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Unusually Weak Arguments

Friday, August 30, 2013 7:57:50 PM
Weak Arguments
There is a Class of Arguments which may be described as ‘Weak Arguments’ which shouldn’t be.
They should be very, Very Robust & Strong Arguments, but unfortunately; The Traffic Cones that are The Defenders & Promoters of these Arguments have such a Commercial, Ideological, Religious, Cultural or Simply Prejudicial Position Associated with Their Argument that these Contributing Factors, which should be completely Irrelevant, are Fatally Wounding them. ( ! )
The Two that most readily come to mind are :
Equal Rights for Blacks
And Darwinian Creationism & by extension; The Many Variants of Intelligent Design.
Neither of these Proponents are willing to accept or allow for any Critical Statements, Observations of Methodological Infirmity, Cautious Scrutiny of their Position, Comical Opinions, Alternative Declarations or Ideal Reflections pertaining to The Stronger Argument.
The Stronger Argument that should be The Standpoint of These Ostensible Protagonists is Discarded because in these Two ( + )Examples, The Stronger Argument, If allowed to Advance to its Logical Conclusion or Simply Proceed to A General, Generic Structure, Is The Apostate of many of its Crusaders.
Many Blacks absolutely Do Not Want Equal Rights to be Extended to Gays & Lesbians, & Certainly Not to Transexuals & Transvestites. They don’t want Hispanics, Jews, Filipinos, Eskimos, Native Americans, Muslims or The Irish to Share in these Rights of Parity with Caucasians & The Japanese.
The Strong Argument; is this case, should simply & Irrevocably State that All Sentient Beings; which may easily be extended to Apes & Monkeys, Swine, Many Birds, Dolphins & Whales, Octopi & Squids, Cats & Dogs, Extraterrestrials of Indeterminant Intelligence And Future Robots Should Unhesitatingly be provided with a Broad Range of Elemental Rights of Existence, Of which would be Defined by a Moment or Two of Self Reflection as to What these should consist of.
- -
Classical Darwinian ( Our Lord & Saviour Charles Darwin ) Evolution is being Pruned Away by A Complete UnWillingness by its Apostles to Give The Slightest Allowances to any Perceived; Real or Not, Frailty of this Theory.
And there are Plenty of them.
The Other Horrific Cowardliness of The Weaker Darwinian Argument, Is that Darwinians perceive that There are Only Two Explanations for The Origin of Species.
A ) Darwinian Evolution
B ) Christian Creationism
Just as The Catholics believe that All Other Religions are Effectively Satanism;
The Darwinian Evolutionists Believe that All Theories of Species Etymology that is Not Darwinian Evolution, is Christian Creationism.
There is No Grey Zone.
There are No Other Tangental Perspectives.
Intelligent Design is Christian Creationism.
A Reasonably Intelligent Designer is Christian Creationism.
Any Theory that Questions Survival of The Fittest is Christian Creationism.
Any Theory that Allows for Punctuated Equilibrium, Catastrophic Mutations, ExoSpecies Procreation, which may explain The PreCambrian Explosion or that Zebras have Stripes & Giraffes have long Necks because these Features ( Weren’t Necessarily Beneficial ) Didn’t Kill them off; Is Christian Creationism.
This Flavor of Darwinian Evolution &/or Black Social Parity, both suffer from an Absence of A Viable AntiThesis.
No matter what Evidence is presented to demonstrate an Infirmity in The Dogma of Darwinian Evolution, It will be Rejected because There is No Tenable Alternative to Darwinian Evolution, It must be True. It Can’t Not be True.
( ? )
- - -
As a Side Tangental Aside :
i’ve just been reading ( listening to ) Darwin’s Doubt / By Stephen C. Meyer Which, in The Early Chapters, is going on & on about The PreCambrian Explosion of MultiCellar Life Forms, all of which were very complicated & well articulated; But had No Progenitors that Resembled them in The Least, as would be expected, predicted & required by Darwinian Evolution.
Plus; All of these Species came into Existence very, Very Quickly, perhaps in as little as Ten ( 10 ) Million Years, from 544 to 530 Millions of Years ago.
Clearly; According to The Evidence Provided; Darwinian Gradualism was Not at work here.
As a Side, Side Note; If we allow The Species Live for about a Million Years Each ( Before evolving into something else ), Then that means that The Number of Unique & Autonomous Species ( Approximately ) from Sponges to Humans was about 600 Ancestral Families. That seems very small to me.
Granted; Many Species do & have Species Lifespans much longer ( Sharks & Ants ), While many have much shorter Species Life Spans, But A Million Years is a Good, Viable Rounded off Average. So that you could easily take one representative from Each of these Species & line them around The Block, with you standing next to a sponge, & on your other side, Homo-habilous, On The Opposite side of The block would be a lizard of somekind, wearing plaid pants.
- -
Additional Notes :

