Monday, November 25, 2013

First Axioms to FreeWill

Sunday, November 24, 2013 12:06:42 PM

First Axioms to FreeWill

The First Step in Determining if you can build a spaceship that can travel faster than The Speed of Light is to Discover why Light must Obey this Speed Limit ?

Likewise; If you’re going to Argue about FreeWill,

You should first determine what your Axioms are.

Are you going to allow; For Example, that you are An Immortal Soul that has existed forever; Receding into an Infinite Past & Infinite Future

Or : Are you A Finite Soul that Came into Being Recently & Will Dissipate in another few years

Or  : Were you Created Recently; But Will Continue to Exist for a Very Long or Infinite Period hereafter ?

The Necessity of Clarifying this Point is that it is Pertinent to Asking Where you’re Motives Came from ?

By What Process was your ‘Unique & Autonomous Personality’ Created ?

If you’re an Infinite Being; Then you were who you are from The Non-Beginning of A Universe without Time.

But if you are a Finite Being that Recently Came into Being, Either when you were Born ‘This Last Time’ or Some Number of Reincarnations ago, Then you have been ‘Created’ by The Circumstance of your Existence. All That Happened Around you, Made you into Who you Are.

Your Motivations would Stem from that.

Is your Hope for FreeWill OK with that ?

These Motives are What Your FreeWill Uses to Make Decisions.

But you must also allow that you are Constantly being ‘Modified’ By your Environment, Which Includes all The Other Souls that are Trying to Dominate You! Your Creation Process didn’t Stop at some Point It is a Never Ending Evolutionary Process that Continues to Make you Someone New, Every Moment of Every Day.

You are a River whose Water, Course & Banks are Constantly Changing.

Despite this Idea of You Being A Unique & Autonomous Personality; The Hope & Desire for FreeWill will Often Require Some Additional Ability to ‘Break Away from These Deterministic Constraints !’

No Matter how Unique & Autonomous You may be; It’s entirely Reasonable that you are Still a Robot that is Aware that You are A Robot. ( ! )

This Idea of A Robot being ‘Aware’ is very Troubling though.

Are we living in A Universe that is So Cruel that it allows us to Be Aware that we are Robots ?

If you are Keen on Refuting this,

Then you have to come up with some New Definition of Unique & Autonomous that Includes An Homunculii that is Both Inside & Outside your Unique & Autonomous Personality.

This isn’t A Paradox; It’s merely a Badly Constructed Sentence.

Perhaps when someone is able to ‘Explain’ what Awareness is; This Inquiry can proceed to The Next Tier.


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