Thursday, April 21, 2011

More Colorful Cabbage Codes as .pdf's

New Google Docs
A Load of Cabbage Codes !
Nearly all of these were done quite a while ago;
But i have just recently gotten around to reformatting them for easier examination !

The Cabbage Codes are my Interpretation of The Kabbalah's Gematria !

Numbers & Words Together in A Post Incestuous Relationship !

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Google Docs !

i've added some new Google Docs
That can be found both Here and in the Left Hand Side Bar ( !!! )

They are:

The Thing
A reworking of The Two Movies by that name.
i think it's about time that the alien Xenomorphs won and took over the earth !

An UnCode is a Cryptographic Method to be used by kids that enjoy a bit of word play
and would like to keep their personal notes
from the prying eyes of dull witted teachers & their parents.

Another Whiny Pet Peeve... !

One Long Standing Bête Noires is My Own Families Unwillingness to Concede that there is some underlying causality to my inability to accomplish anything.

That is; i consider myself a reasonably hard working person in most ways - -
( that is; Aside from my Drawings, which i admit, i am a very lazy artist.
( but this may have something to do with ‘The Other Thing’. ) )

And i have an IQ of something like 130, and i had a GPA in College of 3.6;
But i’m never able to get anything done.
And i seem to attract these weird Job Related Fiascos.
And i very strongly prefer to avoid contact with other people.

So; It has seemed to me for a very long time, long before i was diagnosed with a schizoid personality disorder, or asperger’s or whatever;
There was something wrong with me.
Before these labels were available to me;
i thought of myself as a loner or explained this as my inability to feel ‘Loneliness’.

i find it -Deeply Incomprehensible- that this was not identified when i was in the 1-3 grades.
If anything; i have a very vivid recollection of an event that happened when i may have been in the first or second grade, when some unusual behaviour was identified, and rather than work to help me become more conventionally adjusted ( ? ); My teachers & mother simply blamed me for being a bad child and when i replied by becoming far more dysfunctional, they seemed content that at least i was no longer behaving ‘Incorrectly’.
The circumstances were that i was spending all my playground time on ‘the girls’ side of the playground. At Whittier Grade School, the Girls & Boys play areas were very strongly segregated; Such that the girls area was on the south side of the building, and the boys had the much larger north side.
i was told that i couldn’t play on the girls side, where i was actively playing in many different activities. When i was no longer allowed to play on that side, i no longer played with anyone. i would spend all my time, completely alone, standing in a corner, or engaging in one of my favorite activities, rubbing my hands along the cement, until they felt numb and funny.
This; My Teachers & Mother thought; Was more socially acceptable.

So now; Some many years after being diagnosed as having a schizoid personality disorder or Asperger’s, i am thinking that i must have had some other learning disability as well.
i’ve always been a terrible reader. i like reading short things, but have always had a great deal of difficulty focusing on or concentrating on a novel or even a magazine article.
And i am a terrible speller. No matter how many times the spell checker will correct me for using an i-e combination incorrectly; i am unable to learn their proper usage in all but a few cases.
- -
When i was little; The Age of Learning Disabilities was still 20 years away, And Asperger’s wouldn’t be identified for at least another 15 years, So that there is a certain reasonable logic in allowing that my teachers didn’t have a label for my dysfunctionality, and having determined to their satisfaction that i wasn’t actually mentally retarded, they used the only category that they had available to them,
which was that i was lazy.
My Mother always bought into that.
And i like to think that i lived up to her every expectation.

But what annoys me nowadays;
Is that whenever i suggest that maybe i have, or had, an undiagnosed learning disability of some kind, My Mother & Father, Sister and Aunt Beverly respond with a very loud and unambiguous, clearly delineated ‘Hurumpth!’.
It is not at all subtle.

My theory on this is that if they were to acknowledge that maybe i’m not fully & consciously responsible for my inability to get anything done ( other than just plain laziness ), It would mean that my parents had ‘let me down’ or been ‘bad parents’.
And of course; They are loath to do that.
And now that both my Mother & Father are dead,
There is a sense of Unrequited Acknowledgment that i was trying to be good.