i have not heard of anyone proposing what seems to me to be The most reasonable Alternative Solution; And that is; ExoSpecies Procreation; Which would consist of All these Early Creatures laying countless eggs, willy-nilly on The Sea-floor, & allowing their husbands to fill these ponds with thick clouds of Semen, which would occasionally find eggs of their own Species, & in many cases find eggs of other Species.
Nowadays; Species have rules which don’t allow for this sort of tomfoolery, but back then, Whatever that wasn’t forbidden, was tried again & again. By Simply Observing Abigail & Britney Hensel, The Girl with Two Heads attached to one Torso, You should conclude that this Body Plan wasn’t he First one in The Docket. But They tried it, & The Rules didn’t forbid it, So it worked.
In The PreCambrian Explosion of Life, This Sort of thing would have produced Innumerable Monstrosities that never made it out of The Egg, but in many cases; They did survive long enough to lay their own eggs & maybe stabilize into an Autonomous Species.
The Other Crazy Notion i have about Darwinism, is that Zebras have Stripes & Giraffes have long Necks, Because there was a mutation in these Species Ancestors which made them prefer mates with Stripes or Long Necks, & This didn’t kill them off. It didn’t provide them with any advantage either, but it wasn’t fatal. If Stripes & Long Necks really were such a good Adaption, then you’d expect to see a lot more of them. But you Don’t.
Darwinian’s Slogan Should be; Survival of The Not Dead Ones.
- - -
Supplement :
Global Warming
i am on The Fence with Global Warming, Leaning towards EndoMeteorological Causality. ( Non-Humynimal Causality )
When you consider Global Warming There are Several Problems :
Is there any Real Global Warming ?
This is a Phenomena that has been Tending ( ? ) for only a Few Years, Less than 20, when speaking of a Global Phenomena that is usually measured in Millions of Years.
How long was The Last IceAge ? Did Humynimals in any way contribute to that ?
i recall that when i was in The 5th Grade; We were taught that we were ( Now ) at The Tail End of The Last Ice Age!
The Earth is ‘Naturally’ supposed to be much warmer than it is now, & Lo! it is getting Warmer according to The Global Warmers. Is it getting Warmer faster than it should be ?
How fast is that ?
Another Crazy Point is that just a few dozens of thousands of Years ago; There was some kind of Global IceAge Snap, Separate from The Usual IceAge, that is generally attributed to The Slaughter of Countless Wooly Mammoths & Wooly Rhinoceroses, which for some reason don’t get The same press as The Mammoths!
But anyways; The Cold Snap was probably Caused by a Tunguskian Comet or Flying Saucer Explosion that occurred over an Ocean, & all traces of it have now been lost.
The Point being; That ExoMeteorological Events are Far more Potent in causing Ecological Burps than anything The Automobile Industry has contributed.
When you consider The Power of our most Destructive Nuclear Bombs & compare them to An Average Hurricane, Tornado, Tsunami or North Atlantic Winter Ice Storm, The Damage done by our weapons may be more long lasting in terms of Radioactive Fallout, But Gawds weapons have more initial punching power.
It seems natural to assume that all The Cities, Cars, Factories & Ocean Harvesting Programs are having a very noticeable effect on our Ecological Profile, but when you compare all of that to The Amount of Solar Energy in terms of Light, Various Atomic Particles & Solar Dust that our Magnetic Poles shield us from, & Examine The Fluctuations of those Solar Emanations from day to day; These Hills & Valleys of Solar Quantities of Energy & Particles due to Solar Storms & Sun Spots, undoubtedly exceed The Humynimal Thermal Pollution of any Equal Time Period by several Factors.
Plus; If you look at The Night Lights on The Continents other than North America; The Earth is Surprisingly Uninhabited, Such that We tend to think that our local Industrial Pollution is having a much greater contribution to Global Weather Modification than it actually is.
But what is really making The Global Warming Argument Weaker than it might otherwise be, is The Demeaning Attitude of its Champions towards those that question it.
This is very common with any Argument, from any venue.
Each Side is Amazingly Ignorant of their Opponents Position.
This substantially weakens their own assertions in that anyone sitting on The Fence takes them less seriously when they perceive that The Proponents of any Argument are MisAttributing The Arguments of their Opponents, or simply not taking their Valid Points Seriously.
- - - -
Supplement (b :
Flying Saucers
Not UFOs !
The Argument for Flying Saucers should be much Stronger than it is Commonly Perceived !

