Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Obvious Insights

Monday, September 30, 2013 7:15:02 PM
Obvious Insights

Isn’t it curious when you suddenly make an amazing insight about something, usually in The form of solving some problem, or also, just as frequently, almost, is an insight that allows you to suddenly see how something works or -Why- ?

A Very Curious Subset of Amazingly Insightful Insights are those that are Obvious.

These are insights that, after you’ve ‘Realized (x’, You are suddenly horrified that you haven’t ‘Seen’ this months or years earlier.
Why or How could you have been so Stupid ?

This provides some interesting fodder for my ‘Other’ theory that People are About as Smart as Fish.
( The PaAaSaF ; The ‘Passive’ Argument; Such as: The PaAaSaF Argument asserts Whatever. )

But that’s Not The Topic of Todays Rant.

i had an Obvious Insight just today that pertains to Gay Rights, which has Recently Undergone an Amazing Reversal in just The Last Year.

The Insight is this:
Why do Straight Men find Women Attractive ?

The Most Obvious Reply would be; Because their Pretty.
Pretty comes in a lot of different Flavors, & Pretty can be Ugly to some, & Pretty can be Beneath The Skin ( as they say ).
So let us Generalize this as : Because Sane Men are Attracted to The Platonic Purity of Beauty.

That should cover everything; So long as we acknowledge that this Platonic Purity of Beauty is something so Ethereal that applying it to The Shape of someones nose or their appreciation for Learning Klingon; Will remain ‘Undefined’ for The Foreseeable future, So that we have to bounce back to The Earlier Assertion that Men find Women Attractive, ‘Just Because’.

The Amorphous Quality of this Attribute is Irrelevant for The Time Being.
What we are More interested in; Is The Contrast between;
Why do Straight Men find Womyn Attractive ?
Why do Straight Men find Other Myn UnAttractive ?

Straight Men may find other Men Admirable, but i think you know what i mean.

This should remain a little fuzzy in another curious way though, In that Straight Men actually find The Company of Other Men Far More Preferable to The Company of Womyn. ( ? ) !

But The Real Point is : Is if we pull apart The Causal Forces at work here; Any ‘Reasonable’ Argument that may be applied to why Straight Men find Womyn Attractive, If applied to Other Men, Is Discovered to be Fallacious.

This is All Very Obvious.

Men find Womyn Attractive because there is a little Molecule in their Brains that tell them that womyn are attractive in a very special way. The ONLY Way that this criteria is met is when these special circumstances apply.

It’s Not because they’re Pretty or because they smell nice or because they’re pear Shaped, or because of The Clown Face that Western Civilization insists they put on every morning.


It’s just The Molecule.

So The Big Obvious Insight is This;
If you’re a Myn whose ‘Womyn are attractive’ molecule is turned upside down, in The same way that some Men have blue eyes or Brown Eyes or A Vestigial Tail, or a Missing Heart Valve; These Myn are Gay. They think that Myn are attractive for Exactly The Same Reason that Straight Men think Women are Attractive;
Because of The Kooky Molecule.

Being Gay isn’t a Mortal or Venial Sin.
It’s no Sin at all, It’s not a choice that anyone makes.
It was infused into your ‘Autonomous Identity’ by Either The Eternal Esprit of Charles Darwin Or Stubby Fingered Blind Angels.

This is ( Now ) Obvious to just about everyone, but some people are still clinging to ideas that were pounded into them when they were 11 years old by Unshaven Adults that have brought these Antiquated ideas to The Modern Era by this Same Mechanism that keeps everyone from Realizing Obvious Insights.



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I smell the presence of a vitamin.

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