It annoys me that everyone thinks i am just lazy.
i think it is something else.

Monday, April 04, 2011

FAKE !!!

Kiddie Pool Diver ( Click for Article )

i saw this guy ( Darren Taylor ( Professor Splash ) )
On the telly awhile ago,
And noted that he'd placed the pool on a foam rubber pad,
Which of course; is horrific cheating !!!

Plus, if it's a small pool, as the child's pool description suggests,
And he put out his arms and legs, they would catch along the inflated rim,
Which is what he'd actually be falling onto.
The foot of water would be nearly irrelevant.

A more honest feat of falling into shallow water,
Would be a sufficiently large enough pool so that he would miss the rims,
And this pool would be resting on a solid earth base,
With maybe a grassy middle layer of no more than 6 inches of negligently mowed lawn,
With the pool on top of that. Otherwise; He's not falling into a pool of water,
But an air mattress on a foam mattress on an unknown surface below those.

It's a very misleading & dubious Guinness Record.

It shames all The Flipper limbed Carnival Children
& Month long Riding Unicyclists.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Clean Up of Old Rants

i have a Rant File on my Computer which i don't Clean Out ( Post to This Blog ) as often as i should, and occasionally it overflows.
Many of these Items are Very Undeveloped.

Current Wars and Huge Deficit paving the way for the Allowance of AI & Universal Robotics


Gawd! i hate journalists.
Partly because they just aren't journalists,
They're just newsreaders.
The Government or Their Vast International Military/Industrial/Entertainment/BreakfastCerals Complex hands them something to read, and they read it.
And this isn't just local ( News ) Organizations, It's all of them. Everywhere.
In a Recent Story about The Russian Spies; Sleeper Agents as it was, were described on ABC National News as one agent being; "placed in a job as a real estate agent" and another ...
Ack! i forget the actual phrases they used...!
Look On The Internet for Stories on this...
It was clear that they were reading straight from news releases put out by the government prosecutors.
- -
There was another story today about an alleged child molester. This mother was turned in by an internet viewer; of her shenanigans, somewhere in Europe ( ??? ).
So anyway, The point being was that the newsreaders refused to disclose exactly what she was accused of. NeverMind that they showed her face and revealed her name & where she lived, thereby disclosing the identities of her children, the victims ( ? ), But the newsreaders replaced pertinent details of actual news with vague hysterical comments such as; "We can't tell you what she was accused of, because it's just to horrible, it's the most disgusting & horrible thing i've ever read."
The point of that... and this is done routinely. ( This is a standard operating news reading propaganda tool... )
...And that is; They create a template for what they are saying is an actual news story with actual identified people, and then allow the listener/viewer to simply make the whole story!
The News Viewer is told this is A Real New Story, and you can just fill in what happened with whatever you want. And thereafter; The Viewer will happily go out the next day believing that they have a thorough and accurate understanding of what actually occurred.
- -
Another Crazy News Reader Propaganda Tool is to have a story of A Bank Robber, or other some such criminal activity,
And show a picture of the accused.
But this picture will be a tiny, tiny image, out of focus and grainy, with no attempt made to enlarge or enhance it any way.
So that Effectively; It could be anyone.
Why do they do this?
It is my theory that The News Reading Arm of The Fascist Local Governments are doing this to Invite all The Snoopy Dorothy's and Busy Betty's to call in with 'Tips', suggesting that all the suspicious characters in their neighborhood might be The Bank Robber.
This gives the Fascist Local Government a Renewable Source File of All The Odd Eddie's that aren't fitting in.
This is probably an Extensive File of everyone that dresses out of style, Artists and Writers in General, Independent Thinkers & Generally, Everyone that has a genuine concept of Autonomy & Individual Liberties.
Exactly the kind of people that The Police & Governments most Fear.


