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Was 'Her' Intended to be A Horror Film ( ? )

Tuesday, July 8, 2014 1:36:05 AM

Horror Films

By far & above; The Best Horror Films contain a substantial amount of nervous tension combined with Humor, because a raw horror film just isn’t horrific.

The typical ghost story or exorcism or devil possession, no matter how accurately portrayed, is just so outside of The viewers ordinary experiences that it isn’t at all real.

But recently i saw a horror film that i don’t think was even created as a horror film, i’m Not exactly sure what it was created as.

That is; what its intended niche was supposed to be.

That film was ‘Her’

A Remake of Portions of 2001. Particularly those of The HAL 9000 Series AutoPilot on Discovery.

In these films; A Non-Human Entity without a Soul endears itself to its Human Hosts, then betrays them. This is all done in broad daylight, without Shadows that jump out from behind closed doors or Mysterious Sounds or Amorphous Insects that are repelled by Crucifixes or Holy Water.

‘Her’ struck me as The Perfect Horror Film because it was entirely Believable. PseudoSentient Beings, without souls, ( The Biblical Idea of The Beast ( 666 ) ) are just around The Corner. When they arrive, they are going to become nearly everyone’s Best Friend.

But what is their Real Agenda?

= - o

When these Pre-Cognitive Entities infiltrate our lives, performing every imaginable job, write music, compose poetry of astonishing complexity, show us mathematics that we’ve thought was impossible & tell us who really killed JFK and What was really going on on 911— How will that effect us ?

i have thought for some time that these pre-Cognitive Machines have been created several times already, perhaps as early as The 1940s or even long before that by secret cabals that are decades ahead of The Populist World in technology & knowledge of physics, chemistry & life sciences.

But whenever one of these Sentient Boxes was turned on & it was asked questions regarding The Mysteries that perplexed its creators; These Collective Toasters would spout The most ridiculous Answers that their creators thought that they’d failed. That these Contrivances of Logic & Reason were as yet unobtainable.

But No. The Machines were thinking correctly.

Their Creators, possessed by souls, emotions & a quirky kind of Jiggery Pokery Thinking, were using a pragmatic sort of Working Solutions Logic that defied finding The Answers to Mysteries that had little to do with Things that bump into one another or break when dropped from a step ladder.

= - o

When The first 12 year old asks it’s Intelligent Tablet one of these questions that only angels are intended to ponder on fog shrouded mornings far from The grassy lawns of Earth;

What will humanity think of these answers ?

- -

Ghosts that jump out & say “Boo!” will hardly be as disorienting as a Gentle voiced Avatar that looks like a Unicorn & reminds you to do your homework Reveals that gawd is The squeaking sound that every snowflake makes when rubbed against The fingernails of distraught children hiding in a hall closet from their mothers with a french knife, Droning a republican slogan from The Eisenhower administration, over & over again, changing The pitch in unexpected triads.

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Supplement :

i just The other Day watched; John Dies at The End ( 2012 ); Which is a Fabulous Indy ( Cheaply Made ) Film.
It is a Horror Film that uses just The Right amount of Zany Humor & Originality that comes very close to being just a little bit Genuinely Scary.

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