"One Uses Inductive Reasoning to Prove that Flying Saucers are Real,
And Deductive Reasoning to Prove that They’re Nonsense."

Inductive Reasoning : Considers The Grand Mountain of Anecdotal Evidence.
Deductive Reasoning : Considers The Incongruity of The Elements of Each Anecdote as Compared with Established Facts & Consistent Logical Assumptions.
One of The Deal Killers that Proponents of Flying Saucers use is that they Insist that All Flying Saucers are One Phenomena.
Given that The Origins, Purpose & Substantiality of Flying Saucers is Unknown, it is largely foolhardy to assume that one can know or even suspect what their true nature is.
The Other Principle Deal Killer is that many very feeble Flying Saucer Events are Given a Much Greater Weight than they should be allocated.
Perhaps it should be a much more prudent approach to give all Flying Saucer Cases a very low Truth Value & merely look for Patterns.
The Flying Saucer Advocates may want a Smoking Taco to Prove once & for all that Flying Saucers with Aliens from Other Planets are Real, But given that we must first assume ( ? ) that they are deeply Alien, & as such, they may feature many attributes that are incomprehensible to us; Knowing or Suspecting which cases are More True than Others is very difficult at best. Given that they may be using technologies that are indistinguishable from Magick, or have powers that we have long only allocated to gawds— Believing The ‘Most Reasonable’ Flying Saucer Stories leads one to Believe The Ones that were most likely made up by Schizophrenics.
- - -
Supplement ( c
It’s my understand that many large corporations & governments have experimented with ESP for many years & all have found that ‘There is something there’ but were unable to provide a thorough enough overview or constraining model to use it to their advantage.
It’s just to slippery.
The Critic meanwhile seem to insist that universities & other struggling researchers that are trying to appear ‘Professional’, are being criticized for not having a complete & thorough understanding of ESP before they can even begin to study it.
This assumption by The Gullible Skeptics is based on the observation that they believe that ‘Scientists’ already have a complete understanding & description of ‘Reality’ This dispute The Physicists complete ignorance of The underlying causality for gravity or electromagnetism.
There are currently about 20 Different ‘Explanations’ for What Electricity is.
Of course; The Gullible Skeptics aren’t’ admitting to any of this uncertainty; They are like The Man with one clock, they always know exactly What time it is.
The Argument for ESP could be made much Stronger by presenting it more modestly & stop trying to explain how it works by interjecting meaningless words from The Fringe Vocabulary, such as ‘Quantum’ or ‘something Magnetism’.
Bad Explanations are always a deal killer.


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