Maybe The Higher Number of Autism Spectrum Children are being produced, because it is these adults with Asperger's will be the kind of humanimals most perfectly suited for space travel.
So-- What force is acting on Human Genetics to produce these Children?
Aliens? ( The Reasonably Intelligent Designers ? )
Electromagnetic Pollution? ( Might Asperger’s be a natural Evolutionary Development, Like Larger Brains, Symbolic Thinking & Grasping Hands? )


Phase Array Cameras that could be used at Airports.
The Phase Array Camera is An Old Idea that is A Digital Camera that Consists of An Array of Receptor Elements, Each is Dedicated to A Particular Band of The ElectroMagnetic Spectrum, Along its Entire Length. Many of These Frequencies pass right through Walls of Any Composition, and would effectively make everything with The Camera’s Purview Transparent or Translucent. The Camera would also Integrate All The Views from These Elements into A Single Image that The Operator could Edit, Enhancing Certain Spectral Ranges and Blocking Others. A Computer working in Conjunction with The Composite Image would look for Pixel Areas which Matched Known Element or Chemical Signatures, such as those used in Explosives, Plastic Guns, Bullets, Biological Agents and such.
What is The True Agenda for All The X-Rays & Pat Downs?
It is my contention that The Homeland Security Agency is In Fact The Consequence of The So Called War on Terror, And The Terrorist have Won. The Homeland Security Agency & Acts is What The Terrorists were aiming to create all Along.
Isn’t it awfully suspicious that since 911 there have been no follow up Attacks,
And those that were ‘Attempted’ and Failed, Invariably consisted of multiple layers of nonsensical tomfoolery, Or were Actually Instigated by The FBI and Other Agencies to Recruit, Train, Assign, and Then Arrest Innocent Dups!
Are these Terrorists Local or Foreign?
They are Obviously Locally Grown, But what is There End Game Agenda?


One of my principle arguments against Evolution, without a directional principle,
i.e., The Intelligent Designer, Is The Time Frames for The Development of People from Sponges, and from Shrews to People.
The PreCambrian Explosion of Life, A very mysterious period in which All
( + some more that have since become extinct )
Animal Types suddenly came into existence in just a few millions of years. In All the millions of years since then, No New Major Animal Groups have evolved or been designed.
These groups are NOT Birds & Mammals, which Have come into existence comparatively recently, but Vertebrates & Insects, Mollusks & A Wide Variety of Multilegged creatures.
Just Concerning ourselves with The Vertebrates, which most people think of when you say; Animal, It is very curious that about 560 million years ago, the most primitive Vertebrates, which resembled flat worms at that time, came from sponges just a few million years earlier. Then 560 million years later you have People.
Then there is the small problem of the Dinosaur Era. This lasted for about 200 Million years, during which time, Mammals came into existence, but didn’t make much headway. They essentially started out as shrews and 200 million years later, they were still shrews.
It was only after the Dinosaurs were exterminated 65 million years ago that the mammals took off.
Subtracting Those 200 million years from 560, leaves 360 million years from sponges to People.
Given that Each Individual Species Varies Widely in how long it remains One Species, that is able to freely reproduce with one another, A Wild Guess needs to be posited as to how long we will allow for each Species to have remained A Unique Step.
That is; During Each Unique Step, No Substantial Evolution was taking place. There may have been some minor improvements to this or that, but since they were still reproducing with their cousins that didn’t have these improvements, Any such advances would have waxed & wained over the length of The Unique Species’ Existence.
Some Animals seem to go for Very long Stretches as a Unique Species, such as Ants & Sharks, but other animals may have jumped from Species to Species in only a few hundreds of thousands of years or even less.
So let us say that on average; Each Unique Species, Each Step, Lasted 100,000 years.
That’s 1/10th of a Million.
10 Steps per Million Years.
So that Sponges evolved into People in 3,600 Steps.
Does that seem like enough to you?
And when you consider that Shrews evolved into People in 65 Million years.
That’s 650 Steps.
And i believe that i’m being very generous in allowing 100,000 year per step.
It is actually much more likely that each Unique Species lasted for about a million years,
Which would only allow for 65 Steps, from Shrews to People or 360 steps from Sponges to People,
Which is just ridiculous.


