique’ items. And this inventory would be compared with an eye for ‘approximate’ matching to the inventories that the travelers report was in their bags.
The bags that meet this ‘Matching’ Criteria would then be delivered to the Traveler’s door, wherever they happen to be at that time.
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It’s just crazy that the airlines are simply accepting that these bags are ‘UnClaimed’.
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If you knock off a liquor store and accidentally shoot a clinically obese, chain smoking clerk that disrespected you by making a snide comment about your dear irish mother; You’ll get the electric chair,
But if you steal billions of dollars worth of luggage from deeply stressed and abused travelers, The 4th branch of our government, the last line of defense that is supposed to protect us from the abuses of the rich & powerful; they think it’s fawking hilarious. !!!
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