Monday, November 25, 2013

The Language of The Brain

Sunday, November 24, 2013 11:01:38 AM

The Language of The Brain

Another Dilemma that i have with FreeWill is that i don’t believe ( ? ) that Brains ‘Think’.

When you think you’re thinking; You imagine that you’re making decisions; But my contention is that you are Not !

The Brain doesn’t make Decisions; which are The Foundation of FreeWill.

Instead; A Brain is like Dominoes Falling in a Well Constructed Project that Leads The Dominoes to a PreDetermined Result.

With The Brain though; This PreDetermined Result is The Unknowable Consequences of The Future.

No One has Contrived this Project with our Brains to End in Some Predicted Way; But it is Very Deterministic with An Indeterminate Result ( ! )

The Most Confusing Aspect of The Universe; That is; What makes Understanding The Universe so Confusing Is Colors.

Colors make everything seem like Separate Things.

The Sky ( On a Sunny Day ) is Blue all over, So we Easily think of it as One Thing; But Clouds may come along & like A Crayon Rubbing over a GraveStone; Reveal The Subtle Bumps that are so very hard to see. Clouds show us what That Blue Sky really looks like, with all The Invisible Swirls, Electrical Pockets & Thermal Columns.

The Whole Universe is Like that; It is One Thing that only seems like Separate Things because Colors & Shadows reveal some of The Subtle Details.

The Whole Universe is Swirling Around & In Any Given Instant; It would be Revealed as a Unique Pattern of Tiny Particles Bunched Up Here & There, with Invisible Fields of Gravity & Magnetism Swishing along their Edges.

In an Given Brain; The Same thing is Happening; The ElectroChemical processes Swirling around under The Influence & As a Tiny Component of this Whole Universe in Chaos; & At any Given Instant; This Activity would reveal itself as having a Unique Pattern that we somehow Experience as Consciousness.

There are No Little Bumps inside The Activity of The Brain that somehow Defy This Ocean of Reality that each Brain is UnDifferentiated From ( ! )

The Whole Universe that contains these tiny Brains as merely a Patch of Itself like a drop of water in an Ocean or a Cloud in The Sky; All Swirling Around; Never Making Decisions.

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Another ( Tangential ) Idea that concerns this Idea of ‘The Language of The Brain’

Is that i’ve often thought it very odd that if The Brain had a Language of it’s own, Independent of Any Spoken Languages, Such that even People & Animals that haven’t ever learned to Communicate with Others; They must Retain some Internal Language that allows their Autonomous Brains to Juggle Thoughts around & ‘Make Decisions’ ( !!! )

What is very Curious about this Idea; Is The Consequences of ‘An Internal Dialogue’

Isn’t it very Odd that when we think about things; Those of us that have access to A Social Language; We Think in That Language.

So that When we are Considering An Idea; The Brain, In it’s Language, Created that Idea, Then Translates it into ‘English’ Which we then Internally ‘Hear’

But of Course; This Sentence or thought that we Hear is Encoded in This Language which doesn’t make any Sense to our Brain, Until its Translated back into The Language of The Brain ( !!! )

What is The Point of The Intermediate Step when its Perceived as Being in ‘English’ ( ? )


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