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Why do we wake up from our Dreams?

Sunday, October 28, 2012 9:19:01 PM
From a Dream :
- -
In The Dream; i met a group of Dream Explorers that were trying to find their way to The True Reality. They had discovered a way to go deeper & deeper into dreams, believing that this World that we lived in now, was a Dream World, A Virtual Reality created by DisIncarnated Beings for some reason. Perhaps to provide ‘Young Souls’ with an Environment of ‘Solid’ Floors to walk around on while we Learned to Navigate through The True Reality, which was what we call; The Dream Reality.
But as they proceeded further & Further into this Dream Layers, They discovered that The Dream Realities were becoming harsher & Harsher; Such that at The Bottom ( ? ), They just broke apart like The Shell of A Hard Boiled Egg or Ceramic Vase, Then Crumbled into Dust, Like a Vampire that has been staked through The Heart ( Classic Buffy Style ).
Once they had gotten to these Lower Layers ( Deep into The Dream Well ) They discovered that The Trick was coming back up. As they suffered these Terrible Tortures of Complete Annihilation, They had to figure out a way to ‘Wake Up’ from those dreams ( using water ( ? ) ); To come back to a more ‘Solid’ Reality.
Is this what The Hindus & Buddhists have been trying to teach us all along.
Have i been getting it wrong all this Time, When i have been insisting that this reality is The Dream Reality, & Dreams are Real.
The Reverse is; This IS a Dream Reality, But to find The True Reality, We have to Wake Up from Here.
- -
So The Question Is :
When you’re In A Dream; And you Wake Up to Return to This Reality;
What exactly did you Accomplish in The Dream?
Why did you Wake Up, or; Leave The Dream?