Conversation with Local Pastor Concerning the Nicene Creed
This pastor ( ? ) told me that the lutheran interpretation of Christ descending into Hell was that Jesus died and was sent or went willingly to The Realm of Satan & his minions.
In The Magazine ‘Plain Truth’ which i don’t think is being published anymore, There was an article that suggested that there are three distinct kinds of hell, that are all referred to in the bible & torah as simple -hell-.
The Three ( Four ) kinds:
Dead in the Ground. Inert NonBiological Goo. ( Sans Bacteria )
The Pit of Armageddon where bad souls are burnt into nonexistence
The Pit of Armageddon where bad souls are tormented for all eternity
The Home of Satan & His Minions

Given that Jesus died and was resurrected after three days,
With no mention of what he was doing for these three days,
It makes far more sense to me that Jesus simply died and was an inert corpse in the ground for 3 days.
But this is rather hard to reconcile with the assumption that Jesus was gawd,
How can Gawd die for 3 days?
It also begs the question of how Jesus died at all.
The entire premise of his being crucified was to act as a surrogate sacrifice for our sins, But if he never really ( ? ) suffered or died; Then what was the point?
This is also a common theological mistake that i find inexcusable. And that is; JudeoChristianity ( And others ) Consider this World of Humans, The real World, With Heaven & Hell Subsets that exist above & below us. It is far more reasonable, Given the elemental religious assumptions, that Heaven is the True Reality, With Earth & Hell subsets, or virtual, realities of Heaven. Given this; Jesus would have visited this imaginary world, got into a finite amount of mischief, then left with virtually little muss & fuss.
Plus: The Entire Idea of Sacrificing ( x ) for ( y ) seems very hokey to me.

But the second curious part of this is that when i tried to bring up this discussion with my relatives, i was met with blank stares.
And i thought; Was it too obvious to discuss, and which way was it too obvious?

And then i thought of Wm [Jaz] that is much smarter than me,
And fills his blogs with reams & reams of analytic discussions about things like this;
That are either very important or not at all important.
It’s either an important investigation or an utterly complete waste of time.


Wm Jaz / Bit on Blog about Idioms
A Way with Words / NPR / Wayword internet site / National University
Go On / Shut Up / Get Out / As Easy as Pie / No Way - Way! /
Any Given Technical Instruction from a Trade, Vocation, Hobby, Liberal Arts Endeavor.
In The South they frequently use the expression; I'd like to, When they mean; I almost did. Such as; I'd like to have died. or I'd like to have fallen off a ladder.
Any Use of Irony or Sarcasm, When a phrase or witticism literally means something very much different or the opposite of what is intended.
Punch Line to any given Joke.
Foreign Words or Phrases that Enter The English Vernacular and Are Corrupted into English
If you consider all the sources for idioms, only a tiny subset of them that become reasonably popularized, while the rest are heard rarely and are routinely misunderstood, causing them to remain spoken within a given trade. But of all Idioms, a bell curve of lengths may well reveal that they peak at four words.


