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Native American Warrior Priest

Native American Warrior Priest

To The Best of My Knowledge; None of The Native American Tribes ever developed anything like their own Unique Fighting Technique. The Closest that i’ve ever seen anything along these lines, is ‘Indian Wrestling’ & if that’s anything like Indian Music, it’s severely undeveloped.

Wouldn’t it be fun to Invent one.

You’d gather together several Native American Athletes, Bring in some Gymnasts, Ballerinas, Martial Artists from many different Disciplines, Physiologists, Mathematicians & Physicists; All of which have no Ties to Their Heritage, Or Anything like respect for The Old Ways or Anything at all; & Create a New Martial Arts that The Native Americans can call their own.

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Problem One :

Although this would be sold as an Ancient Marital Arts Technique, Handed down through The Centuries, Originally Created by The Little People that were The Mound Builders— Obviously NoOnes ever heard of it.

Solution : This Art was never meant for The ‘Lay’ Tribal Warrior, It was created & Used only by A Select Group of Medicine Myn & MidWifes that had a Superior Knowledge of Natural Magick With an Affiliation that Connected them to A Grander Holistic Union with The Universe. Although they were members of various given tribes, they used this Mystical Knowledge for a Greater Good that stretched far beyound The Blood Relatives that they Shared Biologically.

As Such; Many of The Highest Chiefs & Medicine Myn would not know about this.

It is The Native American’s Version of The Illuminatii, Freemasonry, The Rothchilds or Wiccans, but Mixed that all up with The Knights Templar, Samurai Warriors, Kung Fu Masters &/or Jedi Knights.

Their Magic was Real, Based on The Flora & Fauna that they had a Superiour Chemical Knowledge of, Understanding of Material Arts, Human & Animal Physiology, Simple Machines & How to Use Natural Forces.

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One Facet of this Grand Library of Knowledge was this Fighting Technique that they developed to Ward off Grizzly Bears, Timber Wolves, Rabid Badgers, ThunderBirds, Drunken Brutes, Stampedes of Buffalo or Bison, Dæmon Possessed Chickens, Swarms of Bees or Ants, Dust Storms & How to Avoid Lightning.

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The Process of Developing this New Martial Arts Method would be use The Core Group of Advisors ( See Above ) to Create a Core Base of Techniques; Then Share this & The Underlying Philosophy ( ? ) of this ‘Art’ with all The Other Central Committees for all The Other Tribes for Free. They would then be instructed to take this Core Base & Develop their Own Flavor of The Art, with their own Name for it, & then open their own facilities to teach it to Native Americans & Others of their Choice.

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The Principle Inclusive Idea behind this, would be that it’s entirely Unique & Not at all Derivative of other previous Martial Arts.

It would also have its own multitude of very unique Weapons, Costumes, Medicine Methods, Taboos, Language, Astrology & Alchemy, Origin Myths, Cyptids, Alien Lore, Art & Music, Body Decorations, Prose Poems, Children’s Monsters & Cures for Pink Eye.

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