Thursday, February 02, 2012

Addictive Personality Types

There was just a bit on The Radio about Addictive Personality Types, And asked; Are some people genuinely ‘Addicted’ to The Internet in The Same Way that people are generally acknowledged as being Addicted to Nicotine, Heroin, Gambling, Masturbating or Hostess Ding Dongs?
It occurred to me that This Medical Diagnoses of ‘Addictive Personality Type’, which is routinely thought to be a Derogatory Label, Might actually simply mean that these people have a greater than ‘Normal’ proclivity to adhere to something that they are familiar with, Rather than try a continuous Stream of New Things.
Addictive Personality Types might easily account for Everyone that Sticks to some activity until they become astonishingly good at it, rather than flitting from this to that like ‘Ordinary’ People.
In other words; The Psychiatric Industry has again attached A Pejorative Brand Name to An Attribute that Usually Enables certain people to become vastly superior to The Damp Masses or Professionals that entered The System through The University Footpath.
The Addictive Personality Types become attached to some (x when they are pre-adolescents, eschewing a Career Route that The Social Engineers try to superimpose on everyone.
Granted; Some of These Addictive Personality Types might become fixated on Drugs or Behaviours that are Dangerous or Socially Destructive, But are they in The Majority?
The Addictive Personality Type is Actually A Good Thing.

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