Friday, March 29, 2013

UnAnswerable Questions ( Revisited

The Simplest Solutions to The Most Vexing
( Philosophical/Theological ) Dilemmas

Partially derived from a Rant by Wm Jas ( Disfunctional Link is Here )

First :
There are a lot of Very Quirky Aspects of our Reality that Don’t seem to make Any Sense at all, & to Resolve them; We have to Create ‘Paradoxes’ which are Axiomatic in that we agree that they are Also Completely NonSensical, But we Accept that.

An Example of this; Is The Idea of The Existence of An ‘Agency’ that Possesses something like Freewill to Make things Happen, But is Itself, Not Compelled by Any Force or Other Agency to Make those ‘Decisions’.
As Wm Jas puts it; An Agency is something which is Motivated Neither by Chance nor Necessity, Nor a Combination of The Two.
Although this pretty much covers all Possible Combinations; The Alternative Position of Allowing That Things ‘Just Happen’ is Even More Annoying.

The Most Manifest Conjuring of That Philosophical Quandary is The Universe Itself; In that— Are we to believe that, If we allow that our Local Universe began at a fixed point in Time & Space; And has been ‘Expanding’ since that point, It was at that instant of Creation, Predisposed by The Actions of Cause & Effect ( With or Without The Occasional Random Element ) to Create The Orderly & ‘Intelligent’ world that we Now Experience.

It seems very improbable doesn’t it.

But if we ‘Allow’ for This Peculiar Entity of ‘Agency’ to Exist;
Then The Agency can Direct things to Happen.
Never mind that this Model Neglects to Ask where This Direction is being Derived from ( ? )

The Alternative to this; Is that we allow ourselves to Imagine one of Two Possibilities ( Eschewing all others for a moment ).

a) Our Local Universe is The Product of A Process which Creates by some mechanism; Unknown, to Initiate The Fabrication of An Entirely Unique Amorphous or Spherical Conglomerate of Matter & Energy which is Regulated by ‘Rules’ which are Entirely Randomly Established, Each time another such ‘Universe’ is Started. This also relies upon The Additional Axiomatic Belief that This sort of thing is happening all The Time, in a Realm of Infinity, which provides this ‘Real Universe’ with An Endless ( Infinite ) Supply of These ‘Local Universes’, & one of them is Our Universe, which just happened to turn out this Way. With an Infinite Repository to draw from; The ‘Possibility’ of This Universe ( Ours ) to Be Created is Either 1:1 or Very Nearly So, Depending upon how you Interpret The Meaning of Infinity.
That is; One Interpretation of Infinity allows Everything to Happen Eventually, While The Opposing View says that Infinity has no such Obligation. It may well be that Something (x may occur in an Infinite Universe very Infrequently, So Infrequently in fact, that it hasn’t happened yet.

b) We are living in a Universe without any Rules or Order, & all The Things that we call ‘Electrons’ & ‘Protons’ & ‘Photons’ ( et. al. ) are merely globules of (?) that exist for this moment, & any recent moments, in such & such a way that allows us to believe that we are experiencing what we are experiencing at this moment. ( ? ) ( And only this Moment )
The rough nub of this interpretation is that in an Infinite Universe without Rules, This was going to happen Eventually, & it is happening now.
And : At any moment from now; The Universe will fly apart & our Existence will end.

Which is more Probable ?
In A Universe that makes use of Infinities, Both have a ‘Probability’ of 1:1.

So that The Only Remaining Question is:
Does The Universe ( The Big ‘Real’ Universe ) have Rules or No-Rules.


Putting all that aside for another moment.
Let us Instead ‘Allow’ that The Universe is Pretty Much as it Seems to Be.
Order, Cause & Effect, Substantiality, Agency ( Freewill ) & Awareness Exist.

No successful Argument can be made for any of these things,
As when Logic & Reason are applied to this Problem of Definitions,
They are all shown to be Entirely Impossible.


i am willing to allow for Autonomy.
Freewill may not exist, but Each Entity with The Ability is Initiate Actions by Any Means, Whether Caused by ‘Intelligence’ or Whatever The Opposite of Intelligence is; These Entities Possess Autonomy.
That is; Each PeachStone is allowed to Influence The Activities of The Universe in such a way that No Other Entity or Agency is Influencing it.
For this to Work however; We have to Allow that When i say No Other Entity or Agency; i mean; Any Other Agency that Claims Agency. ( !!! )
You may be able to ‘Influence’ my Actions, but My True Autonomy will Invariably Win Out, & May act in a Manner quite Contrary to The Actions that you Wish to Force me to do.
That is what i mean.
Everything that is happening around me is Influencing me.
That’s The Key.
Every Photon from Distant Stars, Every Gravity Wave from far away Galaxies, Every Electron that has spun backwards through time from The Event Horizons of Black Holes & Eventually brush against a Hair on my Knee, Affects The Neural ‘State’ of my Brain at any Moment, & in Turn, Changes which Mental Activities become Manifest as Conscious Experiences or Not.
Granted; Most of this is very subtle; But whether or Not a Given Neuron in my Brain Fires or Not will often come down to The Bump of a Single Photon. That Neuron in turn causes a cascade of memories to become active, or not.

Is that Freewill ?

If The Universe Isn’t ‘Pretty much as it Seems’
( Which is Far more Likely i suspect )
Then Trying to Solve these Problems is ‘Just Crazy’.

The True Meaning of Life, The Universe & Everything,
Must apply to Butterflies & Granules of Sand Equally.
So when we might ask; How should i live my Life?
The Solution you should follow ( if your Agency allows you to )
Is To look to The Lives of Butterflies & Grains of Sand.

Aspire to that. 

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