Monday, April 22, 2013

Taking Care of Bad People

Taking Care of Bad People

[ Full Disclosure : May contain more Rambling than Usual ]

i am terrible when faced with Crazy Situations.
i always behave very badly.

So that when i wonder; 
How should i act when faced with a difficult situation?
Is entirely hypothetical. 

As a Subset of all those situations; 
Is The Question of How Should One Care for Bad People?

Recently; i learned that one of The Gals in The Building has gotten behind in her Rent, & was served with 3 day ultimatum of pay up or get out !

As a side note; The Bible reminds us that Landlords should act as Shepherds that care for their flock; But that is Not The Way of The Rockefellers, Hughes, Walton’s or Trumps.  

But what i was principally thinking; What should i do if she is truly suffering from a debilitating Crisis ! 
i have often been in Crisis situations like this & exhibited The most Egregious suicidal behavior that was met with The most abhorrent indifference by my Relatives & People that i thought were my friends !
In those cases; when i was giving away all my possessions & throwing most everything away, no one ever asked me what i was doing, or what i was planning to do. And then i became a Street person again. 
So i don’t really have much personal experience with what is The Right thing to do. 

But in E’s case; i was thinking that i should let her stay with me until things got better for her. 
There are several factors that are going to prevent me from doing that,
But again; The Hypothetical Question is concerned with The Problem that E is a Smoker & an Alcoholic. 
i am a Fanatical AntiSmoker & Teetotaler. 
But what i am ‘More’ ( Hypothetically ) Concerned with is if i did let her move in with me, i would be very fearful that she would ‘Act Crazy’ & make me very anxious, or hock things to raise a few dollars for Crazy things, like Cigarettes or Booze.

Some years ago; When i was a street person in The Monterey California Area, i was aware of a Couple of Religious Nuts ( Married Couple ) that were taking homeless people into their home to care for them, & The homeless people were terribly abusing this couple ! Specifically; one of The Homeless men that i was talking to one day, Confessed ( ! ) to me that he had convinced The woman to give him her wedding ring, that he hocked for a few dollars for whatever. 
This is at least The Second time that someone ‘Confessed’ to me some horrific thing that they’d done, while i was a street person. Maybe The idea of confessing to ‘Non-People’ is an ingrained idea that is universal to human nature ( ? ) ( along with Priests* & Bartenders ) 

But The Larger Question is; How should a merciful & socially conscious ‘Citizen’ act Righteously towards The DownTrodden that will almost certainly Not ‘Play Along’ with ‘Good Intentions’ ?

As an Additional Digression:
i really hate Prisons & Jails. 
The Principle Problem with Them is that they so shamefully squander The Resources that they are provided with. The Second Problem is that Many of The Prisoners are Inveterate Ne’er-do-wells that are never going to be ‘Rehabilitated’. 
The Proper Solution is to take ‘Most’ of them & put them into an ‘Isolated’ ( Physically Isolated from The World ) Town or Village which has certain constraints & mandates superimposed on their ‘Freedom’ that would allow them to continue on with their lives & self actualize while contributing to their communities & The World as well. 
Under these Conditions; It would be far more reasonable to hand out ‘Sentences’ of ‘Life without Parole’ for seemingly benign & Venial Crimes, but for which The Perpetrator has shown a pattern or proclivity towards societal anarchy. 

i’m just not into punishment & i also feel that ‘People are People’.
Some people are good mostly, & some people are less good mostly.
And then there are The Socio & Psychopaths, They are just gravitationally attracted to ‘Whatever’.
But The Key idea here is that No one is ‘All’ Bad.
Most Featherless Parakeets have this Crazy idea that Criminals are ‘All’ Bad, While they are ‘For all intents & Reasonable purposes’ Mostly Good. 
It has been my experience that The Worst People are usually Bad in a Very Specific Way, & as for everything else; They are about as good as anyone else. Which is merely careless & indiscreet. 
‘People are People’ means that most people are good so long as they are forced ( subtly ) to be good, & The Moment that they are given ‘Permission’ to act violently &/or like a screwball lunatic, they will step into that role as easily as anyone would change their socks. 

One thing that i find most annoying about ( Fanatical/Evangelical ) Christians is that while they insist that Abortions may deny The World of Future Heart Surgeons ( Never Filthy Drug Addicts ), they are completely comfortable with Murdering Adults that ‘May Be’ Guilty of some crime that will surely be judged very harshly by Jesus Christ or Saint Peter or whoever is filling in on The Weekends, & be condemned to The Toasty Gymnasiums of Hades for all Eternity; But they’re too impatient to wait for A Natureal Death to Overtake them. If Gawd was really so annoyed with Any Given Criminal, Why doesn’t S’he/it just ‘Call them Home’ along with all The Other Poor Saps that Die every day in their Bathtubs or Unmarked Crosswalks. 

- - 
* of course; in The case of Priests; They accept ‘Anonymous’ Confessions to get dirt on people to exploit them for either ‘Indulgences’ or flat out ‘Donations’ to The Church. Maybe The Catholic Church figured out long ago that most people are just itching to confess their sins to someone that won’t ‘judge’ them for their iniquities. 

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