Friday, March 29, 2013

In Defense of Rioting & Looting

In Defense of Rioting & Looting

i was just listening to an account of some Rioting & Looting in Britain,
But While this sort of thing happens all over The World;
And The Principle Feature of This Demonstration of Anarchy that most people find incomprehensible and indefensible: Is The Looting of Shoppes, Over Turning Cars, Setting Fires and so on.

The Participants are usually just 'Caught Up' in The Hysteria of The Moment, and this sort of thing is a common 'Evolutionary' Feature of Human Behaviour that encourages 'By Standers' to become involved in Any Social or Economic Activity that Either Bolsters The Social Fabric or Protects The Group from Foreign Aggression by acting as A Larger Group, or Promises Greater Success in A Hunt by Using as Many Members of The Community in A Mammoth Hunt, as possible.
Ordinarily; If, In any of these cases; The Individual were allowed to carefully and thoughtfully consider whether they should or should not rush at The Mammoth with a Rock in each Fist, They would, If The Person is reasonably sane & not mentally retarded, They should decide to refrain from participation and simply urge on The Other Members of The Clan that are rushing towards The Mammoth.
But for The Community to Survive, Evolution has endowed each member with a Fail-Safe Switch which turns off Common Sense when A Given Behaviour is Actually Better for The Group, and The Communities Gene Pool, which each Member has A Vested Interest in Preserving and Propagating.

So; How does this Genetic Programming Work with Applications to Modern Society?

Firstly; Mostly; It encourages everyone to 'Join In' with Everyone else in 'Being Normal' and 'Doing What Everyone Else is Doing'.

This is very advantageous to most Economic Issues, and also discourages Technological & Aesthetic Changes, which works against progress & Change; As Evolution hates Change.
Although Evolution is all About Change;
Change, According to The Rules of Evolution, Occurs only very slowly.
Species are much more Encouraged to Remain The Same, and only very begrudging change, and so slowly that No Change is Noticed.

This explains why Human Civilization, until very recently; Advanced Technologically, Very Slowly.
We should have discovered Electricity or Steam Powered Engines Tens of Thousands of Years ago, and Leonardo should have created a viable hang glider hundreds of years ago, or The Egyptians thousands of years before that.
The Romans with their thorough understanding of mechanical devices, Should have invented a Bicycle or some other kind of powered cart. Never mind that Slaves & Horses were cheap, Both has severe liabilities and The Romans should have recognized this.

The reason that Civilizations have advanced so slowly is because Evolution understands that Change is nearly always Bad.
If you're alive and reasonably prosperous today, there is no Need for Change. Change is only Acceptable when things get very bad. And usually;
When things do get this bad, Change can't take place because The Resources and Expertise is No Longer Available.

The Reason that Change is so common Now-a-Days, is because most people 'Understand' at a Subliminal, Intrinsic or Congenital Level, that Western Civilization is Grievously Broken, and it just so happens that there are enough 'Successful' people to change Things while most of The Broken People support and encourage everyone to become & remain aware that Society is in fact broken.

The Riots & Looting that occasionally erupt are A SubClass of This Phenomena.

What usually ignites a given Riot is that The Police Murder some 'Perceived' Innocent Person, and The Judicial System is Laggardly in dispensing A Reasonable & Acceptable Solution or Vengeance.

The Riot & Looting is An Expression of A Mob Activity ( Evolutionarily Good ) that 'Tells' or 'Informs' The Business Classes ( The Middle Class or Bourgeoisie ) That The Community is Broken.
The Bourgeoisie are slow to realize that Their Village or City is Broken, because while The Police are Murdering 'The Little People', They are still Safe; So The Little People have to make it clear to The Social Officiates that If The Little People are going to be made to suffer, they will suffer too.

Regretfully; This Migration of Social Wisdom is Too Convoluted to be Readily Absorbed in A Functional Manner.
Instead; The Principle Tax Payers & Regional Managers don't make The Connection between A & B. They only See The Consequences of B and further oppress The Little People Until they're made Submissive & Acquiescent Again.

Things may improve a little for awhile,
But The pattern is far more cyclical than linear.

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