Friday, March 29, 2013

i believe in The Usefulness of Obscenely Wealthy People.

i believe in The Usefulness of Obscenely Wealthy People.

i also believe that this Accumulation of Wealth was made Possible by Effectively Stealing it from The Workers that actually performed The Labor & Provided The Services which Pulled that Wealth into Their Company.

The Founder of The Company certainly provided some Service that made The Company Possible; But they are just as certainly being Severely Over Compensated for those Dubious Labors.

But having damned them for this Accumulation of Wealth;
This ‘Institution’ of Excessive Plenitude that is Administered by A Single Authoritative Figure; Does allow that Abundance to be Used for Unorthodox, UnPopular or Heretical Ideas & Projects to be Actualized, Where Civic Institutions could Never Achieve these things.

It may well be Argued that The Early 20th Century America wasn’t Socially Prepared to Fund A National Library Initiative, But Andrew Carnegie could do that.

When Billionaires or Millionaires spend their money to accomplish Lasting Programs or Projects; That’s a very good thing.
The Crazier these Ventures are, The Better.

What is very bad though; Is when The Very Wealthy Spend their Money on Items that are Bitterly Overvalued, such as Paintings, A Bottle of Wine or The Opulent Geegaw that fill their Mansions. This Spenditure is squandered & is merely routing it back to The Peasants that surrendered it originally, with The Tacit assumption that it would be used to Enrich & Empower The World that they were Slaving to Build for Future Generations.

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