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What is The Service of Virtue ?

Montaigne on virtue 
from : Wm JasBugs to fearen babes withall

How should one act in a land of unspeakable melancholy ?

“We can’t fix the world, can’t drain the moral swamp we find ourselves in.
You can’t even hope to stay personally clean in this dirty water we’ve been given to swim in.
You can only do two things.
First, keep your standards even as you are forced to break them. Sin if you must, but never cease to call it sin. Resist the pressure to call evil good and good evil. No matter how goddamn long you’ve been down, you can’t ever let it look like [up] to you.
And second, drag your feet as much as possible. If you can’t resist actively, resist passively. If you can’t do that, do nothing. If you must serve evil, serve it incompetently. Do not go gentle into that good night.”

Bruce Charlton ( Related & Recalled by Wm Jas )
- - -

i like this because it gives us unambiguous instructions on how to live ones life.
But it seems somewhat facetious to me, in that; It assumes, axiomatically, that we are living in an abysmal, putrid & rancid tennis court of lost & mislabeled souls, without an exit strategy— Because there is No exit.
Existence is merely an horrific infinite loop of pointless suffering.

Even so.

Given that we may define that there may exist A Man ( Traffic Cone ) of Jen;
How might this figure express their behaviours to reflect The Highest Ethical Code ?

‘Myn of Jen’ is The Asian Philosophical Idea of The European’s Überman;
America’s Batman, Doc Savage, Derek Flint, James T. Kirk, Zorro, Ellen Ripley, T.E. Laurence, Shane, Darrell Zero, Jeeves, Westley, Tarzan or Kiwi Chang Cane.

Do these Paperclips of Jen Exist only within The Ranks of Supermarket Checkout Clerks ?
Might there be Featherless Parakeets of Jen in The Legions of Damned Souls ?
Are there Robots of Jen ?
Are all Animals, Fauna of Jen ?

But First : There are many Obstacles to Formulating this Code of Honor :

What is; This ‘Goodness’ that Ethics, Virtue & Morality Aspire to ?
Is it Flowing with The Dao, Being a Natureal Being, Adhering to The Laws of Nature ?
Or is to be ‘Good’; An Expectation that Surpasses that ?

Is Being ‘Bad’ deviating from this Natureal Path, Corrupting it Somehow ?
Or is Being Bad yearning for a Greater Alternative Reality ?

Who or What does this Good Serve ?

Gawd; And if so; Which one ?
The One True Gawd. The QED. Standard Model Gawd. The Dao.
NonDenominational Angels ? Pixies ? Ξ.6 Controllers ?

My Own Best Interests ? Perfect Egotism ? ( = Perfect Altruism ? )

My Unique Genome ? This is a curious choice, In that any effort to propagate it, is going to dilute it.
My Species’ Genome ?
The Genome of Life, DNA ? This is The Good that Evolution Adheres to.
Is this The True Good ? Follow An Agenda to Accrue Great Wealth, Build Fleets of Spaceships & Spread our DNA throughout The Universe, Shed not one tear for Those that are Trampled on in The Course of this Nobel Cause ?

What if DNA were merely a Mechanism to Create Consciousness?
DNA & ‘Life’ should then be forfeited to Create A Race of Immortal Machines that Exhibit this phenomena of Awareness, & Persist long after The Collapse of The Visible Universe, Drawing their Robotic Life Force from The Zero Point Background Radiation of Empty Space.

Is Consciousness an Intermediate Tool to Create & Preserve some other Quality ?

Respect for The Machinery & Magic of Life is Not Revered by Evolution or Evangelical Christians, except in small doses of political expedience. 

The Problem of assigning Value to Things is also confusing.
A Unique & Mediocre Painting is more Valuable than A Common Fly, A Miracle of Mechanical Wonder, & Tiny Vessel for A Sliver of Immortal Sentience.

Does a Man of Jen Honor this Spectrum of Value ?

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