The First Answer would be Nothing, You just ‘Woke Up’.
The Dream Ended, Often Abruptly, without Resolving or Accomplishing Anything.
But. What if it Did. Sometimes. Once in A While.
A Slow Progress was being Made to Wake up, A little bit, More & More. And that Eventually; You would Sufficiently Wake up from This Dream, To find yourself being shaken Up by Your Mother in The ( More ) Real Reality?
- -
But this leaves us with The Same Question as Before.
Why do we Dream?
- -
Is there any way of ‘Knowing’ what The True Reality is Like;
Or would we just be Guessing.
There are Essentially Two or Three Choices.
The True Reality is Better than this Reality,
Or about The Same.
Drug Addicts in This World try to Escape what they perceive are The horrors of this World to find a Dream Reality that is more Pleasant, but making their existence in this reality all The more horrific.
While Many people with Schizophrenia are trapped in a Dream Reality that overlaps this reality. They find that this their dream reality is often much more annoying or genuinely Horrific.
Most people have Dreams that are perfectly benign & are easily forgotten.
- -
So that The Same Dilemma in This Reality is poised by Our Vision of The Other Reality that we never seem to Experience.
What is The True Reality Like?
Maybe we Dream This Reality to Escape The True Reality?
Maybe it’s Really Awful.
Really, Really Awful.
- -
Which got me to thinking about A Better Reality.
Is The Better Reality, Really Desirable?
- -
Isn’t that a Silly Question?
- -
What if someone, like Adolf Hitler, created a Genuinely Wondrous Society, that was perfect for ( nearly ) everyone, Including you, But you were forced to live in it.
What if This Utopian Society was A little Different; & it Really was Wondrous for Everyone. Absolutely Everyone. Even Cows & Chickens. In this Much Better Society, We’d stop exploiting Chattel & The Wilderness Environment;
But you Had to Live under it’s Precepts.
Would you willingly Live under this Iron Fist of Perfect Bliss?
Presented like that; You may believe that it’s a trick question,
That there is some horrific Dark Side to This Utopia, Such as eating our Dead or Being given a Drug that keeps us forever in a Placid Stupor.
But no.
This Really, Perfect Utopian Paradise, Really would be Perfect in All Respects,
With The One Tiny Caveat, That you HAD to live there.
Would you willingly enter into this Hell without The Freedom to be Evil.
- -
i think that this is The Way that Articulate Christians Describe Heaven.
When you get into Heaven, Gawd Erases all your Memories & Inclinations towards Dark Thoughts, Leaving only your Purest Thoughts & Recollections.
In our Perfect Paradise though; You would retain all those Evil Thoughts, & be Required to Suppress them.
You might think; Isn’t that The Way that This World is ‘Supposed’ to Work?
Well; In this Other ‘Really Perfect Society’ there would be ‘Mechanisms’, That ‘Somehow’ were Not Horrific, But Obtained The Desired Effect.
- -
That part.
Sounds Impossible.
Doesn’t it.
So that; It all becomes so ridiculously improbable, that what is The Point.
Scientists like to put it this way; It is just ‘dumb’ to talk about things that we can’t really know anything about, or envision The Underlying Mechanisms for.
Or in The Vernacular;
“If you don’t know What you’re talking about, Shut The Hades Up.”
- -
So; Let’s consider this in a more constrained box.
What if:
Given that as Biological Beings, Our Primeval Functionality is to Reproduce, & in So Doing, Produce Superiour Progeny.
Such that; It is The Imperative of Every Male & Female to Carefully Choose only The Most Genetically Superior Specimens to Breed With.
Males have The Convenience of Choose lots & lots of Comparatively Inferiour Incubation Units for their Semen, But Females should be much choosier, & Given that The Best Males are so InDiscriminant, They should willingly Breed with All Women that Choose them as Sperm Donors.
- -
What if there was a Male that ‘Knew’ - - Truthfully Knew; That their Sperm was The Very Best in The World. We’re Not talking about A Delusional Schizophrenic Male that Falsely Believes that they are Superman or Gawd, or Jesus or Arnold Swartzenegger; No! We are talking about a reasonably Ordinary Male that just happens to have Discovered that their Sperm, for Whatever Reasons, is The Very Best Sperm in The World.
Given that as Biological Units; It is our ( All of Us ) Imperative to Produce The Best Possible Progeny; Every Woman in The World should willing be receptive to His Imperative to Inseminate them.
Would he be ‘Morally’ Obligated to Rape as many ( Possibly Unwilling ) Females as Possible?
After all; He has a finite amount of time to germinate as many young, nubile girls as possible, & it would just be unreasonable that He should have to stop & convince them that he was doing this with The Best Interests of Their own Finite Genetic Potential in mind. ( ? )
- -
The Alternative Female Version of this would be The Woman that came to believe, by Whatever mechanism(s, that She had The Most Perfect Ovums in The World, Then sought out The Most Perfect Males, Collected their Nocturnal Emissions, Then Induced her Ovaries to Produce an Excessive Number of Eggs, Extract them, Fertilize them with The Sperms that she’d collected, & then Implant them into Healthy Young, Nubile Girls that she Kidnapped from Shopping Malls.
Would that be Ethical?
- -
If you allow that The Keynote Imperative of ‘Life’ is to Become more Perfect,
Then; Yes. These Two Reproducers are doing The ‘Right’ Thing.
Aren’t they?
- -
The Skeptic ( ? ) might suggest that The Harry Potter Clause might become Relevant to this Argument.
The Harry Potter Clause asks this Question: Why do The Witches Tolerate Muggles to Live?
The Bible says exactly The Opposite;
Exodus 22 : 18 / Thou Shalt not Suffer a Witch to Live !
Presumably; The Witches have The Power to get rid of, or Greatly subdue The Muggles, Yet, Instead; They Cower from them. Hiding their Presence, & Pretending not to Exist. ( ? )
Doesn’t that seem crazy?
They were aware that Not all Witches ( or Wizards ) are produced by Witches.
Some Witches, Some of The Best or Most Powerful Witches; Come from Muggle Parents.
Genetics is So Very Unpredictable that there is No Way of Knowing Which Parentage is going to Produce The Best Progeny.
- -
In all Likelihood; These two ‘Prime’ Gamete Donors would produce a Vast Generation of perfectly ordinary children.
Should we fault them for perfectly reasonable intensions ? ( ? )
- -
Another, far more benign example of this thinking, would be That of a Television Commercial that was superficially annoying, but would, After watching it several dozens, or hundreds of times, Provoke Spiritual Enlightenment.
Would it be Ethical to force everyone to Endure it ?
This would be more apposite if Only, say— 20% of The Viewers ‘Ever’ Experienced this ‘Genuine’ Enlightenment Experience. Everyone else would be made to endure it, over & over again with No Benefit ever occurring upon them.
Would that be Ethical for The Television Broadcaster to Televise it Dozens of Times every day ?
- -
The Principle Question was ;
If you’ve forgotten,
Was : ‘Why do we wake up from our Dreams?’

Is that a good Question ?
Or was this just another pointless rant.

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