Monday, September 26, 2011

More Thinking about Thinking

i’m becoming very comfortable with a solution to one of The last ‘Problems’ towards explaining Consciousness.
The big gaps still exist, and i will outline some of The peripheral problems which may explain some aspects of consciousness, but actually only make The overall problem more mysterious.

The part that i’m becoming comfortable with is based on something that WmJs suggested some months ago.
He related this theory to me that some Anthropological Psychologists ( ? ) believe that humanimals became ‘Conscious’ or ‘SelfAware’ when they started Speaking and in The process of listening to themselves, and interpreting this phenomena was coming from themselves, they formed an internal model of ‘An Other’ existing inside themselves; Which became their idea of ‘Self’.

This doesn’t explain how dogs and cats are Conscious, as many people believe that they are, in their own simplistic kind of way, but leaving that on a back burner for now…

This Does explain how, According to Epiphenomenalism, The Brain Has a Sense of Self, Even though it has No Knowledge of The Conscious Self.

That is; All of your thoughts are created by The Brain without any input from The Conscious Self. How could it? All of The thoughts that you experience come from The Brain.
Any thought that you experience, are these same thoughts that you may believe are principally responsible for your decisions, were generated in The Brain !
So that when you say; “I Think; Therefore I am.’ This is usually interpreted to mean that you are aware that you are aware, But The Brain that generated this sentence— Wasn’t Aware at all ! At least not in The way that you experience Awareness !

This is a Very Odd Idea.
But essentially; This is saying; The ‘Phenomena’ that we call ‘Consciousness’ is An Awareness of ‘Thoughts’; So that there are two distinct Components of Consciousness. The Thoughts, which may exist perfectly well in The Mechanoid Silicon Wafers of a Robot, And The Ability of Featherless Parakeets to ‘See’ These Thoughts.

This ‘Seeing’ business is completely unexplained.

But The part where The Brain ‘Thinks’ that its aware is possibly explained by this model that it has of itself that it created by listening to itself talk.
This should be expounded upon a little in that The Brain may not ‘Automatically’ be ‘Aware’ of its own ‘Talking’.
i can personally vouch for this with The Observation that i frequently say things that i’m not aware of, prior to saying them. i am listening to these ‘Thoughts’ along with anyone else listening to me.

This has also led me to believe that The ‘Me’ that is aware of what is happening to me, Is not The ‘Decision Making Me’. The ‘Observer Me’ is just riding in this roller coaster train, while The ‘Decision Making Me’ is A Robot Brain that draws upon The Forces acting on The Entire Universe, Focused on This Tiny Node of My Brain. In that sense; This node was Autonomous, as The Entire Universe is Autonomous. Curiously; This means that each Node experiences The Universe from a Slightly Difference perspective, which allows everyone to be a Unique Entity.
But none of us are ‘Free’. All of our Decisions are predicated on The Machinery of The Universe.

So this Robot Brain Creates Unique & Autonomous Thoughts that are Entirely Dependent on The Causality of The Entire Universe;
And The ‘Observer Me’ watches this go on, without having any control whatsoever as to what is about to happen next.

But you say : “But I Decide what I’m going to do.”

You’re Brain Decides, And it has a Faux Model of your Conscious Mind !
This Faux Model thinks that it is The Part of you that is Conscious !
If it went away; Your Robot Body would continue to behave exactly as it always has & will act in The future.

What then; Does This ‘Self Awareness’ Do?

Are we living in a universe that is so cruel
as to allows us to be aware that we are robots?

The Solution to this; is:
The universe is very different than The way we experience it.
The real universe has somekind of feature that allows us to really have real consciousness & self awareness & free will.

The only evidence for this is that we believe that we have freewill,
And The unexplainable nature of all The physical ‘forces’,
The oddness of The moon & tides, and The chemistry of life.
And everything else.

What is The real World like?

Completely Different or just slightly tweaked.

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