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On Homosexuality ( And The Other Things )

On Homosexuality ( And all The Other Things Like that )

Should Culture/Society Follow Human Nature or Lead It ?

Various Ideologies throughout History have tried to Superimpose their Own Philosophical Ideals on Their Societies, which Seriously Conflicted with Observable, Reproducible Physics or Human ( Animal ) Nature.
These Societies have either imploded from within, as Very Few Cultures have ever been ( Really ) Conquered from An External Source— Or are currently in The Process of Dwindling into Obscurity.

It seems like a very curious question to me.
What is Human Nature?
If it turns out that Humans are Genuinely Barbaric Murderous Savages that only Behave within a Given Society as a Result of Arbitrary Taboos & Cruel, Diabolical Punishments, And that The Few Humans that Possess something like True Consciousness provide us with a highly Misleading &/or False Conviction that HomoSapiens Live in Cooperation with one Another for A Variety of Enlightened Objective Desires, Such as Art, Architecture, Music & Poetry—
Should A Perfect Society Accept that Grim Truth & Continue to Fudge Our Cultural Constraints to Force People to Deny their True Nature for Some Greater & Profoundly Artificial Set of Objectives, Which we delude ourselves into believing is; The Meaning of Life;
Or Should We Reformulate Human Culture to Allow People to be Human ?

What would this ‘Organized’ Society of ‘Real’ Humans be like ?

Maybe The ‘Best’ Solution is to ‘Accept’ that there Really are Two ( or More ) Very Different Kinds of People;
And Allow The Fiends & Louts to live on One Isolated Continent,
While The Mischievious Ne’er-do-wells to Live in Another Isolated Region;
And The Few that are Capable of Exercising A Genuine Free-Will or Consciousness, And Are able to Express A Mastery of Their Muses While Aspiring to Greater Artistic, Scientific, Literary, Musical &/or Ideological Ambitions; Can do so within The Safety of an Isolated Valley, Surrounded by Inaccessibly Impassible Mountains.

One of The Most Bewildering Aspects of this ‘Debate’ is A Problem that i’ve had with Daoism for some time, & that is : If The Dao is The Underlying Causality that Provides The World ( Universe ) with Motion & Activity, Then How can anyone or anything Move or Act in Opposition with The Dao.
The Tao de Ching & Lao Tzu are all about ‘Following’ The Dao; But how can you Not Follow The Dao ( Tao ) ?

Likewise; How can anyone Do Anything that Is Not Human Nature ?

How can or Why would anyone think that something that they’ve done or Imagine is ‘Wrong’ ?

i suspect that The Solution to this Last Problem may be that People ( Our Brains ) are Faulty is that they are susceptible to ‘Confusion’.
And that People ( Our Brains ) Hate Confusion.
Most Everyone is much more willing to Believe something that they Know or Suspect is Wrong, Rather than Accept The Existence of Two Opposing Ideas which are Equally Valid According to All Available Evidence & Logical Analysis.

Dilbert’s Wally ( Scott Adams ) points out that The Functionality of The Opinion isn’t to be Sufficiently Informed to have a Useful Opinion; But merely to Feel Good about having an Opinion, & that Any Attempt to Become informed forces one into a recursive loop of more Uninformed Opinions. 

i have correspondingly wondered; Is there Someway to ‘Test’ a Person to Determine if They are Really Sane or InSane ? Are there things that An Insane Person can do, That a Sane Person could Never Do ?
Or more Unexpectedly; Can a Sane Person do Something that An Insane Person Could Never do ! ?

It is certainly very Exceptional when we see on The TV that A Court is Worrisomely Trying to Decide if A Recently Arrested Serial Murdering Cannibal is Sane or Not ( ? )
Is that way The World Really Works ?
Is it entirely Reasonable that A Person can wake up some morning & make a carefully considered & Conscientious Decision to become a Child Murdering Cannibal for The Rest of The Day, & Then go back to work as a Mild Mannered Accountant The Day After ?

