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A New Genré of Fiction / Literature

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A New Genré of Fiction / Literature

i’ve been thinking ‘lately’ about how remarkable it is that certain Genrés of Fiction are thought to be entirely new; Such as Science Fiction & even more remarkably; Detective Fiction, which was supposedly invented only a few short years ago by Edgar Allen Poe.
It seems equally remarkable that Civilization is so brand new. Even if you count those years before The Age of Electricity which started only a generation ago.
Civilization was essentially stagnant for thousands of years prior to that, & then; Only no more than 20 thousand years old, unless you count those years before The last Catastrophic Destruction of The World

e.g.; Prior to Atlantis or The World Flood, in which case there may have been dozens of Millennia lasting ‘ages’ of myn that existed & collapsed, scratched themselves back up, flourished, collapsed & started all over again, & again & again.

( ? )

i believe that there is a very small but entirely reasonable possibility of such ancient, antediluvian, completely buried civilizations that had existed & since then been utterly forgotten, before The Assyrians or The Pyramid Building Egyptians.

But again; This is not The topic of todays rant.

The Question that i am wondering about today is:
Are there any new kinds of Fiction ?

Certainly; i suppose.

But One might easily suggest that aren’t;

That writers have certainly explored every imaginable topic, subject matter, First, Second & Third Person Narrative, Every Theme, every conceivable angle of discourse.

But of course; That’s exactly it.

Every ‘Imaginable’ kind of Literature has been examined.

Before Detective Fiction, there must have been stories which considered Criminal investigations, but yet, failed to fully embrace The idea of a Criminal Investigator.

Before Science Fiction; There was Fantasy, even when The Writer or Reader thought that it was History.
The Romans & Others often wrote Speculative Fiction, With Creatures every bit as Mechanical as todays Robots; But they just didn’t quite call them that.
What was a Golem, but a mud robot ?

i have long thought that watching Sports on TV is essentially The same as watching Pornography, in that The Characters are engaging in activities which may well be The Occupation of Characters in any category of Story Telling, But without The Story Telling.

Wouldn’t it be Horrifically Interesting if there existed a kind of story which consisted of Nothing but what one sees at a Baseball Game. The Closest Approximation is A Radio Broadcast of Baseball Game, but because The Chronological Constraints of The Broadcast that must remain at a one to one correlative proportion to The Actual Game, The Sportscaster must fill in The Gaps of Inactivity with Minutia & Trivia, as well as Advertising But this Imagined new Form of Reality Fiction would have none of that; If A baseball Game is in fact at all entertaining, then a story which contains only a lively & well constructed narrative of that game should be entirely viable.

( ? )

But such Stories don’t exist Do they ?

The Damp Masses aren’t ever Aware of Anything Until they are Made Aware of them.

This is most easily allowed for when one considers a genuinely novel form of Street-Ware; Electronic Gadget, Type of Music or Art, A Recently Discovered Insect, geological anomaly or A New Catch Phrase.

Until you are made aware of these things;
They are genuinely UnImaginable.

One might easily -Forecast- A Kind of Fiction by simply examining a listing of all The Familiar forms of Literature; & Observe what is Missing from it.

As we have already determined; A Story about Detectives is Not Detective Fiction. For it to be Detective Fiction It must somehow ( ? ) Embrace a New Perspective from The Vantage Point of the Detective, Rather than that of A Lay Person writing about The Detective.

Once you have a ‘Super-Category’ of this ‘Kind’ however; Would we not reasonable consider that a Physician Fiction Story or A Plumber Fiction Story or A Knitting Bee Fiction Story be Essentially The Same thing ( ? )

So What we are really looking for; Are New Super-Categories.

It might well be argued that Science Fiction is a Sub-Category of Fantasy, which was one of The Very Original Forms.

What are The Well Established & Distinct Super-Categories ?

When considering The Idea of A Super-Category,
One might use as A Model; The Zoological Classifications of Phylum.

