Friday, August 31, 2012

Is The Interweb UnReliable?

While most internet users believe that Wikipedia is Unreliable, i have always considered it to be an entirely reasonable and concise source of information most of The Time. My greatest consternation is The many of The entries that i recalled and were interested in, were incomplete and often neglected to include or use illustrations to make a particular topic clearer.

But two things happened recently which have caused me to lose All Faith in The Internet !

One was when i accidentally came across an apparently ‘real’ news item that revealed The Death of a Major Media Whore. i didn’t even particularly like this particular Media Whore, but i was somewhat interested in this item and attempted to follow this up with other sources, of which, there were none. My first impression was that this was such a recent & breaking story, that The principle news & media outlets hadn’t had time to ‘format’ a proper story onto The internet !

So i thought, i will just wait until The evening news comes on The TV and there will be a full story on this. But there was none. The next day i again tried to find some news on this death, but i could not find any ! ?
Finally; After about 3 days ! i realized that Not Only was this A HOAX ! But If i were to type into Google The Name of Any Celebrity and The Word ‘Dead’ or ‘Death’; Google would return a ‘News Story’ that revealed The Death of This Celebrity !
It was only when i tried to click on some of The Accompanying Tabs on this News Site that i discovered that None of them Worked, and The Death of The Selected Celebrity was reported to have happened very recently, such as, Earlier Today.

The Second Thing that has Shaken my Faith in The Internet was what seemed like Numerous Stories that were ‘Reliably’ reporting that Amazon would soon Release The Kindle Fire II.
It seemed to me that i was finding this news on many different websites, but when i finally realized that The Predicted Release Date had come and gone, i also realized that this news was coming from one or perhaps two web-sources. i should have been tipped off that None of The Other ‘Major’ Technical News & Media Outlets were mentioning this; But i hadn’t yet come to believe that The Internet would so egregiously try to deceive me !

The Third Thing that has recently soured me to The point of emotional collapse,
Is that Netflix, Hulu+, Amazon & iTunes do Not, for any fee or Subscription Price, feature Recently Released Commercial Films !

iTunes comes closest, but you can only buy The films for exorbitant prices !
The ones that you can rent ( Watch Once ) are from several years ago,
And Netflix is Far Worse. The most recent films that they have on Direct Viewing, are 5 or more years old.
Hulu+ is apparently only for TV Programs,
And Amazon is very confusing. The Films come up, but there is no button to access/watch them ? !

i would like to go back to Netflix Mail Service, but i recently had several DVDs stolen from my mailbox and no longer trust The Post Office.

Back in 1999 when The End of The World was though to be eminent;
i thought that i was perceiving that The world was bunching up in The corners like carpeting being pushed in from The doorway, which proved to be illusionary, or subjectively inaccurate,
But now i think it is really happening this time.

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