i don’t often have horrific violent dreams, but i had two last night.
One was chiefly populated by giant machines that tore people apart, and peaked with two women being cut into pieces by train wheels. Specifically; One woman was hit by the train wheel in the back of head, near the spine and followed through to her forehead, cleanly cutting her head in two, leaving her still screaming as the train passed over her.
After i woke up from that; i had another dream in which i was doing odd jobs, particularly trying to fix a leaking faucet with a bandana, knowing all along that there were blood thirsty guards with long cross cut saws that showed little mercy for stragglers. We ( 3 of us ) needed to pass a series of guards to get away, and maybe there was a small chance of sneaking past them, but we took a little too long, and the man in front of me lost part of his arm, The cut was not a clean amputation, but a long cross cut that left most of the arm and half the hand dangling along it’s entire length.
i had just seen the movie _inception_ which included some light violence, particularly two characters being run over by a train, with the running over part being implied, and now shown.
But i like ultra violent films and they have never given me trouble before.
The kind of night mares i usually have are where the dream is usually trying to get me to solve an incomprehensible puzzle and i slip into a sectional loop that repeats itself over and over. Usually if i wake up from such a dream, i will fall immediately back into the loop, and it’s very maddening.
- -
This got me to thinking about the universe again.
One of oldest concerns is that if at any given moment, The universe should have existed ( long before the so called big bang ) for an infinite amount of time; While thereafter, we have another infinite amount of time to finish what we’ve accomplished so far.
If anything; The big bank attempts to side step this paradox ( ? ) by denying that there was an infinite amount of time leading up to _now_.
The paradox is : Why does the universe, despite a considerable amount of complexity, seem so unfinished. Why are incarnate beings still struggling with elemental issues of moral activity?
The solution that i have long considered the most viable; Is that Evolution doesn’t cause anything to become more sophisticated; it just moves things around & around, sliding forward & backwards, So that an infinite amount of time may elapse, without showing any particular advancement along any given axis.
The universe may well have been considerably more sophisticated at some time in the past, and will again become a utopian paradise at some time in the future, but these peaks haven’t, and will not, follow any expected or predictable patterns.
- -
The Other Solution that i considered last night; Is that the universe is advancing / developing in a more desirable pattern, and has long since allowed for worlds to evolve that are no longer dominated by animals eating animals, and sentient beings brutally savaging one another.
In such a world; The Sentient Beings have incarnated into mechanical forms that pull their energy/food from the zero-point ( ? ) field to power their consciousness, which then leaks the excess heat back into this elemental field, living off the convection currents. From this position; This community of minds have created a Ξ.x layer of reality that we apparently inhabit.
The remaining question is; The Sentient beings that supervise this ( these ) layers know that they’re not real, and that the suffering is not permanent, but why expose countless souls to our experiences of horror, pain, disease & torment?
Might it be, that the universe has nothing more to offer?
Boredom and the absence of viable alternatives have left their idyl hands & minds to explore the limits of mischief.


Circa : January 2011 / The Congresswoman & The Astronaut.
RE : U.S. Rep. Gabrielle “Gabby” Giffords of Arizona by The Latest in a String of Lone Assassins that afterwards are in an Incommunicative Daze, Apparently Unable to Recall what they did ; e.g.; Jared Lee Loughner.
Is Driving me crazy!
It is just so phony Baloney!
And the Anecdote with The Neck Rub…
She is Dead, Then Arises after three days to give her Astronaut ( ExAstronaut, since The United Colonies no longer has a manned space program ? ) Husband a Neck Rub from ICU, Where she should be laying back, with tubes extruding from every orifice & limb, with alarm sensors attached to keep her from flailing about, And yet she is able to get up and give him a neck rub.
Does That sound a tiny bit improbable.
Why would he allow her to even attempt such a crazy thing?
It’s all wrong on every imaginable level.
If she was only reaching out to him from a coma, How does that become a neck rub?
There is Spin, And then there is so much Spin it should make anyone other than a hardened Russian ballerina; high on PCP, to fall over, uncontrollably vomiting chunks of pink cotton candy.
- -
Apparently; i may not have been the only hamster to have noticed this, because it seemed like the media was really milking this story for several days, then just abruptly dropped it.


The Slow Lady : This happened quite awhile ago, and i am only mentioning it now because i made a note of it in my iPod Journal.
Apparently; From what i can remember, i was on the 25 going north to northtown or ? and there was a lady, oddly dressed, with a shopping cart or walker in front of her, and she was trying to take out her MP3 player. While she was trying to do this and hold on to the shopping cart ( Collapsible kind ) It kept slipping or tilting away from her, so i held it for her. She completely ignored me, but apparently acknowledged my participation by using both hands to get at and manipulate the MP3 player. What was particularly odd about this, was that she was -really- Slow. Really Slow. And when it came time for her to put the ear plugs in, she moved the left ear plug ( on my side ) up to her ear, and then ground it, and ground it, and ground it, twisting, and pushing, grinding it, over and over into her ear. Honestly; She must have taken 5 minutes on this one ear.


