Friday, March 29, 2013

Has NPR been Bought Out ?

i have already been very suspicious of NPR ( National Public Radio ) about a variety of issues;
The Most Severely Paranoid is that all of Their Interviews are Faked; Based on The Banter & Cadence of Nearly all Their ‘Foreign’ Guests are Identical. Their Accents & Sexual Identities may seem different, but If you examined their Transcripts, They would all appear to be written by The Same Person, NPRs feeble version of Mel Blanc.
Then This :

Has Bill & Melinda Bought NPR ?
Besides NPR Reading a Blurb every 3 Minutes reminding us how wonderful The B&M Foundation is, Melinda has now been on Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me, In a Spot usually reserved to Ostensibly Actually Famous People; Which is Curious, because to The best of my Knowledge, Neither Bill Nor Melinda ( Both of Which are Fanatical Recluses ) has Ever given an Interview to AnyOne that they do Not Own & Are holding tight on a short Leash.

It would seem that Bill Gates is desperate to Change The World’s View that He’s The Most Evil Person in The World; Given that The Damage that Micro$oft has done to The World of Computing, Even if A Giant Meteorite Destroys all of Civilization & we all live in Barrels in forests for The Next 300 years, This Damage to our Cybernetic Infrastructure will still be evident 5000 years from now.
Bill knows that if he were to be more accessible to spontaneous interviews, He would blow all The Good he’s ostensibly doing in Africa, A Sink hole for Pointless Charity Groups.

Evidence that Bill Gates & Micro$oft are Still Evil :

Item A : The B&M Gates Foundation has recently become affiliated with Monsanto, The Most Evil Agricultural Corporation in The World.

Item B : Micro$oft offers to ‘Donate’ Computers to Libraries at a ‘Discount’, which turns out to be their Cost + 400% ( Down from The Usual Retail Price of Cost + 600% ).

Item C : i just heard/saw on TV The Other Day that The B&M Foundation is promoting a ‘Contest’ to Design a ‘More Effective’ Condom that will Reduce The Spread of AIDS & Somehow Encourage Its more Populous Usage. i love a Creative Idea, Encouraging Preliterate Africans to more willingly & enthusiastically use ( Anything Like ) Condoms is going to require a stupendously Tangental Approach. Maybe The Real Purpose of This ‘Contest’ is to Demonstrate how thoroughly hopeless The Containment of AIDS is in Africa, Which will ‘Prepare’ Western’s Minds to A More Radical Solution, of A Kind that B&M are already Preparing for. ( ? )

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