Friday, August 19, 2011

Beyound Belief / ( TV Show on ABC ) August 17th 2011

Concerning The Million Dollar Challenge :

i was very annoyed that all The Participants agreed to conditions that they wouldn’t ordinarily operate from.
If i were confident in my Tarot/Divination Card Readings;
i would insist on these conditions.
The Tester provide me with 20 participants that:
Are Believers & Not Extruding Negative Energy.
There is No Possibility that i could have any Prior Contact with them,
Or have access to any Details about their Lives.
That is; These people would have a genuinely minimal web presence.
Each Participant would have a Question that they would like to Ask,
That they are Very Genuinely Interested in having Answered.
This Question should be of a Kind that any Attentive 3rd Grader would be able to Understand, and respond intelligently to, If they Knew The Correct Answer.
Each Participant would Not Know The Answer to Their Question,
But be Able to Verify if The Answer that i would Provide is Either Correct or InCorrect,
And Preferably; These Answers could be ‘Partially Correct’ or Correct to some degree between Zero ( Completely False ) & One ( Fully Resolved )
Each Participant would sit across from me during The Reading
i would be Allowed a Minimal Contact with The Participant at The Beginning of The Reading. ( Finger Tips Touch )
And They would answer any Questions that i put to them without hesitation & would be correct to The best of their ability.
Since The Questions that Participants would be Asking are Very Open Ended,
The Success Rate would be Measured on a Quantitative Value of 10 out of 20.
So that a .5 for Each would be 10; or A Passing Score.
- -
Psychics have been talking to The dead for a long time,
But they have never come out with definitive proof of their existence,
For some ( ? ) reason.
They are apparently very reluctant to allow their existence to be proven.
They apparently only allow communications across The Barrier of Life to reveal ‘important’ messages,
But not frivolous messages for some ulterior motive,
Such as to win a million dollars or become famous.
- -
i would be willing to concede that most psychics are fakes,
But if someone were interested in providing as proof for The Existence of good drivers, musicians or artists;
All The people that claim that they are good drivers, or good musicians, or good artists;
This Will result in disappointment, and a good counter argument that there are No good drivers, musicians or artists.
- -
My own suspicions tend to believe that all The Best, most sincere psychics operate nearly invisibly, providing help to people that they casually meet, and provide their skills without overt payment, although accepting a small unsolicited gratuity, or ‘returning a favor’ would be permissible.
- -
The machinery that allows for psychic phenomena to exist is completely unknown,
and as such; It is difficult ( impossible ) to know how to properly test for it.
Such phenomena occurs pretty much like tornados, ball lightning, slipping in The bathtub or waiting for a tune to form The basis for a new song.
You just have to allow these things to happen, and observe them as carefully as you can, to draw upon their validity when analyzing them later.
Granted; It’s very difficult to study something that you don’t have any idea what it is to begin with, but if it happens spontaneously often enough, it should be reasonable to most reasonable people that The phenomena really exists.
- -
The Other Principle problem with most psychic phenomena is that stage magicians have found ways to duplicate most such effects.
Of course; Just because something can be faked, doesn’t mean that it is.
- -
Photographic Evidence has always been suspect, and nowadays, such evidence, presented on it’s own merit, is entirely dubious.
So that now when someone does come forward with a flying saucer story, and have pictures to back it up, The pictures are worthless, and The story should be suspect, but The listener is still left with The option of evaluating The Veracity of The Reporter and if determined to be Sincere, The photograph may assumed to contain useful information, until demonstrated to be otherwise.
- -
Likewise; Any Psychic ‘Effect’ is probably worthless, despite it’s ‘Amazingness’, But The Overall phenomena, taking into consideration Any New Information Presented, Along with The absence of ‘Hokiness’, The Cost of The Service & Whether or not The Service was sought or solicited would all be taken to determine whether something genuinely interesting happened or not.

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