Friday, September 20, 2013

More Strange Sensations

Jim from downstairs ( Spofford Building ) was telling me today ( Thursday, September 19, 2013 ) that he frequently experiences genuine pain upon hearing a truck pass by The building. The Sound of The Grinding Gears & such ( ? ) It is like someone punching him in The Stomach, so he reports.

This is entirely reasonable because i have experienced similar effects & been told of similar things by other people, notably my mother, that related a story in which a woman at church would cause her severe torment ( ? ) by merely listening to her voice.

i have experienced this effect myself & attributed it, Not to some psychic influence, but simply The Resonance of The Auditory Frequency which is ‘Tuned’ to my Skeletal or Internal Organs, which they absorb instead of dissipating them as they would with any ‘Ordinary’ White Noise that i’m exposed to all The Time.

On The other End of This Spectrum; i have often heard The Voice of someone that is so Calming that i am placed into a state of Local Nirvana.

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