Monday, October 28, 2013

Day Dreaming About Squandering One’s Time

Wednesday, October 23, 2013 8:18:33 PM

Day Dreaming About Squandering One’s Time

i was just day dreaming a bit while making a cup of tea, & wondered about a conversation between an Old Man & A Young Woman in The Near Future; Where The Young Woman is commanding her Kitchen Atomic Fabricator ( Which would have some Irrelevant Commercial Nomenclature; Much The Way that we NowADays Call Many Computers ‘Apples’. ) To Create A Cup of Coffee.

The Old Man casually mentions that long ago; People used to ‘Make’ A Cup of Coffee

At which point My Day Dreaming Pondering Kicked in

I was reading’ The Woman would say; ‘Some time ago; That an Anthropologist considered this very question, or observation, & wondered how people of different cultures, or historical periods, ‘Used Their Time’. Specifically; Everyone spends a certain amount of time eating & sleeping, learning or ‘keeping up’, Participating in Sexual Flurries, Grinding away at their Personal Hygiene, Moving from Here to There &/or Doing Nothing.’

Anthropologists say that a given culture is ‘Affluent’ if they have a lot of ‘Free Time’ & using this Index; Many Preliterate, PreIndustrialized Societies are considerably more ‘Affluent’ than people living in Industrialized Societies.

So Following this Curve; As Technology creates more & more devices to Free Us Up from The Drudgery of ‘Chores’, Are we Transferring our Efforts to just more Drudgery of A Different Kind, Rather than becoming more Affluent ?

As it turned out; In this Study People of all kinds, from all different Technological Backgrounds, Educational Foundations, Gender, Religion & so on; Considering just about Everything; It turns out that People have somekind of ‘PreProgrammed’ Allocated Blocks for Doing Nothing, & The Culture that they live in doesn’t Effect that Genetic or ( ? ) Innate Scheduling one Iota !

Of Course; This only applies to ‘Classes’ of People, & Not Individuals. There are Plenty of ‘Individuals’ that buck this Trend by either Spinning Wildly Everyday in Endless Bee Like Behaviour; Or Sit Stupefied on Park Benches all Afternoon, Day after Day.

But as Cultural Entities; All The Gizmos that Technological Civilizations Create for their Damp Masses, Isn’t making them more Somnolent than their Ancestors were, that were tolling away their Lives under horrifically UnSanitary Conditions.

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How Accurate is this ?

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