Monday, April 15, 2013

Razor Wire

i hate Razor Wire.
And Chain Link Fences in General.
But The Essential Idea here is : ‘What is A Wall?’
How might The ‘Functionality’ of a Wall be Most Elegantly Achieved? 

So that if you wanted to put up a Wall  
( which could be Many, Many Different Things & Forms )
What do you want it to Accomplish ( ? ) 
And what is The Best, Most Elegant Solution for That Barrier?

Razor Wire is saying;
‘We’re really stupid, & Razor Wire is The Best Solution that we could think of!’

Razor Wire is just Ugly.
In one Sense; The Patterned Repetition, & Geometrical Structure of The Razor Wire is Aesthetic in its own way; But The Functional Violence of The Wire Overwhelms that. 

i really think that Industrial Technology should now have The capability of Creating ‘Wire’ Fences, Like Chain Link Fences, whose Internal Structure & Design should be of any Desired Forms, Like Line Drawings, Using Wires of Many Different Widths to Emulate Brush Intensities. 
This may be achieved with Robot Arms that would Effectively ‘Weave’ The Wires into Their Desired Forms at A Rate Marginally Slower than Chain Link Fences are Created Now. 
The System to Make these Fences would be Designed to Incorporate Many Different Designs & Allow The Customer to Customize Their Own Design, with Software that Would Take a Drawn Design or Even a Photograph & Convert it into a Highly Secure & Manufacturable Fence at A Nominal Fee. 
It may look & Seem like it would be much more Expensive to Make Fences this Way, But once The System(s are up & Running, The Mechanical Effort to Make Image Based or Rectangular ( Diamond Grid ) Fences would be Nearly The Same.   

As for A Really Secure Containment Barrier, as May be Required for A Prison or Other Security Conscious Facility; There would undoubtedly be many alternative Solutions, The Most Aesthetic Implementation would be a Fence or Wall that Doesn’t Look Secure at all.

This all relates to The Promise of Industrialization; That A Much Greater Diversity of Products would become Available, Compared to The Prior Era & Generations when Chairs, Dinnerware, Fence Posts, Bicycles & Clothing were all Handmade, One Piece at a time by Very Skilled ( or Not ) Craftsmyn. 

Instead; Just The Opposite seems to have become Actualized; With Street Lamps, Fences, Much of our Clothing, Architecture, Simple Tools & Commercial Design tending towards Minimal Structural Forms, Partly due to The Architectural Philosophy of The Futurists, that Form should follow Function As Opposed to The Ostentatious Baroque Designs from The Last ( before The Last ) Century. 

i would like to see carefully crafted & unique cherubs holding up each street lamp, Intricately Ornate Bicycles, Tortuously Embellished Tiled Designs for all our Sidewalks & Streets, Along with Fantastically Florid Geometrically Fabricated Buildings & Houses. 

We might also have Entirely Unique Car Constructions for Each Driver, by allowing The Buyer to work with a SemiSentient Designing Cogitator to Draft The Automobile of their Dreams, then Produce it with an Elaborate 3D Printer in A Day or Two.

As a tiny footnote to The Customization of Automobiles; Each Vehicle, like Boats & Ships, Each should have a Lyrical Name embellished on each side, & A Computerized Vehicle Administration Number ( Formerly; The License Plate ) would be available ( Not Visible ) by An Electronic Interrogation of Any Such Vehicle in a Given Area. 
That is : Currently; You may have just witnessed an Accident whereas a Blue Sedan just ran over a small, albeit, unattractive child; which then flees The scene of The ‘Crime’. You quickly gather your wits & attempt to memorize The Filthy License Plate Number under The Most Unsavory Lighting! 
The Alternative System; Given The Same Situation; Is that; Firstly; The Car would recognize that it just hit something & refuse to drive off until this event is resolved, Or given that this feature is missing or has been disabled, It’s Automated Administrative Identification Number would still be Available, As any Car that is Routinely noted under ‘Ordinary’ Driving Situations to fail to Provide this Number under ‘Friendly’ Inquiries, would be immediately ‘Pulled Over’, And The Driver would be rudely accosted until their car came into compliance with these New Regulations. 
At any Rate; You witness this horrific ‘Accident’ & immediately pull out your cell phone, Digital Companion or run over to a PreSentient Parking Meter & Ask your Cybernetic Friend to take note of all The Vehicles in that Area, Specifically Blue Sedans. A few blocks from There, The Offender is gunned down in a hail of lead provided by both Civilian Volunteers & Civic Guardians. ( Formerly; Police Officers )  

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