Tangental Thinking Group / Neighborhood Advisory Committee
There should be a service, available through a local community network, for everyone to use, that is staffed by volunteer tangental thinkers.
These Tangental Thinkers would listen to peoples problems and come up with definitive solutions. After a time, All The Usual Problems would be asked and carefully and functionally indexed on an internet site, so that most problems would be simply and easily answered without and special effort, but The Tangental Staff would always be availably, hoping for the genuinely novel and curious problem to challenge them !
- -
This would be a little like Pastoral Services, or 911 Emergency Calling, or Just asking your Friends &/or Relatives, but with a slightly better track record for Reliability & Accuracy with Reference to Local Professional Services.


One of my Most Vibrant Pet Peeves is people that criticize children that are accomplishing something as these children having thrown away their childhoods.
Most children never have anything like an enjoyable childhood.
Most children’s childhoods are a freaking nightmare of taunting, bullies, pressures to conform, behave & suppress all their natural instincts, succeed at inane & incomprehensible goals, routinely enduring mindless criticism from their parents & teachers, And Television ideals that keep urging them to commit suicide.
But a child that can really become good at something when they are very young, and have their affairs managed during this time by responsible adults, they can have a real childhood that will be extended for their entire lives.
- -
In a related issue.
The Values and ‘Maturity’ ( which is completely undefined ) of Adults are exactly the same as the youngest children.
And Adults that do seem taciturn and Mature; Have been like that since their earliest years.
While most adults behave in exactly the same way that they did when they were 12.


What’s the deal with The Crisis in Japan with their Nuclear Power Plant(s?
We’ve been hearing for years & years about Japan’s expertise with Robotics,
And now that they actually have a Crisis specifically Designed for Robots to Handle, They have No Robots !
Why are they sending people into the Melting Power plant, when they should be sending in Robots?
Plus; They should have buried the whole power plant with lead bowling balls a week or more ago, and yet they seem convinced that they’re going to just sweep it up and restart it at the beginning of next month ( ? )
And : If this is a Chernobyl Sized Accident and they have to seal this area off, how much of the entire island of Japan is going to be uninhabitable for next million years?
And And : Why aren’t these Nuclear Power Plants designed so that if the power is cut off, The Control Rods don’t fall by Gravity into Their Containment Block?
Or - If you’re basically an Alarmist; The Plant should be designed so that in any sort of crisis, The Fuel Rods would Fall, By Gravity, -Through- The Containment Block, into a More Heavily Shielded Pure Lead Containment Block. Pushing them back out and into operation would be the hard part, not getting them in there in the first place.


Dreaming in a Forgotten Language ( Reference to Wm Jaz Blog )
Dreaming in a Forgotten Language is; perhaps, rather like speaking in tongues, or speaking in a language forgotten from some previous life.
But my other initial impression of this dream recollection relates to an idea i had some time ago, in which i was speculating that evolution, or angelic engineers, created people ( homo sapiens ) to possess an iq of 100, and that those people that deviated from this point of perfection were ill-equipped to function in the perfect of all worlds Earth that we inhabit.
Being dumber is obviously a hindrance; the more dumber, the more likely the victim is to stumble into some ill fate by the poor exercise of simple expectant thinking.
But the smarter featherless parakeet is also at a terrible disadvantage in most real world situations, in that often see tigers in trees where none exists, and contrive of schemes that involve too many steps, any one of which may result in some terrible calamity.
This perhaps explains why many civilizations evolved so slowly, and those that did, because, perhaps, they encouraged the smarter hamsters to self actualize, contrived of many such schemes which ultimately burnt out those civilizations in just a few short centuries.
Dumb civilizations last for Millinia,
While Smart Civilizations rapidly evolve, Then implode from within.
Very seldom does a Civilization end at the hands of foreign barbarians,
It is much more frequently pushed apart from within, or starved to death because of climatic changes.

