Friday, May 25, 2012

Only Atheists will be allowed into Heaven

This is a very simple idea; Gawd wants only The Most Dynamic Souls in Heaven, Such that only Those That are Willing to Defy The Will of Gawd’s Judgement to Seek Out their Own Personal Discoveries of Righteousness— Will be deemed worthy of Heaven.

“Only Atheists will be allowed into Heaven.”
        The Babynous Cult : The MailArt Phase
    It seems to me that Gawd will want to fill Heaven with only the Noblest Souls and to do so, S’he/It has arranged for this World to be Mislead by various Religious Dogma's that are specifically designed to bring forth the most mealy minded, fatuous pedestrians, by insisting that the only way to get into Heaven is to perform the most specious, unreasonable, self destructive & socially ruinous acts that may be reasonably expected of them... such as mutilating your genitals, persecuting the weak & defenseless, sticking your head in a bucket, or espousing pure gibberish...
    Anyone that betrays this agenda will be summarily sent into eternal damnation...!
    Thus; Only the bravest, courageous & dauntless that avert themselves from the damp masses & social norms predicated by the established orders, will be worthy of that which they have rejected, to seek a greater, or true provenance of justice & knowledge.

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