These are The Roughest Categories of All Animal Life & are thought to be The Real & Genuine Distinctions between this & that.
There are something like 35 such Categories, & they were all created around 650 million years ago during The Precambrian Explosion of Life.
Since then; There have been NO New Phylum created since then. That would seem to argue against evolution, but what can you do ( ? )
According to these Categories; Birds, Lizards, Fish & People are all in The Same Category; Chordata !
So you must be able to garner some sense that The other 34 Categories must be VERY Different from one another.
But It’s not as Crazy you might fear though; Millipedes, Spiders & Ants are all in Separate Phylum.
That’s the Rigor that we want to Use on our Classification of Super-Categories for Literature.

i am reluctant to include a separated Super-Category for Humor, as this may seem to exclude any hint of humor from any other Category. Any Category may include Humor as a Relish or Spice of The Genré.

Likewise; A Period Piece, Such as Gothic Literature, might provide a Template for An Proper Super-Category.

While Fiction & Non-Fiction are thought to be The Super-Super Categories of Literature; i very much suspect of course that there are No Pure Example of Either. The Most Diligent Historical Transcript or Newspaper Story is going to severely Flavored by The Writers Indigenous Culture, Religious Assumptions & Personal Bias. Likewise; Any Fictional or Fantasy Story is going to contain innumerable True & Factual Observations of The Real World.

AutoBiographical / Biographical / Diary /
Journal / SketchBook
Criticism / Commentary / Travel Brochures
Pure Narrative / Stream of Consciousness
Exposé / Tabloid Journalism
Journalism / NewsPaper writing / TV News
Ad Copy / Ingredients
Legal Notice
Mythological / Folktales
Urban Legend
Pornography / Sports Journalism
Poetry / Ballads
Prose ( Poems )
The Novel
Jiggery Pokery / Alt. Logic & Nonsense
Correspondence / Business or Personal
The Pointless Anecdote
Joke / Pun /
Figure (x / Note under An Illustration or Photograph in a Book
The FootNote
The Blurb
Catch Phrase / Idiom / Quote / FolkWisdom / Rule of Thumb
Class Note / Classroom Gossip or Love Missive

- - -

New Super-Categories

The Akashic Library / Everything Considered. Like Stream of Consciousness Writing, only without The Self Editing.

The Mind of Gawd / Omniscient Fiction in which All The Characters know everything, There’s No Mystery, No Conflict to be Resolved

Inverted Chronology / Conclusion to First Principle

Character Translation / The Life of Insects by Victor Pelevin approaches this; Where Characters freely shift from one to another.

Mobius Strip / Where The End of The Story loops around to The Beginning, but because all of The Character have evolved after Each itineration, The Story is Entirely Different The Next Time you Read it. All The Him’s, Her’s, It’s & ‘Them’ Refer to different people or Groups each time. When you think Communists mean one thing The First time you read through it, Communists mean something else The Second time, & something different again The Next Time.

Recursive Fiction / Where Various Chapters are read over & over until some principle or criteria made by The reader is met, which allows them to proceed to The Next Chapter.

Drunken Slot Fiction / Story written while in a Drunken Stupor

Schizophrenic Fiction / Story written by a Schizophrenic / This sort of writing is actually quite common, but apparently not widely recognized as such.

Symbolic or Hieroglyphical Writing / Written in a Universal Language that anyone in The World can Read, with a little attentive interpretation required.

Minimal Vocabulary / Very Long Stories written with a Very small number or Words. Less than 20. May require considerable interpretation.

UnKnown Pidgin Fiction / A Story written in an Unknown Pidgin derived from several different languages, Includes illustrations with Hand Signs.

Lost Point Fiction / Story in which none of The characters ever finish a sentence, conclude an argument, make a point, wind up a conversation, settle on a decision, state an opinion or deduce some obvious inductive explanation.

Non-Anthropomorphic Animal Fiction / Stories written by actual animals, using their Vocabularies which include numerous words to describe sensations that human’s don’t have any sense of.

Neologism Fiction / In which every noun & verb is a Neologism. ( like a Clockwork Orange, only much worse )

Grunting Fiction / Stories in which all The expressions used are Grunts, Screams, Minimal Guttural rasp, Husky growls, Croaks, Low Sigh, Pathetic Whimper, Weeping, Inconsolable Wailing or Dying Moans.

Yellow Blood Fiction / In which all of The Descriptions don’t make any sense. Filled with Incomprehensible Idioms, Pointless Riddles, Inscrutable Puns, Bewildering Insults or Delphic Predictions that go unheeded.


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