There is something wonderfully enchanting about finding structure and order in surrealistic paintings, prose poems, the gematria & dream interpretation; But the angels that created us, and wished us to survive & flourish like Beetles, did not wish us to kill ourselves off with the ideas & delusions that too much intelligence provides.

People were designed with an iq of 100 because that suits us best.


Smoking & Creativity ( Wm Jas Blog )
This Strikes me as one of the perfect test examples for what i would like every computer to be equipped with; And that is; A Simple, Easy to Use, Near English ( Native Language ) Programming Language.
With such a tool, The User could simply instruct the computer to search for all notable writers and other artists by some easily quantified criteria, then look up the biography of each, searching for any reference to smoking & all thesaurus related terms. Then The User would either refine these results or examine them in their snipped out form to determine whether the subject was an active smoker or not.
And while in the early days of computers, Every Computer DID have an Easy to use BASIC Programming Language included with it, The Software Industry has now removed all of these easy to use programming languages from the public domain.
- -
In The Spirit of Full Disclosure; i am a fanatical non-smoker.
i grew up in an extended family with many aunts & uncles, all of whom were chain smokers, and upon this reflection; i can attest that none of them expressed any special talents or creative abilities.
If such an argument were to be made that smoking were an elemental factor to contributing to a ‘prepared mind’ to be =more= creative than one without this drug,
It seems to me that one might just as easily use the same argument for alcohol, schizophrenia, Any number of personality disorders, A violent temper, general sociopathology, acute rabies, harsh winters, unrequited love, head lice, syphilis or hyperopic vision.
Many have argued that Van Gogh painted as he did because he was ‘Mad’ and other’s have argued that he painted that way despite his Depression & Whatever else he may have suffered from.
The prepared mind may be either suppressed or ignited by any number of environmental blankets or triggers, but these elements will never activate an unprepared mind.
Many genius’ throughout European history became Catholics to enjoy a regular income and societal security, but Catholicism is rarely given as a factor in their genius.

As for those that attest to the great pleasure that they derive from Tobacco,
It has long been my simple & obvious observation that it is Their Addiction to Nicotine that makes them praise The Tobacco, which gives them relieve from The anguish of no Tobacco.


Wm Jaz’ Religious Rants
One of the most troubling responses that i have to your many reflective diatribes &/or Exhaustive Analysis’ of various religious works; Is your eternal efforts to find meaning, purpose or esoteric gnostic wisdom - -
Where none exists.
Why to Giraffes have long necks? Why to Zebras have stripes?
Evolutionists have it exactly backwards,
Zebras have stripes, Not because they gave them some advantage,
But because the Stripes didn’t kill them off.
They got along perfectly well with stripes, as they did previously, without them.

There is a very popular view amoung many amateur historians that The Ancients knew more than modern hamsters do. That the grandiose secrets that were common to The Scholars & Priests of yore, were somehow lost when animeals were domesticated & grain was used more often for bread than for beer. But before these secrets were lost forever; Some of the priests wistfully encrypted all that they knew in poems & incomprehensible prose, and then bound them with expensive, gold leaf covers, so that they would be preserved by wealthy patrons, until at some unspecified time, when curious academics in the distant future would again discover all the subtle truths that gawd shared with Adam before casting him from Eden.

i suspect that it is far more reasonable that these books were written by schizophrenics and saved for millennia for the simple reason that the enthusiastic & marginally articulate ravings of these early surrealists were far more entertaining than the bland & pragmatic, insipid & flavorless Annals written by competent accountants.

But any truths which may be derived from them, are the same truths that one may extract from studying the shapes of clouds or listening attentively to the voices of faeries hiding behind waterfalls.