As a fine point to that; i am perfectly willing to acknowledge that an Insane person may be aware that ‘You’ Irrationally believe eating children’s brains is somehow ‘Wrong’, But does that really make The Insane Person ‘Sane’ ?

Perhaps in a Related Matter; i have often thought that It is Very Curious that Every Society has These ‘Prohibitions’ called Taboos, which are Ostensibly Vile Abominations against Human Nature.
There are few quirky aspects to Taboos;
One is that that Every Culture has a Different Set of Them,
& ( B ), Along Side Every one of these Obscenities of Psychological Well Being, Is Another ‘Activity’ that is ‘Almost’ The Same thing, Except that it is Not Only, Not Forbidden, But is Usually an Encouraged Behaviour.
Taboos are usually Accorded with The Most Severe Penalties when Violated, But if These Acts are Truly Contrary to Human Nature, Then The Perpetrator is Most Certainly Insane, & Insane people are Hospitalized, Not Stoned to Death.

But ‘Society’ ( The Invisible Administrators ) knows that this is Not what Taboos are about at all. Taboos are All The Things that People Want to Do more than Anything Else, And The ‘Strength’ or ‘Health’ of a Society is Measured by How Successfully it can Coerce it’s Citizens to Deny their True Human Nature & Obey all These Completely Ludicrous & Arbitrary Laws.
The Functionality of Taboos is that Anyone caught or observed Violating one of them— Must Be Insane ( ! ) Only An Insane Person, UnEnculturated Child or Foreigner would Ever Willing Violate a Taboo. You don’t have to Conduct any Additional Tests to Know Immediately that The Violator is Dangerous, & Should be Avoided until The Authorities can Arrest them or Beat them into Submission.

If everyone had to go around trying to figure out if all these other Animals around them were Safe or Not, It would be Terribly Disabling & Nothing could ever get done. Taboos greatly simplify this necessity.

Taboos are usually very firmly locked into a Culture, but Over Time, They can Change. One Obvious Example is ‘Talking to Yourself’. Not so long ago, Anyone observed habitually talking to themselves would be considered seriously crazy, but now-a-days with The prevalence of Blue-Tooth Wireless Headsets for Cell Phones; Most everyone in a Suit is Constantly, for all Appearances, Talking to Themselves.

Likewise; Homosexuality is now undergoing a Flip. It is kind of wacky that Most Religions preach; ‘Love Love Love’— Except when it comes to Men actually Loving other Men, & to a Lesser Extent; Women Loving Other Women. The Reason that Men suffer a greater brunt from this is Two Fold;
One is that Men are The Real ‘People’ & are expected to Behave more ‘Normally’, while Women & Children are allowed to Act Irrationally, within Limits.
The Other thing is The Repugnance of Sodomy, Which has The Potential of Seriously messing up a Person’s Anal Sphincter, requiring them to eventually & habitually wear a diaper.
Only small Children & Perhaps; Great Grand Parents, should be wearing diapers.
But Certainly; A Taboo against An Intimacy of Best Friends is Pretty Odious, Unless you’ve been Trained since childhood to Accept These Taboos.
One sure sign of An Irrational Revulsion is to Ask someone with one, To Explain their Aversion to (x; And being unable to articulate their Pavlovian Conditioning, Will become Hysterical & Probably Attack you with a Stick.

Another Sign is that when someone witnesses a Taboo Violation; Such as Nudism, Which most people have a Strong Affinity for in Others, Particularly Towards Their Biometrically Determined Sexual Gender Preference ( ! ), They will; If observing a Nudist in A Non-Contextual Environment, Blurt out some Completely Irrelevant Declaration; Such as; ‘That’s Disgusting!’ Which is, Of Course; Exactly The Opposite of what they’re really feeling.

If you even find yourself thinking this way;
You might want to consider, In a Moment of Extremely Enlightened Self-Reflection, Why you Really Believe those things that you find The Most Fearful or Loathsome.

Not that you should Refute them Necessarily;
As They may well be The Only Glue that Holds Society Together.
But it is nice to be able to observe The World from The Top Step of a Painters Ladder.

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